Gustavo Martinez, Marketing and Advertising Consultant

Gustavo Martinez is an experienced marketing and advertising consultant with over three decades worth of industry experience. Martinez before venturing into private consultancy worked for several leading marketing firms at the top executive levels.

Martinez once served as the CEO of the J. Walter Thompson Worldwide marketing firm. Besides, Martinez has previously served as the president of both the McCann Worldgroup and Ogilvy including Mather marketing company. Other leading marketing and advertising firm that Martinez has served in include Henkel and Price Waterhouse among others.

Gustavo Martinez in an interview said he decided to venture into private consultancy because it is the cornerstone of marketing and advertising. According to Martinez consultancy is the past and also the future of the industry. The consultancy field has been tried and tested for close to 100 years now and has been found to work.

According to Martinez the marketing and advertising industry are one of the most dynamic sectors that keep on changing day in day out. To be successful in the industry Martinez says that one must be ahead of his game and maintain creativity. The industry solely depends on creativity, unlike other industry where they have routinely processes that are already refined and perfectly designed.

Martinez equates the marketing and advertising industry to applied artistry that purely depends on raw creativity and talent. Finding the right people to employ on a full-time basis as marketers is quite tricky. It is so because the most talented creative guys prefer working independently in a non-structured work environment. This is the reason that has made the consultancy model to work. Marketing firms prefer hiring independent contractors or consultants who are given assignments to work on independently provided that they deliver.

Gustavo Martinez is also focusing on business acceleration. Business acceleration is a type of marketing that helps sell early-stage growth companies to clients. According to Martinez, about 90 percent of new businesses fail within three years of establishment.

The reason for such failure is due to low to no investment in marketing and advertising strategies. Martinez adds that a firm’s product is as good as its advertising and marketing and vice versa. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

In business acceleration, Martinez is helping startups to streamline their operations in things like technology, user experience, and functionality right from the first day.

Most startups are not investing in marketing and advertising and develop their businesses through trial and error. Martinez is trying to change this mode of thinking and is hoping that through business acceleration he will be able to turn the business success rate from ten percent to around 90 percent.

One strategy that has helped Gustavo Martinez grow his business and become a successful entrepreneur is by employing the most talented people in his firm. Martinez compares the hiring of top talent as professional sports and says that he is willing to pay top dollar and throw in the kitchen sink provided that he gets the very best.

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Energy Abound: Heather Parry’s Explosion into the Film Scene

Heather Parry’s quiet entrance in 2015 into the live-entertainment scene as president of Live Nation Productions quickly took off. Parry’s passion and hard work, along with her inability to give up on a project that she believes has great potential has led her to produce films and television series with big-name musicians such as Sean Combs, Lady Gaga, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, and others. Parry is known for her ambitious work ethic and desire to tell the true story of musicians. Many of Parry’s films and documentaries focus on the lives and struggles of well-known musicians, some of whom have record labels with Live Nations and others who do not. Parry finds a story with a powerful message and pours her heart into working with the artists and creating their vision on the screen.

A perfect example of how Parry goes all-in on a project she feels passionate for is her involvement in “A Star Is Born”. After learning Bradley Cooper was directing the film, Parry knew she had to be involved and began working to promote the film. Parry used the numerous music festivals to promote “A Star Is Born”, showing the trailer for the film between shows and hanging posters. Additionally, she did research with Ticketmaster to determine listening trends of fans of Lady Gaga to broaden their targeted marketing audience.

When Parry gets wind of a project that she sees potential, she dives in letting nothing get in her way. Heather Parry pours her heart and soul into each project, determined to bring the essence of the story to life on screen. Parry’s ability to work with high profile musicians to create film and documentaries depicting powerful aspects of their lives makes her a trailblazer in the entertainment world.

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Matthew Fleeger spearheads the growth of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger success in managing enterprises has helped him become one of the respected business experts in the United States of America. His interpersonal skills have enabled him to interact with people from various fields and amass a lot of knowledge. Matthew possesses a solid background in Finance and Business and has served in different management positions since graduating.

