Dr. Johanan Rand and Colleagues Are Combatting the Physical Symptoms of Aging

Science is fighting back against time. For ages, healthcare has been battling back the hands of death via the use of science, and the results thus far have been incredible. People are living to astronomically old ages, and people are, in general, healthier than they ever have been. One problem, however, has been the fight against the effects of aging. The diseases that cause death are already being engaged, but the physical effects that age brings have been largely forgotten. Dr. Johanan Rand and his team out at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers have decided that enough is enough.


Dr. Johanan Rand and his team target the physical ailments that come with age. These are issues such as weight gain, physical appearance declination, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, depression, and all of the other various ailments that come along with getting older.


So what causes this decline? Well, if you listen to Dr. Rand, the answer is hormones. As we get older levels of certain hormones (which Dr. Johnathan Rand calls “good” hormones) lower and levels of other hormones (the ones he calls “bad”) increase. Good hormones would be hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, human growth hormone, and DHEA. The bad hormones, on the other hand, would be cortisol and insulin.


So what does Dr. Rand do to combat the decrease in “good” hormones? The Healthy Aging Medical Center uses bioidentical hormone replacement as a tool to fight back against natural biological decreases in hormones. Instead of relying on synthetic hormones, Dr. Rand and his team use hormones that are biologically identical to the hormones that occur naturally in your body. This prevents the vicious side effects that many synthetic hormones carry, and helps naturally raise the levels of the “good” hormones in your body.


What are the results so far? So far, so good. Dr. Johanan Rand and his team have been seeing a massive amount of success using bioidentical hormone therapies for patients. If results continue the way that they are, bioidentical hormone therapy may see its place beside other forms of combatting aging, such as treatment of diseases. For now, if you wanted to know more you would have to talk to Dr. Rand and his team at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers because they are one of the few if only, places doing this kind of therapy.


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