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The Overwhelming Diversity Of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a businessman and venture capitalsit that lives and operates in Dallas, Texas. But businessman and venture capitalist are too simplistic of titles to describe Sparks professional career. He’s a self defined serial entrepreneur, having been involved with a large variety of start up companies, an author, and has provided substantial philanthropy work both locally and internationally.

Sparks graduated from high school in 1975 with a C+ average and no prospects for college. He began gaining experience as an entrepreneur immediately and has continued to expand his professional portfolio ever since. As a business builder, Sparks has been involved with start up companies in fields like insurance, premium financing, telecommunications, and real estate. He eventually became a venture capitalist, using his money and knowledge to invest in other entrepreneurs who are on their way up.

Sparks came to a point in his life and career where he had amassed so much experience and knowledge that he wanted to provide the information to all individuals who were considering starting a business of their own. He wrote a book titled, They Can’t Eat You , a personal account of his successes and failures in all of his business ventures.

Sparks is also an active philanthropist, engaging in community support efforts in Dallas, Texas, as well as countries abroad. He has been involved with The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in Texas that helps individuals get back on their feet and move into a positive standing of their own.

The shelter offers counseling, family services, and job placement. Sparks created a foundation called Sparky’s Kids that provides computers to at-risk children to help progress their education. Outside the United States, Sparks is involved with the efforts of Habitat for Humanity, where he has personally helped construct dozens of homes for disadvantaged communities.

Marc Sparks is a man with many titles and defining characteristics. Whether he is creating a business from a new idea, investing his wealth and efforts into another entrepreneurs dream, or giving individuals the ability to dream again. There are many ways a person could describe Marc Sparks but one word states it the best, successful.

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