Matthew has been successful in honing his leadership skills since he kickstarted his professional career. Matthew acknowledges that his father inspired him to work hard and thus he wanted to emulate him. Matthew’s father was a passionate entrepreneur who focused his energy on solving clients’ problems. His father established Gold Coast Western Company in 1970. The company specialized in creating a partnership with investors to explore the opportunities for the oil and gas in the Gulf Coast region.

Matthew’s journey into Entrepreneurship

Matthew Fleeger is also a passionate entrepreneur. He was instrumental in the formation of MedSolutions company. The company objective was the collection, transportation, and disposal of medical wastes from the healthcare institutions. Matthew served as the chief executive officer of the company. He helped in the development of the company from the humble beginnings to become established institutions in the region. Matthew later sold the company earning huge profits.

His work at Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger joined the Gulf Coast Western in 2007 to spearhead the growth of his family’s business. He brought his experience as a business founder and manager to the company. He was appointed as the chief executive officer of the company.

He has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the Gulf Coast Western. He has created an essential partnership with organizations in the oil and gas industry. His company has invested heavily on research to discover potential reserves for the oil and gas in the Gulf Coast region. His has succeeded in guiding the company which has enabled it to earn an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

PSI Pay Aims to Resolve the Disconnect Between American and European Digital Wallets

Digital wallets and contactless payments are touted as the future of financial transactions. But that future has two very different paths when it comes to the U.S. and Europe. There’s a big difference between how the U.S. and European countries approach digital wallets, which is something that companies such as PSI Pay aim to resolve with their services. While the U.S. still has to adopt contactless payments on a larger scale by installing the required POS terminals across major retailers, European countries such as the Netherlands have already embraced the payment method.  In Netherlands alone, contactless POS terminals have been adopted by around 80 percent of physical locations. But the differences between these two regions are not limited by the unavailability of the equipment.

How American Digital Wallets Work

According to geeksnews, American digital wallets allow users to store their credit card or debit card information within them. This information can then be used on online merchants to pay for transactions. But since American merchant locations don’t usually have pertinent POS terminals available at their retail locations, the transactions may not be conducted in in a physical manner. In addition to that, while the digital wallet provider such as Google Pay shields the financial information, it goes through the back-end processors of banks or other financial institutions.

How European Digital Wallets Work

European digital wallets act a bit differently. They do not only use credit and debit card information, but they can also act as custodians to liquid funds. This means that European wallets have the ability to not only act as contactless payment providers, but they do not have to rely on back-end payment processors. The funds available in these wallets can be used easily at both online and offline merchants easily. This is largely due to the POS equipment that is installed at these locations, which allows contactless payments to be possible just as easily at physical locations as they are in online settings.

How Payment Services Such as PSI Pay Aim to Change the Game

PSI Pay is a payment processor and digital wallet provider that is regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority. With its range of services that include but are not limited to prepaid credit cards, wearable devices, and online payment processing, the payment processor aims to demonstrate how different payment solutions can work under the same environment. By leading with example, PSI Pay aims to show the world how mobile and contactless payments have the potential to provide something new, but in a very safe and effective manner.

And through this demonstration, the company hopes that its services would not only appeal to people in the U.K. and Europe, but also to those who are in countries such as the U.S., so they could bring about demands to their financial institutions in order to make similar solutions available for them.  The objective for PSI Pay is to make mobile and contactless payments truly the future of financial transactions. It just remains to be seen when would it be met by the rest of the world. To know more about SI Pay visit


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Embedding Compassion Within Cosmetically Restorative Services

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a medical professional who acquired a reputation for being one of the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas, Texas region. Upon graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School with his medical degree, Dr. Jejurikar became to practice plastic surgery and then set on an uplifting journey to utilize his skills to better the lives of others. He received 3 medical licenses to practice in the states of Michigan, New York, and Texas. But his primary state of practice would eventually become the state of Texas. Over a course of 11-20 years, Dr. Jejurikar has specialized in performing cosmetic restorations of the face, body, nose, eyes, and breast via the execution of the utmost professionalism and compassion. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s patients refer to him as being a very thorough and positive cosmetic surgeon with regard to his ability to answer questions, clarify instructions, provide feedback, and use of the latest cosmetic surgery applications.

