Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Defines Exceptionalism

In 1991 a small title and document processing company was established called Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., and today is is one of the world’s largest and most successful wholesale companies in its field. Eight out of ten of the top retail title and mortgage companies use United as their source of documentation.


Nationwide and its more than 570 dedicated employees make it a practice to provide the best service and quality of delivery in the documents industry. Even with a very in-depth online information retrieval system, there is still the need for expert help when specialty needs arise, and the well-trained employee staff is there to help solve the issue.


Employees are screened very thoroughly, and when they are hired, they undergo a very in-depth training to ensure that they can perform at the highest levels. Once onboard, employees also have available over 100 advanced training accounts, which are also available on a volunteer basis. These study modules are instrumental in helping employees advance and there at least 50% to %75 percent of employees taking part in these exercises most of the time.


Hillman went on to say that compliance is a much-discussed word around the industry, but not much gets done about it. He said that the way to improve compliance is for companies to set their objectives to the highest levels, and then publically meet and exceed those objectives, and that will take care of any compliance issues that are lingering about.


The mortgage industry is a vital cog in the process of buying and selling property all over the United States, and Nationwide is in the mix all the way. They currently have access to every county and jurisdiction of property records in the United States. Their service to mortgage companies all over the country is unprecedented and bound to continue its growth and genuinely fine service across the board.


Five out of the past six years, National Title Clearing, Inc. has been voted in the top 100 best places to work, as cited by the Tampa Bay Times. Once employees begin to work for Nationwide, few leave because of the work environment.


John Hillman, CEO of Nationwide recently spoke at an industry-wide meeting, and he said that keeping the job fun is important in the documents industry because it can become very pressure-packed and tedious if you let it. The stress can build up, so there need to be pressure release points provided by the employer. Keeping things light and fun to the point of lots of rewards and praise go a long way in helping employees relax while they are working.


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