Lessons to be learned from a News Anchor’s Wiki Page Alterations

Wikipedia pages are used by many people to give information about themselves. Many people create a wiki page (personal or for their company) where they update information about themselves and their lives. On a fateful morning, however, a popular Kenyan news anchor woke up to find information on his Wikipedia page altered. Larry Madowo’s page was altered and false information added to his wiki profile.

To begin with, Larry’s profile was changed from being a journalist to indicate that he was a Kenyan politician who was the head of Kazi party. The new profile further indicated that he was a dictator who helped instigate the World War II by invading Poland in 1939. The Wiki edits went ahead to claim that the journalist was also a key figure in the holocaust.

Mr. Madowo was able to maintain his cool describing his doctored biography as awesome. Most of the information in the page was hilarious with the content making numerous preposterous claims about the journalist. For instance, the Wikipedia revisions insinuated that he might be a vampire. It also proceeded to indicate that Mr. Madowo was born in Uganda and that he was a girl scout during the World War I. Adding to the humor, the page indicated that in the year 1923, Mr. Madowo attempted to seize leadership of the Girl Guide movement in a coup staged in Kisumu.

Wikipedia pages can be helpful to a business or an individual by helping one to tell his or her story to the world.

When you make a Wiki page it can have several benefits. The availability of information in Wikipedia may help in search engine ranking. The information adds authenticity to the person or business brand by widening their online presence. A wiki page owner is able to add, edit, or update a Wikipedia page to reflect changes to his or her profile easily without having to own a website.

Wikipedia is highly ranked on Google and the information displayed on a Google search page often contains Wikipedia articles within the first five results.

While Wikipedia provides a free online exposure, it is imperative to hire a Wikipedia editor from a reputable and professional firm to handle your wiki page. A company like getyourwiki.com will make your profile and translate it into different languages to reach a wide audience.


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