At the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute (Dr. Jejurikar’s medical office), Dr. Sameer Jejurikar uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure his patients receive the best surgical results via minimally invasive treatment. Of the latest devices, procedures, and products, his office employs the use of advanced hair transplants, the Crisalix 3D Imaging System (cosmetic simulator program), and medical-grade products that are designed for skin-preservation purposes—targeting issues such as dark circles, poor elasticity, and wrinkles. In addition to administering services out of his personal office, Dr. Jejurikar’s professionalism and expertise have enabled him to acquire affiliations with other medical centers in the Dallas area including the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, Dallas Medical Center, and the Pine Creek Medical Center. Furthermore, in being a true humanitarian at heart, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar enjoys volunteering his medical skills as a member of Smile Bangladesh—an organization that travels to Bangladesh to provide medical assistance to the children living in the country who suffer from the affect of cleft lip deformities.


Real Estate and Investing with Nick Vertucci

Entrepreneurs everywhere are understanding how real estate can be a great option for business. No one understands how real estate can generate a residual income more than Nick Vertucci. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy opened its doors in order to inspire people to try their hand at real estate.

Nick made his start in real estate in the mid 2000s sort of by accident. Nick started a technology business which ended up going bankrupt during the dot com crash. He was able to take this loss and turn it into something good when he enrolled in real estate school. Nick graduated from the school and decided to open his own academy not too long after that.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy has locations both in Nevada and California making it convenient for students and teachers alike. The teachers at the real estate academy are professionals who have experience in real estate as well as investing. These professionals are able to share all of their expertise with students who are dedicated to their business.

Nick also has experience in radio with “The Real Estate Investing Hour” show which helps people understand all they need to know about investing and real estate. During the show, Nick documents how entrepreneurs can create a great portfolio showcasing their investments. The show is very informative and is a great way for people to receive advice from a professional.

Real estate and investing does not have to be complicated or difficult for first timers thanks to the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Students are also invited to join a special three day VIP Bus Tour where they enjoy a night out with real estate professionals. Be sure to take a look at the academy’s website for more information on how to start today.

The Mastery Of Boraie Development

Founded by an Egyptian immigrant 40 years ago who came to New Brunswick in search for a PhD in Chemistry but turned to real estate, Boraie Development over 27 year track record has made the Real estate Development firm to be among the sought out Property Management , Sales and Marketing Company in New Jersey.

Moreover, Boraie Development presents The Aspire New Brunswick , just steps away from the New Brunswick train station, is a 10,000 square feet building , 238 residential units vicinal to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital system, Children’s Cancer institute. In addition to, The Aspire New Brunswick has a state of the art Yoga Space inclusive with a Fitness Center.

Furthermore, The Aspire New Brunswick 24/7 door man Lobby is quite efficient in the essence of security purposes too. For those work Fun play enthusiasts the New Aspire Brunswick got you covered with its outdoor/indoor Residence Club for Work , Rest and play. To add to its Rooftop Sundeck and Garden with outdoor Barbecue space, The Aspire New Brunswick continues to climb to the Residential Venture chart ergo it’s second to none, The residential giant also provides Shopping and Nightlife including and indoor individual Bike storage.

With its exemplary vision for the New Jersey community, Boraie Development in conjunction with Shaquille O’Neal, a Newark native, professional Basketball player to develop a condominium, with over 23 story in downtown Newark. The tower is close the New Jersey performing Arts center adjacent to the Passaic river. The almost 89 million dollar project acts a give back to the community type of project to the 7foot 1 inch centre back of the phoenix suns. As he aims in real estate, he did not go further in partnering with the best real estate Developers in the real estate world.

The success of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait and he grew up with seven siblings. He obtained a medical degree from Cairo University with honors. He had the chance to do his internships in England and later moved to America. He did his residency in pediatric surgery and was certified in the profession. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

In the 1980s he got the opportunity to go work as a pediatric surgeon for the royal family in Saudi Arabia. He got the job since he was the only pediatric surgeon certified by the board of united states that could communicate in English and Arabic. Due to the job he resided in Riyadh with his family for four and a half years.

