Samuel Strauch Is An International Man Of Business

Samuel Strauch has long been an advocate of Panama for retirement or real estate investment. In an interview with an Argentinean newspaper, he claims that pensions of below $4,000 month can live lavish lifestyles in the country. Panama has a real estate market that appears to be similar to Miami, but it is much cheaper. Foreign investors that had otherwise flocked to Miami are now pouring money into Panama City and surrounding areas. Recently, tens of thousands of Venezuelans are purchasing real estate like madmen in order to secure their wealth in a stable country. There are also plenty of retired North Americans relaxing at the beach without a worry in the world.

Samuel Strauch is no newbie to the international real estate game. He has over 14 years of experience in the Miami Beach area. He knows all about the Mexican and other Latin American investors that have been flocking to the shoreline to secure their future. In just the past 5 years, he has seen prices more than triple due to the foreign presence. He also notices that many Latin American businesses are making Miami a center of commerce since their home countries are less stable. It is because of this type of bull market Samuel has remained an active agent in the Miami Beach area.

Samuel Strauch started his own real estate company, Affinity Realty Group Inc, in order to capitalize on the exciting market of Miami. He has had an insight of the market since his family also owned a real estate firm. He is within the top 13% agents in terms of sales volume, and his sales are typical very highly valued. Samuel Strauch had recently made an impressive sale of a condominium for $889,000. He also sold a nearby condominium for $732,000. The rest of his properties are typically over $500,000 and his portfolio is very diverse in location.

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