Danilo Diaz Granados Making A Difference Among the Elite


Over the summer, the co-founder of Toys for Boys, Danilo Diaz Grandos, hosted a day filled with incredible action and high luxury.  They had fine cuisine, helicopter rides, bottles of Dom Perignon, boat rides, racetrack visiting, and exclusive previews.


Afterwards, they were allowed a private previewing of the luxurious residential building located in the upscale Miami’s Biscayne area. According to Granados, their goal is to offer guests the opportunity to connect with one another over entertainment, cuisine, and art at each event.


There was a 30-minute ride on the helicopter where they flew to the Palm Beach Race Track. At the track, each man was able to get behind the wheel to drive around the track. At lunch, they were served at the River Yacht Club with Dom Perignon. The last part of the day ended with a beautiful boat ride occurring throughout the sunset in the bay. Along with Granados and his partners, the sponsors for this event included Gryphon Racing, Air Commander Aerospace, Van Dutch Americas, and the One Thousand Museum.


About Danilo Diaz Granados


Danilo Diaz Granados always felt since his attendance at Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts that he was destined to make a difference. He earned a degree at this university in Economics and Entrepreneurship. He also decided to use this knowledge upon his relocation to Miami, and even wrote a piece for iCrowdNewsWire about what other latinos can do to move to the states for business.


Granados felt that the Latino community of Miami needed a luxury boutique that provided fine watches, contemporary art, fine watches, jewelry, and exotic automobiles in one place. And thus, he decided to launch The TOYS for BOYS Boutique upon that concept of luxury. Find Danilo on Twitter, and also on his SoundCloud page.


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