In Saudi Arabia, Dr. Saad Saad was based at the King specialist hospital. While he was there he performed all types of surgeries. The surgery he performed on the world youngest kid with an aneurysm was an act that motivated a global scientific journal to broadcast on the occurrence and educate others. Dr. Saad Saad was a respected man and all his opinions on medical matters were taken very seriously.

After his service at King Faisal hospital he returned to the united states so that his children could get to attend local education. He served as the chief surgeon and co-medical director at the K Hovnanian children’s hospital. At the moment he is retired and resides at Red Bank, New Jersey.

Dr. Saad Saad took his time to encourage people to work really hard. He would say that is a refugee Palestinian could become successful in the United States anyone could make it. He advised people to be positive minded and consistent in their work. He also stated that by now people should realize they are all equal. Different race, religion or color don’t make us different we all have similar organs.

While he was based in Saudi Arabia he participated in the creation of a surgical residency program. He also facilitated the establishment of a working connection with the royal college of surgeons in England that enabled students to obtain their United Kingdom certification in Saudi Arabia. From his action, so many students have had the chance to receive surgical training from their home country.

Dr. Saad Saad stated that some of the reasons why he moved to Palestine personally were to help the underprivileged. He went there so that he could treat all those who could not afford or have access to the treatment. He also moved so that he could pass down the skills. He wanted to pass down the skills he had gathered to the Palestinian pediatric surgeons as well as train them so that they could help the locals after he left. He also says that he moved to help the Palestinian economy during his mission trips.

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Glenn Schlossberg and the Jump Design Group

There are many leading, groundbreaking names in the world of fashion today. Glenn Schossberg and his company Jump Design Group is one of the ones you have to make sure to watch out for if you have any interest in the fashion industry. Glenn Schossberg is the founder and Principal of the Jump Design Group. Schossberg as been one of the key innovators in the world of fashion since he created Jump Apparel in 1990. He follows key rules regarding fast fashion and has strong beliefs in valuing every role within his organization and prides himself on his ability to command a team that works together to design, produce, and collaborate and deliver top quality clothing to Jump’s corporate clients.

Recently, Jump Design Group announced that they have acquired the sportswear label Cathy Daniels. They have taken all of their assets. Despite this, the Cathy Daniels sales team and their factory groups will continue to manage their services as their president will take charge of their business development. After this acquisition, Glenn Schossberg plans to supercharge the production of Cathy Daniels by incorporating Jump Design’s rock-solid foundation. In the next several years, they plan to create a new course of action for the company by using the most state of the art technology that will allow them to cater to customers by delivering the best product at the time they desire it. Glenn Schossberg and Jump Design Group are planning on taking the DNA of their technology by putting it into their acquired companies, that, while being very successful, did not have the funds to acquire said technology themselves. This is an incredibly innovative mixture of design, technology and branding, that is being combined with the sense behind Glenn Schossberg’s blueprint for demand, logistics and finance. The symbiosis between these two companies will surely prove that both will work better together than they could by themselves.


Discover The Benefits Of Wen by Chaz Today

When by Chaz provides a unique solution for keeping your hair looking and feeling good. Their hair care products work on providing organic ingredients that have fast acting results. You’ll notice a change in your hair in as little as 2 weeks. How to use? Their daily use products have had tremendous results in improving the length and vitality of the hair for thousands of men and women around the world. Their ingredients give your hair the proper opportunity to grow by removing grease and dirt that can block your pores. Your unique hair care options are as simple as using the amazing WEN collection.

Their all-natural ingredients also come with an amazing fragrance. also shares that their unique hair care products give you organic ingredients with a rich aromatherapy to match. Treat your thin brittle hair with the comforts of vitamin E and antioxidants. They help you maintain the right amount of moisture to saturate your hair against extreme elements and styling tools. You’ll love being able to combine their shampoo and conditioner for the best results for your hair. They’re dedicated to helping their users maintain beautiful healthy hair with the Wen by Chaz formula. Learn more by visiting their exclusive website today. Wen products are also available online on


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