The Giving Nature Of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a perfect example of a successful person who constantly gives back to his community. his story is one of constant giving and a relentlessly upbeat spirit. Marc Sparks grew up in Austin and graduated from high school in that illustrious city in 1975. Upon finishing, Sparks had a few different routes he could take.

Being a religious man, he could have devoted himself entirely to the church. However he was also an ambitious and intelligent person who had some interesting ideas on how to make money. College was a potential option, as well.

Intriguingly, Sparks did not go to college but immediately started working and investing the capital he could raise through various side jobs in a multitude of businesses. He started out working in real estate and capital investments, finding the ways that big money walked and how it talked. There were a lot of heartaches and heartbreaks along the way, but he stuck to it and never gave up.

One thing that made Sparks stand out from other “bigger than life” Texas entrepreneurs was his relatively quiet and humble demeanor. Not one to strut around and make big promises he couldn’t keep, he instead learned how to relate to investors, to find out what interested them, and to find investment possibilities that could work. Sparks’ promises weren’t always as big as his competitors, but he met them more often.

Success Started Coming

With his modest approach and personal integrity, Sparks started making a lot of money. This didn’t go to his head the way he’d say it happen with other people in his position. Instead Sparks turned continually to his ever-increasing believe in God and used it to stay humble and well grounded. As a result, he remains a friendly and happy person in a world where so many big names are frantic and desperate.

His steady stream of success helped him for a wide range of firms. His biggest remains Timber Creek Capital, of which he is the founder, owner, and CEO. They provide a variety of services for entrepreneurs, including capital, equipment, accounting help, graphic art, web development, and even office space. Ever since 2000, they’ve remained his most successful and consistent group.

However he has also been associated with Reliant Healthcare, Agency Matrix, Colbalt Real Estate Services, Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, and even Uncle Marc Food Delivery, a new delivery service for for restaurant in the Austin area. These businesses have seen him garner success and helped fuel his biggest love: philanthropy.

His Philanthropy

The list of Spark’s enthusiastically given and received philanthropic projects is longer than his business success. His biggest beneficiaries have been The Samaritan Inn, Habitat for Humanity, The American Can! Academy, and his own Sparky’s Kid foundation. The latter was his brain child and is a way to help underprivileged youth receive the help they need to get a leg up on life.


As Sparks continues to give, other Texas businessmen are following his example. He is truly a special kind of person, one that deserves to be respected and admired for his many achievement and his giving nature.

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