Microsoft Inaugurated At New Technology Security Center in Brazil


Brazil is a good example of how quickly the Internet can affect change. The recent Summer Olympic Games and the ouster of Dilma Rousseff have gotten a lot of attention on the Internet recently. Brazil became headline Internet news, and the country continues to make headlines thanks to Brazil’s new president, Michel Temer. The threat of cyber-attacks and the activity of online cyber pirates is a concern for governments and for businesses. Microsoft is doing something about those threats. Microsoft recently set up a new technology security center in Brazil to monitor the predators that disrupt normal business and government activities on the Internet. New tech developments are great for Brazil. New tech developments will play a role in bringing Brazil out of the two-year recession that has brought the economy to a standstill.



President Temer applauded the Microsoft announcement, and so did business leaders in Brazil. One of those business leaders, Flavio Maluf, has been very involved in bringing more technology into his family-owned company, Eucatex. Eucatex is the Sao Paulo-based building material supplier that exports branded products all over the world. The Eucatex website is very important to Maluf, and the Eucatex employees that work in Brazil as well as the employees that work in other countries. Not to mention the entrepreneurs that Flavio takes it upon himself to educate. Eucatex receives new orders and instructions over the Internet, so a large amount of the company’s business is done on the Internet.



But Eucatex hasn’t always been the giant corporation that sells branded products to home improvement stores and other companies around the world. Eucatex started as an afterthought in the 1950s. The Maluf family owned a sawmill in the state of Sao Paulo, and in those days, there was an abundance of eucalyptus trees. The sawmill had excess eucalyptus wood laying around the sawmill, and Flavio Maluf’s grandfather wanted to get rid of it, but he didn’t want to throw it away. So granddaddy Maluf hand cobbled eucalyptus wood ceiling tiles out of the excess wood, and he started to sell the tiles to his customers. Today, Eucatex still sells eucalyptus ceiling tiles and several other branded items on the Internet.  Flavio can be found personally on Facebook, or he is available for LinkedIn connections to other Brazilian entrepreneurs.



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