Doe Deere’s Passion for Makeup

A unique individual within the competitive makeup industry is a woman known as Doe Deere, a businesswoman as well as an entrepreneur who has created an empire that caters to both men and women to wear a different style of makeup in order to not only look beautiful on the outside, but to also feel beautiful on the inside. Doe Deere is the founder as well as the creator of Lime Crime, a makeup brand that specializes in bright and bold colors that Doe Deere has launched due to the fact that she believes these bright colors bring out the beautiful features in all of her clients’ faces.

As the name suggests, the color lime is Doe Deere’s favorite color to use on her clients and her customers due to the fact that she believes the color brings out the beautiful features of every face. Doe Deere believes that the face should be used as a canvas for art and beautiful rather than just cover it up. Doe Deere wants her customers to begin to wear makeup for them and not just to coverup any imperfections. Doe Deere has created a wide selection for her customers that have been tailored to requests that have been made that come with choices in bright and bold colors for blushes, lipsticks, as well as eye shadows.

Doe Deere has had a strong connection to makeup ever since she was a little girl. Doe Deere has fond memories of playing with her friends and applying to makeup to their faces. Though Doe Deere admits that she was no where near a professional makeup artist at the time, she continuously talks about how her fond childhood memories influenced her to choose a creative career path that has made her happy. Though Doe Deere started out working for an insurance company, she has now finally chosen a path where she is not only successful, but also happy.

Doe Deere, though born in Russia, grew up in New York City, a vibrant city that reflects her creative personality. Doe Deere has always loved New York City and feels very lucky that she has been able to work and live in her favorite place. Doe Deere will continue on producing excellent quality products due to the fact that she is having fund in the process. Doe Deere even often remarks that she forgets she has a successful job. To her, makeup is a hobby.


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