What Wikipedia Editors Can Do for You

Life in a digital age has simplified the speed of information. At the click of a mouse, anyone from a 5th grade geography student to a prospective manufacturing firm can learn everything they need to know about Lichtenstein’s robust trade economy. It begs the question: what became of the Funk and Wagnall’s writers, that dedicated breed of Wikipedia editors and creators? They are probably now writing, editing, and managing content for Wikipedia, often the first go-to source of information on the Internet.

The brilliance of Wikipedia is in the fact that anyone can voluntarily make a Wikipedia page and anyone with knowledge can voluntarily edit it. The overarching effect of these edits is to purify and improve the quality and accuracy of the content. Two previous students of the London School of Economics recently did a study on the effects of an open production process on human productivity. Their results showed that open source information such as the online encyclopedia had a tremendous effect on potential productivity through the use of continual, often minor, Wikipedia revisions.

The question isn’t do you need to create a Wikipedia page to promote yourself or your business? Of course you do! Why would you not want to take full advantage of virtually free information that the Internet-savvy crowd is already using? Perhaps you are hesitant because writing isn’t your skillset or time constraints prevent you from monitoring Wiki edits. If that’s your concern then Get Your Wiki can help you. They take the hassle and headache out of content writing and editing so you don’t have to.

Not taking full advantage of every tool at your disposal to stay ahead of your competitors can make or break your future success. Creating a Wikipedia page is a great way to offer a competitive advantage and keep your clients informed about you and your business.

Beauty In The Act of Business

EuGenia Shea is a mother-daughter run company that has been in business since 2014. They offer a variety of moisturizers at reasonable prices. In case you are wondering, shea butter has been known to assist in the thinning of stretch marks and scars and thought to help as an anti-inflammatory cream. Shea butter has often been mistaken for cocoa butter, shea butter is slightly different than cocoa butter.

Shea butter is made from an ivory-colored fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree whereas cocoa butter is a vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans. EuGenia Shea’s variety of dermatological creams are useful for more than just ailments. The also moisturize your skin and give you a nice, healthy glow. EuGenia Shea also gives you the option to add fragrance to your cream of choice or to leave it unscented.

Their moisturizers come in cute tins and can fit in any pocket or purse. If you don’t use moisturizer often, EuGenia Shea gives you the option to order small 1.6oz tins and if you love your moisturizer, like I do, then you can opt for the 12oz tin.

One feature on EuGenia Sheas website allows you to buy a variety pack if you are unsure of what you like or if you would prefer, one can give them out as gifts. Because the moisturizers are come is the 1.6oz size, one can but them as great stocking stuffers or for a birthday gift. Since one can choose between scented and unscented, this product would be great for mens skin care as well. EuGenia Shea has a great variety and I would urge everyone to check out their website.

Human Rights Advocate, Thor Halvorssen founder and CEO Human Rights Foundation.

Thor Halvorssen is half Venezuelan, half Norwegian Film producer, Human rights Activists, and the founder of Human Rights Foundation, which is based in New York. Halvorssen was born in Caracas and descends from a family of royals and very influential freedom fighters. His mother, for example, is a descendant of Cristabal Mendoza, the first President of Venezuela. Thor is well versed in matters to do with activism and has experienced firsthand effects after his father subjected to severe torture while in Caracas prison for exposing corruption. Thor lost his mother to a shooting that happened during an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration.

Thor Halvorssen is the founder of Oslo freedom Forum, a gathering that is held annually, devoted for human rights. He is also a Patron for Children’s Peace Movement, a children’s rights group based in Czech. Thor has become an influential public figure with his opinions, getting publications from large media houses and newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Nation and Time Magazine. He has also appeared for interviews in Mainstream Media houses such as BBC News, al-Jazeera, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel. In 2010, Thor made a stage appearance at TEDx, hosted at the University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to his influential personality and popularity in his work, Thor has found himself on the wrong side of the law many times. One event includes when he had traveled to interview the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Patriarch Thich Quang Do, on why his church was banned, and he was put under house arrest for 28 years. Vietnamese authorities arrested and detain him together with his cameraman, but his camera man was fortunate to sneak out with his interview record.

