The Fight for Human Rights

When it comes to human rights, there is no one more committed to his cause than Thor Halvorssen. Thor is the president of the Human Rights Foundation and has been doing everything he can since he can remember. He has been all over the world for his cause and vows to continue the fight as long as he can.

According to Forbes, Thor Halvorssen has first-hand experience when it comes to human rights. When he was young, his father was part of the Venezuelan government as a drug czar. He exposed corruption in the government and for that, he was sent to a prison in Caracas and was tortured while there.

Thor’s mother was also an activist. During a demonstration against Hugo Chavez, she was shot and wounded. The entire event was caught live on television. There is also a cousin that is currently serving time in a Venezuelan jail for political crimes. Having grown up around human rights activists, it was only natural for Thor to continue the fight into his adult life.

In 2005, Thor founded the Human Rights Foundation. The headquarters in based in New York. The foundation does not have many employees but the impact they make is large. The organization has made it their mission to global human rights and freedom.

Thor has been featured on many television shows such as Fox News, CNN, and HBO. He has also been written about in the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Thor’s voice is well respected when it come to human rights.

Human rights is an issue that Thor Halvorssen feels very strongly about. From a young age, he has been around people that feel the same way. He has dedicated his adult life to continuing to fight for rights for all humans and will continue to do so with his voice and through his foundation.

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  1. I think his past experience has really spurred him to pick up the fight against those that are always trying to strangle the rights of the common people. Having the thought as would explain a lot of things about the struggle. The human right fight is one that is always demanding due to its sophisticated nature, although Halvorssen seems to be getting it right.

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