Sam Tabar Heads FullCycle Energy Fund

FullCycle Energy Fund recently appointed Sam Tabar to be its new Chief Operating Officer. In that role he will be in charge of the FullCyle’s strategic fund management.

When asked how he felt about the appointment, Sam said that he was deeply honored to assume his new position. He felt excited and he was already looking forward to joining the team. He complimented FullCycle’s current leadership team for their efforts in transitioning the world away from the use of polluting energy sources that are expensive for consumers. He is eager to partner with the leadership to educate and help the public move towards more affordable fuel sources that are also good for the environment.

Sam Tabar is greatly experienced in working with financial institutions. This has made him an ideal choice for FullCycle’s COO. He worked for Merrill Lynch Bank where he was the Head of Capital Strategy. In that position, Sam lead a team of fund managers whose jobs were to interact with institutional investors. He also did extensive team building.

Sam’s impressive resume does not end there. He holds a law degree from Columbia Law School which e put to use as an attorney in the early years of his career. He is still a member of the state bar in New York. However, Sam decided that his true passion was in the world of finance.  Given his penchant for investment strategy and advice, this comes as no surprise.


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