Thor states that he will maintain a strong stand against tyranny and discrimination. Through his foundation, this works closely with other affiliate foundations. His Foundation has devoted to promoting political rights and liberate political prisoners. Since its inception, the HRF has achieved many missions such as ensured release of seven political prisoners and provided evidence to many major human rights international cases around the world.

Michael Zomber Reflects On His Passion For Firearms

In a recent podcast that was launched on the iUniverse platform, Michael Zomber talked about one of his best-selling books. The acclaimed American author clearly explained everything that went into writing Shogun Lemitsu, which is a novel about samurai warriors in the 17th century. The podcast clearly highlight’s Zomber’s deep passion for ancient Japanese traditions. Since early adulthood, he has been a big fan of oriental culture as well as American history.

Michael Zomber has been collecting samurai swords and other Japanese weapons for decades. His passionate quest for antique weapons has led him to dozens of countries. He has also traded some of his most precious collections of firearms and other military artifacts. As an expert on oriental weapons, Michael Zomber decided to share his knowledge with the world through other media. Therefore, he published several novels such as Jesus and the Samurai and Sweet Betsy That’s Me. Having degrees in literature from UCLA and other notable universities in the United States, Zomber surely holds the right types of credentials for a reputable author. Additionally, he also appeared as a guest historian on numerous programs on the History Channel. Zomber is always excited about providing some commentary on his favorite topics such as firearms.

In addition to publishing books, Michael Zomber also enjoys producing independent films. Together with his wife Andrea, he successfully operates Renascent Films, LLC. In fact, Michael Zomber and his spouse released a short documentary about Bushido, which is a traditional code of honor for samurai warriors. To a certain extent, Zomber has based his own way of life on Bushido, which emphasizes honor and discipline.

Even though he’s a big fan of guns and weapons, Zomber is actually a pacifist deep down at heart. He has proudly joined various international organizations that promote peace especially in areas that have volatile political climates. For instance, Zomber is a loyal member of Amnesty International. He also wants to teach his children about peace and tolerance to ensure that the future generations will live in a stable world. The Zombers live happily in Philadelphia, where Michael spent most of childhood.

RPS Solutions Helps Make Home Ownership Accessible in Baltimore

Kevin Seawright believes that homeownership is the key to stabilizing declining neighborhoods. That is why he founded RPS Solutions LLC which develops affordable housing for first time home buyers in the greater Baltimore area. He explains in the article ”Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC Assist Baltimore City Housing Employee Attain First Home”, owning a home is the first step towards wealth development. Pride of homeownership is the key to improving financially stressed neighborhoods.

Given his work experience, Kevin Seawright knows what he is talking about. Kevin started his career in 2006 after graduating from Almeda University with a master’s degree in accounting. Since then, he has worked as a financial and operations director for local governments, schools, and real estate developers. In 2014 he joined the Newark Economic Development Corporation, but his heart remains in Baltimore.

There could be no bigger pleasure for Kevin Seawright than to help local residents that have been priced out of the housing market achieve their dream of homeownership. That is how he reconnected with Jerel Brown. Seawright had worked with Brown’s mother for years, watching the boy grow up. Seawright then mentored Brown when the young man found work at the Baltimore City Housing Department.

Jerel Brown was able to afford a home that RPS Solutions had renovated. His reaction, “I was ecstatic for the opportunity to own my first home and have it look like homes you witness in magazines,” clearly expresses his joy and pride in homeownership. Seawright is equally glad to provide budget friendly, yet refurbished housing stock.

Following Kevin Seawright’s leadership, RPS Solutions is able to acquire distressed properties. Through government contracts, RPS Solutions is able to develop, manage and sell the assets. This makes good financial sense and is good for local communities.

