Jim Toner ; A Revered Role Model in the Real Estate Industry

If you want to excel in real estate, having a huge and dedicated social media following comes in handy. Moreover, it is one of the leading marketing platforms in a business where you can get reliable clients. Other than that, one way you can ensure you are pacing on the right path as you grow your online social media presence is finding a good role model. Luckily, there are multiple successful professionals in the industry of real estate. For that reason, you should consider picking an experienced individual with vast, exceptional experience. In this case, Jim Toner fits the role.

Background Information

Entrepreneur Toner has served in various areas and over the years, he has invested in the real estate business. Other than that, he is highly revered not only as a successful consultant but also a speaker and author. Moreover, Toner has traveled across different countries and offered speeches regarding various investment dockets in real estate. For that reason, many have described him as a humble yet successful individual who thrives in helping others. Because he is a writer as well, the media has overly been friendly with him. For instance, he has been interviewed by CNN and CBS. Besides, he has also been interviewed by magazine houses across the United States of America.

Mentorship Programs

Besides, Toner has earned a particular spot in the hearts of real estate investors. For that reason, he is considered an authoritative figure in the industry. Moreover, to disseminate critical information regarding real estate and succeeding in the business, Toner shares platforms with the likes of Frank McKinney and other high-profile real estate investors who have put in tremendous work in establishing strong portfolios in the same business.

Coaching Teams

Over and above, Jim Toner provides vast expertise to small teams of private customers alongside coaching groups aligned with his line of service. Other than that, he has mastered the art of assisting private clients with their desire to convey their message across different marketing platforms.

His Published Works

In his book titled The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate, Toner provides investors with insight on the right investment strategies to exploit for them to obtain financial freedom. Moreover, he offers comprehensive studies on how to follow a successful road-map to successful real estate ventures.


Over and above, Toner is an active philanthropist nationally recognized for working with veterans alongside the homeless. Besides, he is an adviser at the Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Foundation in conjunction with serving at the Advisory Board Chair of Salvation Army Branch.

The Parting Shot

Toner (@thejimtoner) advises real estate investors to clarify their ideas by finding out what lies beneath the foundation and follow it by investing in a viable business.

Here’s a helpful book from Jim Toner’s: https://www.amazon.com/Jim-Toner/e/B074P8343B

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