Gulf Coast Western is Bringing The Oil Business Back Home

A Family Business

Too often, worries about access to oil plague American’s minds. In a world where oil is still very much prevalent and used in almost every industry, access to oil is incredibly important. A great deal of American oil is imported by outside sources. It has made the country dependent upon them. Those countries set the prices and Americans are forced to pay no matter what. After all, they need their oil. Some oil companies, however, have remained in their country of origin. A company liked Gulf Coast Western understands that America, itself, has many untapped oil reserves.

Gulf Coast Western first started quite humbly in Dallas, Texas in the 1970s. Since its inception, however, it has rapidly expanded from the large state. It now has locations in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Colorado, and recently in Lousiana. For those who own and operate Gulf Coast Western, like Matthew Fleeger, they attribute their success to their devotion to remaining transparent in their business dealings with their partnerships. This has allowed them to bring in more partnerships and expand the business across the country with great success.

Their Expansion Into Louisiana

As of late, Gulf Coast Western has focused in on the area of Louisiana. With its recent partnership to Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, in particular, Gulf Coast Western has been able to create a strong foothold in the state for itself. Not only has it been given access to more drill sites but it has also acquired 3D seismic data over 42 square miles of land. This land, in particular, is close to the area in which Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration has already developed. With this partnership, Gulf Coast Western has already displayed a great deal of success. There are no signs that they’re slowing down either.

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