Duda Melzer Looks To Make RBS A Global Brand

The RBS Group has been under the control of the Sirotsky family since it was established in 1957 by Mauricio Sobrinho Sirotsky as one of the top media companies in Brazil. The challenges facing the media industry in the 21st century have seen a recent change in the leadership of RBS as Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as Duda, embarked upon a planned rise to the role of Chairman of the company; Melzer had been selected as the individual to take over from outgoing chairman Nelson Sirotsky a number of years before the promotion took place.

Duda Melzer has been following the career path explained by his grandfather as the best option for taking future control of the RBS Group for a number of years, which saw him seek out the best foreign education at Harvard and go on to take on a role in New York with a non traditional media company. The arrival of Melzer as the RBS Chairman has come at a time when the media industry is facing new challenges the executive has discussed at length on a number of occasions.

Despite the fact Duda Melzer believes he has the skills to develop Grupo RBS into a global brand based upon the new directions he is taking the brand into he has also not turned his back on the fact this is a family business; Melzer has been working with Professor John Davis of Harvard University to make sure the company has access to the best quality information on maintaining the traditions the company created over its decades in existence.

Melzer has been working on a business plan for the last few years that will take RBS into the future in a number of different areas, including education and business. Educational videos are an area Duda Melzer believes will be of great importance to the brand he now heads, and has looked to develop this area with the aid of the eBricks company developed by the Sirotsky family for making the highest quality investments around the world.

Lessons to be learned from a News Anchor’s Wiki Page Alterations

Wikipedia pages are used by many people to give information about themselves. Many people create a wiki page (personal or for their company) where they update information about themselves and their lives. On a fateful morning, however, a popular Kenyan news anchor woke up to find information on his Wikipedia page altered. Larry Madowo’s page was altered and false information added to his wiki profile.

To begin with, Larry’s profile was changed from being a journalist to indicate that he was a Kenyan politician who was the head of Kazi party. The new profile further indicated that he was a dictator who helped instigate the World War II by invading Poland in 1939. The Wiki edits went ahead to claim that the journalist was also a key figure in the holocaust.

Mr. Madowo was able to maintain his cool describing his doctored biography as awesome. Most of the information in the page was hilarious with the content making numerous preposterous claims about the journalist. For instance, the Wikipedia revisions insinuated that he might be a vampire. It also proceeded to indicate that Mr. Madowo was born in Uganda and that he was a girl scout during the World War I. Adding to the humor, the page indicated that in the year 1923, Mr. Madowo attempted to seize leadership of the Girl Guide movement in a coup staged in Kisumu.

Wikipedia pages can be helpful to a business or an individual by helping one to tell his or her story to the world. The pages can also be used to offer detailed official information about an organization or an individual.

When you make a Wiki page it can have several benefits. The availability of information in Wikipedia may help in search engine ranking. The information adds authenticity to the person or business brand by widening their online presence. A wiki page owner is able to add, edit, or update a Wikipedia page to reflect changes to his or her profile easily without having to own a website.

Wikipedia is highly ranked on Google and the information displayed on a Google search page often contains Wikipedia articles within the first five results. This is free SEO services that many organizations spend money to receive.

While Wikipedia provides a free online exposure, it is imperative to hire a Wikipedia editor from a reputable and professional firm to handle your wiki page. A company like getyourwiki.com will make your profile and translate it into different languages to reach a wide audience.

The Jim Hunt Challenge: Make His Mother A Millionaire In Ten Proven Steps

Celebrated VTA Publications trader Jim Hunt has taken on a lofty task: make a tax-free millionaire of his own mother in ten simple steps and document the entire process on YouTube.

Look no further than www.MakeMumAMillionaire.com to see the “Whistleblower who helps the little guy beat the big banks” and his mother conquer the first step together, just days after announcing this personal challenge.

