Michael Zomber Reflects On His Passion For Firearms

In a recent podcast that was launched on the iUniverse platform, Michael Zomber talked about one of his best-selling books. The acclaimed American author clearly explained everything that went into writing Shogun Lemitsu, which is a novel about samurai warriors in the 17th century. The podcast clearly highlight’s Zomber’s deep passion for ancient Japanese traditions. Since early adulthood, he has been a big fan of oriental culture as well as American history.

His passionate quest for antique weapons has led him to dozens of countries. He has also traded some of his most precious collections of firearms and other military artifacts. As an expert on oriental weapons, Michael Zomber decided to share his knowledge with the world through other media. Therefore, he published several novels such as Jesus and the Samurai and Sweet Betsy That’s Me. Having degrees in literature from UCLA and other notable universities in the United States, Zomber surely holds the right types of credentials for a reputable author. Additionally, he also appeared as a guest historian on numerous programs on the History Channel. Zomber is always excited about providing some commentary on his favorite topics such as firearms.

In addition to publishing books, Michael Zomber also enjoys producing independent films. Together with his wife Andrea, he successfully operates Renascent Films, LLC. In fact, Michael Zomber and his spouse released a short documentary about Bushido, which is a traditional code of honor for samurai warriors. To a certain extent, Zomber has based his own way of life on Bushido, which emphasizes honor and discipline.

He has proudly joined various international organizations that promote peace especially in areas that have volatile political climates. For instance, Zomber is a loyal member of Amnesty International. He also wants to teach his children about peace and tolerance to ensure that the future generations will live in a stable world. The Zombers live happily in Philadelphia, where Michael spent most of childhood.


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