EOS marketing strategies when starting out

EOS lip balm emerged as a leader in the lip balm industry quickly despite the presence of long established industry giants which had the resources to fight o or acquire smaller competitors like EOS. In the process, EOS was able to retain control of their business and did not accept outside investments from institutional investors allowing the cofounders of the company with the ability to run their business the way they wanted to, and reap the benefits from its success as well.

Early on, EOS focused on developing their product line and concentrated on developing all-natural and organic lip balms that customers had been pursing for quite some time. Developing a superior product is, of course, only part of the story of EOS’ success, but it is by no means to be all and end of all of it.

In order to establish themselves in the lip balm industry EOS also had to develop innovative marketing techniques to compete with companies that had much larger budgets than they did. To counter this EOS developed new strategies too completely and effectively. Part of this was designing their brand image. EOS created orb applicator cases that were brightly colored in pastel shades and the uniqueness of their applicator allowed them to stand out on shelves and to have a product that was closely associated with their brand. https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos

EOS then marketed the product online on eBay and Amazon, through social media, which was then at a youthful stage, and by developing relationships with bloggers and celebrities who would endorse their product and influence customers to try it. This combination of quality marketing and a superior product line allowed EOS to emerge as one of the winners in the lip balm industry and to go head to head with the larger competitors in the market, eventually allowing them to brand out to new products.

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