Hunt’s proprietary system trains traders to piggyback onto thriving stocks that established brokers have already spurred upward and begun hoarding. The trading isn’t where Hunt turns his profit. As he explains it, making his mother a millionaire will hinge on sticking strictly to picking the most obviously upward-bound stocks and betting on those rare “sure thing” investments alone. As Hunt explains, “It’s most about certainty than speed.”

Along the way, he aims to prove that traders have vastly over complicated the theory behind consistently profitable trades. In fact, as he previously proved with his acclaimed Wealth Wave system, it takes little more than a thousand-pound investment and an eye for the obvious.

“It’s not as ambitious as one might think at first glance,” Hunt explained. “If you start with a thousand pounds – an amount most people could afford to start trading with – and then double it just ten times, keeping the profits rolling up, it comes to a million pounds. That’s the power of compounding – something Einstein called ‘the 8th wonder of the world.'”

About VTA Publications:

Established in 2012 as a non-fiction publisher dedicated to distance learning courses and specialist-genre event organizing, VTA Publications Ltd. has attracted thousands of customers worldwide by digitally and physically distributing the world’s most cutting-edge financial and economic information. Their courses are built upon the insight of international experts in their fields who have already “walked their talk” and are eager to share their experience-honed tradecraft in the simplest formats possible. In addition to successfully validated distance learning materials, VTA Publications also annually books hundreds of live events and seminars focused on their materials. Please visit www.vtapublications.co.uk today and follow Jim Hunt’s YouTube channel for more fascinating proven methods of the world’s most consistent traders.

Sam Tabar Heads FullCycle Energy Fund

FullCycle Energy Fund recently appointed Sam Tabar to be its new Chief Operating Officer. In that role he will be in charge of the FullCyle’s strategic fund management.

When asked how he felt about the appointment, Sam said that he was deeply honored to assume his new position. He felt excited and he was already looking forward to joining the team. He complimented FullCycle’s current leadership team for their efforts in transitioning the world away from the use of polluting energy sources that are expensive for consumers. He is eager to partner with the leadership to educate and help the public move towards more affordable fuel sources that are also good for the environment.

Sam Tabar is greatly experienced in working with financial institutions. This has made him an ideal choice for FullCycle’s COO. He worked for Merrill Lynch Bank where he was the Head of Capital Strategy. In that position, Sam lead a team of fund managers whose jobs were to interact with institutional investors. He also did extensive team building. Before working at Merrill Lynch, Sam worked at Sparx Group, an investment fund that focuses on the Asia Pacific region. While there he handled all aspects of its global marketing efforts.

Sam’s impressive resume does not end there. He holds a law degree from Columbia Law School which e put to use as an attorney in the early years of his career. He is still a member of the state bar in New York. However, Sam decided that his true passion was in the world of finance.  Given his penchant for investment strategy and advice, this comes as no surprise.

How Do We Use Securus To File Complaints?

I know that a lot of people do not realize that they have to file complaints against prisons on behalf of people they love, but I found out that I could file them on my own with help from Securus. Securus is a calling service that also has an online portal where I have filed more than one complaint because I heard things from my brother that I did not like. He told me it would help if I filed the complaint, and then I tried it.

Using the Securus website is helpful for people like me because I would have not had any idea how to do this otherwise. I like the fact that I can file the complaint and get the prison to respond to me, and I do not have to get my brother involved. We have done this twice, and it worked really well. All the prison forms are on the Securus website, and they are very helpful because it makes me feel like I have dome control over this.

I was very scared when my brother went to jail, but now I just file the forms online when I need anything. He has asked me to do these things for him before, and I have taken action on my own a couple times. I just think that the prison has to be accountable, and I am glad that they can be with Securus.

Securus also helps us call my brother in prison, and it makes me feel like I have made the right decision about contacting him. We are very far away from the jail, and we are not driving there because we can use Securus. We get all the things we need done on their website, and I can protect my brother from far away.

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