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Roberto Santiago, The Entrepreneur Behind The Famous Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is famed for his venture in mall business. Santiago is known for establishing and owning the biggest mall in Paraiba State. He is the most prominent businessman in Brazil. His mall is ranked among the biggest malls in his country. Roberto is at the age of 58 years now. He studied at the Pio X-Marist College. He later joined University Center of Joao Pessoa and pursued Business Administration. Immediately after his studies, he started a Cartonnage Industry which he believes paved the way for the establishment of the mall business. Read more on

Roberto Santiago was also an article and blog writer. With the comprehensive information, he had about his country he would write popular blogs and articles which made him gain reputation. Besides writing, Roberto had excellent skills in directing and production. He also possessed the spirit of an entrepreneur. Roberto Santiago established his first mall business which he named Mangebeira Shopping Mall. It didn’t take time for him to build the Manaira Shopping Center where his success lies to date.

Roberto Manaira Shopping Mall was founded and established in 1989. After seeing a growing opportunity in the mall business. The mall is based in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. Manaira mall is at the heart of Joao Pessoa making it accessible to people in the city. The mall provides many products under one roof. The products are ranging from food, clothes, entertainment, general shopping, social gathering halls, and art. The main aim being offering its clients fun, leisure, and comfort.

Many urban dwellers in Paraiba and visitors from all corner of the world enjoys shopping and getting entertainment from Manaira shopping mall. Encompassing bowling alleys, food courts, beautiful gardens, movie theaters, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. The mall also provides other tertiary services such as banking through banks, and education through education centers such as colleges which are located in the same building.

Many people are fond of Manaira shopping mall because of the entertainment hub. It is fitted with eleven technologically advanced movie theater. People enjoys watching their favorite films and movies in 3D.

The Roberto Santiago shopping mall has Domus Hall which accommodates over 8,000 people. It is used for cultural festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs and live concerts. To learn more about the Brazilians culture, you should consider visiting Domus Hall in Manaira Shopping Mall.

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Roberto Santiago has earned reputation in Brazil as one of the few successful entrepreneurs. Santiago is fully committed to ensuring Brazil has a better place to shop. Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping offers all clients with exactly what they want. His success can be attributed to hard work, commitment, and passion. He always encourages youths and young entrepreneurs in the whole world to start actualizing their business ideas.

Samuel Strauch Is An International Man Of Business

Samuel Strauch has long been an advocate of Panama for retirement or real estate investment. In an interview with an Argentinean newspaper, he claims that pensions of below $4,000 month can live lavish lifestyles in the country. Panama has a real estate market that appears to be similar to Miami, but it is much cheaper. Foreign investors that had otherwise flocked to Miami are now pouring money into Panama City and surrounding areas. Recently, tens of thousands of Venezuelans are purchasing real estate like madmen in order to secure their wealth in a stable country. There are also plenty of retired North Americans relaxing at the beach without a worry in the world.

Samuel Strauch is no newbie to the international real estate game. He has over 14 years of experience in the Miami Beach area. He knows all about the Mexican and other Latin American investors that have been flocking to the shoreline to secure their future. In just the past 5 years, he has seen prices more than triple due to the foreign presence. He also notices that many Latin American businesses are making Miami a center of commerce since their home countries are less stable. It is because of this type of bull market Samuel has remained an active agent in the Miami Beach area.

Samuel Strauch started his own real estate company, Affinity Realty Group Inc, in order to capitalize on the exciting market of Miami. He has had an insight of the market since his family also owned a real estate firm. He is within the top 13% agents in terms of sales volume, and his sales are typical very highly valued. Samuel Strauch had recently made an impressive sale of a condominium for $889,000. He also sold a nearby condominium for $732,000. The rest of his properties are typically over $500,000 and his portfolio is very diverse in location.

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