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Whitney Wolfe And Bumble Are Changing The Online Dating Game

Many people have turned to online dating in hopes to find their soulmate. It’s easier and quicker than alternative routes such as dating through mutual friends, approaching strangers at the bar, or hooking up with a coworker. That doesn’t mean that online dating is a perfect alternative to the dating scene, however. In fact, there are several flaws with online dating. Many worry about the safety and sexism found in many of today’s online dating apps. There is a woman who is working to change all of that, however.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble and she is working hard to change the dating game. She’s made it so that women call the shots. Wolfe was out at the bar one day when she was thinking about how great it would be if a woman had the option to contact a man first instead of vice-versa. Thus, Bumble was born. With Bumble, a man can’t talk to a woman unless she initiates conversation. It helps cut down on unwanted advances and unsolicited inappropriate pictures. Whitney Wolfe is changing the dating game and people are loving it. Their percentage of users is growing every day as more women opt for this safer version of online dating.


Whitney Wolfe and her company have branched out recently, creating more variations of Bumble. They now have an app that focuses solely on forming business connections and one that focuses solely on creating friendships. Wolfe is essentially creating apps for things that women crave: love, friendships, and a successful business life.

Wolfe still has time to manage her busy schedule. She recently got hitched to Michael Herd in a lavish wedding on the coast of Italy. The gorgeous wedding was captured in photos which showed off her stunning lace gown and the beautiful coast. Although they didn’t meet on Bumble, Wolfe is using her experience with love to strengthen the app. By having this long-lasting connection, Wolfe is more dedicated to helping others find love. Her relationship is also special because Wolfe said it was her that made the first move. This just goes to show that if women have the confidence to express their interest in a man then the relationship can go far.

Overall, Wolfe has big plans for her apps and they will continue to grow. Wolfe is stepping outside of the box with these new ideas for Bumble. The addition of Bumble Bizz shows just how easy it is to network from the palm of your hand. It will be interesting to see what’s next.

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Eva Moskowitz Provides a Great Vision for Education

Eva Moskowitz and her chain of Success Academy charter schools have displayed a successful educational model. Their model for education has been validated with their high scores in state testing. The worst-performing Success Academy school still achieved a 90% rate of students testing at or above grade level in math. They have also realized an enviable rate of success in their English Language Arts (ELA) program. Their lowest scoring school still realized a 75% success rate. This, in fact, is better than most affluent suburban schools.
The students at Success Academy schools are by and large from underprivileged areas and are mostly low-income. Despite these handicaps, Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy has developed an innovative curriculum which serves its students very well. An opportunity to learn with Success Academy is highly coveted and is decided by a lottery system. They provide an atmosphere in which students want to come to school and they are the most successful charter school system in the country.
Their reading program has been singled out as noteworthy. It is an extensive layer of material and much is expected of students. It has been described as rich in content with a great depth of material which gives students a great picture of the outside world and moves beyond the limitations of their neighborhood. It provides a tremendous overview of the literary world and lays a solid foundation for the later years.

The expectations are clearly high under Eva Moskowitz’s leadership at Success Academies.
In recent news, Success Academy has preserved their autonomy with their victory over the New York City school system. A state appeals court ruled that the city had overstepped their bounds in trying to impose their pre-kindergarten program on Success Academy. They also received the Broad Prize which honors a charter school operator that demonstrates “outstanding academic outcomes among low-income students and students of color.”

Eva Moskowitz demonstrates great empathy for those lacking in resources and opportunity. Success Academy is offering unique insights into their methodologies. Eva Moskowitz and their top leaders are making available elements of their winning formula so other school systems can implement their innovation.

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