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Talkspace – How Online Counseling Help Couples Make a Healthy Marriage?

In the last few years, the case of separation and divorce has been increasing rapidly, and it is primarily due to the fact that people do not take the help of therapy. While in many cases, separations are mutual and cannot be reversed, at times professional therapy can help in making things better and for good. If you are facing challenges in your relationship with your partner, instead of considering divorce right away, act maturely and give couples therapy a chance. It would help you see things differently and would help you and your partner to understand each other better. Read this article at

If conventional therapy is something that is not meant for you, then Talkspace is something you can give a try too. It is a professional therapy mobile app that has over three thousand registered and licensed therapists. You would easily be able to catch hold of couples therapist at Talkspace after you fill a small questionnaire and chat with the Talkspace representative. It would connect you and your partner with the therapist, and you can consult with him or her through your phone in your own time. The therapist would be able to dig deeper in your problems over the voice chat, text and even e-mail in the next couple of weeks and provide you with the solution that would help in improving the trust and understanding factor between you and your partner. It is a team effort and the will to make things better that is highly needed in such a solution, and the therapist would help in ensuring that you can realize the benefits you came looking for.

For many couples going to a regular counselor is not an option. They do not have the money or the time to do it. It can lead to further problems in their relationship. Talkspace offers an easy and convenient method of getting help and that too with the amount that they can easily spare. Talkspace has qualified therapists who can help couples open up about their problems and then find a solution to their problems so that they can enjoy their marital life.

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Talkspace: Aiding Those Around Us

Michael Phelps, the 28-time Olympic medalist, has talked about his troubles with mental illness and depression since the leaving the world view as an U.S. Olympic swimmer. Since he was 15, Michael Phelps has been an Olympic athlete competing for the U.S. in countless swimming events over the years. After his swimming career ended in retirement following the 2016 Summer Olympics he was quoted as saying “I questioned whether I wanted to be alive anymore” ever since then, Michael Phelps has turned towards online therapy consulting to aid in his fight against his own depression. His search for therapeutic help brought him toward the company known as Talkspace. Talkspace, an enterprise that is capable of connecting people with licensed therapists through their website and their mobile app and has connected over one million people to help that they need, announced a partnership with Michael Phelps as not only one of their users, but also as their spokesperson who many would be able to relate to in one way or another. According to the CEO, Oren Frank, Michael Phelps was added to the board of advisors for Talkspace. His role on the board will be to help advise the company on its mental health strategy. Having Michael Phelps sharing his personal struggles to not only Talkspace, but to consumers on a worldwide scale, will only bring about a positive reinforcement about the stigma that only weak people go to therapists. Michael Phelps’ decision to become a bigger force in the therapeutic world has led to former Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. to share his own story about the struggles with depression that he has faced over the years.

Talkspace continues to provide around the clock therapeutic aid to numerous individuals, 70% of which whom have never been in therapy before. Oren Frank has the goal of making therapy accessible for all individuals.

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