Luiz Carlos Trabuco; Bradesco Expands its Portfolio of Services

     Banco Bradesco is one of Brazil’s leading financial services provider. Founded by Amador Aguiar, a famous banker, the organization offers its services to small landowners, government employees in addition to retailers. Over the years, clients demanded that the portfolio of the bank is expanded to accommodate more industries. As a good leader, Amador Aguiar listened to the plea of his clients and decided to expand Banco Bradesco’s portfolio of services. Since then, the bank has been catering to clients from different industries besides the first three. Behind the leadership of Banco Bradesco is a team of financial services expert that have mastered the art of providing top-notch services in different departments. One of these experts is Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Having worked at the bank for more than a decade, Trabuco is well acquainted with his way around the banking hall. Not only has he been serving as a senior executive but also a reliever for senior executives. Even with the impressive background, it is clear that he did not just land these roles by luck. In fact, it took him more than a decade to establish such an admirable career. Here is a look at how he started his career at Banco Bradesco;


Early Life

Trabuco was born in Brazil. As a boy, he did not know precisely what he wanted until when he was a teenager and joined the Sao Paulo University. While there, he focused on politics and economics and graduated with good grades that landed him at Banco Bradesco when he was seventeen years old. For his entry position, he worked as an office clerk where he oversaw the streamlining of the administration and finance department. Being visionary, he put in a lot of work in order to earn a promotion that included him working as a marketing director after fifteen years of serving as a clerk. In his tenure, Trabuco improved the bank’s communication system as it was modernized.


The Outline

Also, he earned a promotion as the bank’s marketing manager for about eight years. It was after serving in that capacity that he received a life-changing elevation as the CEO. Until now, he has been holding onto this position and using it to grow the bank’s shares in Brazil’s financial services industry. Trabuco is an admired professional who put in a lot of work to growing Banco Bradesco. Not only did he focus on his career but also his clients and employees. He is celebrated for those reasons.


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