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Customers rave about Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment System

Each year in the United States, thousands of violent crimes are carried out by gang leaders issuing orders from within the nation’s prison. Many people do not realize how prevalent this problem is. They may ask how gang leaders are allowed to issue orders to soldiers on the outside of prison from within the place where they are meant to be incarcerated. The entire point of prison, after all, is to protect the public from some of the most dangerous criminals in the country.


But the problem that the nation’s prisons have faced over the last few decades has been the introduction of cheap and readily available cellular technology. These devices are often able to be easily smuggled into prisons, creating a hot internal market for the unauthorized phones. This ensures that people will always be willing to take the risk to smuggle them into the nation’s prisons. Once inside, powerful gangs are able to use their money and power to acquire these instruments of communications. This is an incredibly difficult tactical problem for the staff of most of the nation’s prisons, as highly disciplined criminal gangs are able to use unauthorized devices to their fullest potential, issuing orders to outside gang members and enabling the gang to more easily communicate within the prison itself.


The problem has gotten so bad over the last few years that many gangs have become emboldened to commit violent crimes at unprecedented levels. In some unfortunate cases, gang leaders have even ordered the assassination of prison guards in other law enforcement officials.


Now, Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s premier providers of inmate communication services, has developed a system that it refers to as the Wireless Containment System. This technology is able to successfully interdict 100 percent of unauthorized calls made from within the nation’s carceral institutions, eliminating the ability of prison gangs to communicate with the outside world.


Rick Smith of Securus Technologies drives innovation while keeping customer prices low

Over the course of the last decade, the innovations in VoIP-based communications technology have allowed a revolution to take place in the way that prisoners are able to communicate with family members on the outside. Prior to the advent of cheap and effective internet telephony, inmates were often forced to pay exorbitant rates just to talk with their loved ones for a few minutes per month. Now, companies such as Securus Technologies, one of the leading communications providers for inmates in the United States today, are empowering prisoners across the nation to stay in nearly constant touch with their loved ones on the outside. This not only helps form strong, pro-social relationships between the prisoners and those on the outside, it also enables the many millions of children with incarcerated fathers to maintain meaningful relationships with them.

As the head of Securus, Rick Smith has been one of the key figures in the incredible volume of innovation that has taken place in the prison communication space over the last decade. After taking the helm in 2008, Smith made it his mission to invest heavily in the innovation of new technologies, particularly proprietary innovations, such as VoIP-based communications technology. Read more articles at

This eventually led to the development of the cutting edge Secure Call Platform, a calling platform that allows for high definition, face-to-face communication between family members and prisoners at some of the cheapest rates that the prison communications industry has ever seen. Across the country, inmates are able to stay in nearly constant touch with their loved ones, paying just $0.15 per minute, on average. At these rates, it is possible for even the most indigent prisoners to remain in consistent touch with their loved ones on the outside. This has demonstrated, positive effects, including the ability to socialize to outside, law-abiding norms.

Prior to the advent of cheap outside communications, prisoners were often forced to turn inward for their social needs, forcing them to become socialized to the criminal milieu that predominates in all of the nation’s prisons. This led to what criminologists refer to as institutionalization – the process of inmates becoming socialized to the prison environment to such an extent that they are no longer capable of functioning outside of prison walls. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

More than any other, Rick Smith has done much to remedy the threat that institutionalization poses to the nation’s millions of inmates serving long-term sentences of incarceration. With the ability to communicate on a regular basis with law-abiding citizens on the outside of prison, inmates who have access to technologies such as Securus’ Secure Call Platform have a far greater chance of being successfully resocialized to societal norms. Therefore, it is not only the prisoners in their family members who save money but also society at large, which does not have to pay the increased incarceration costs to house institutionalized inmates.


Securus Technologies, Offering Satisfactory Solutions to Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a tech company that serves the correctional sector. It was established in 1986 in Dallas, Texas, where its main offices are located. The firm serves several prisons across the U.S. To reach its target market, Securus has opened offices in Atlanta, Allen and Carrollton. Currently, they have contracts with about 2,600 U.S. correctional facilities.


Since the inception of the firm, it has offered quality services. Their service delivery and customer service has allowed them to stay ahead of their competition. Securus Technologies aims at offering cutting-edge tech solutions that improve lives of those held in various correctional centers. Also, they work towards boosting public safety. Securus’ services are powerful, simple and secure. What’s more, they’re easy to access.


In 2016, Securus Technologies revealed that they had invested over half a billion in acquisitions, innovations and patents. The company hires thinkers, technologists, engineers and designers who work around the clock to develop innovative solutions. When developing different products, Securus prioritizes on the needs of inmates as well as their family and friends. Over time, the company has become a leader in the correctional sector because of its dedication towards serving a large client base that includes more than 1 million convicts.


Services from Securus allow inmates to communicate with their loved ones. Also, they enable prisoners to access technology that allows them to know what’s happening outside the prison walls. Some of Securus Technologies’ services include verification, public info delivery, incident management, communications, inmate self-service, data management and monitoring solutions.


Customers of Securus have lauded the company for offering excellent services. One customer commented that he was happy with Securus’ tech services because they enabled him to obtain information that would be used against a corrupt staff member. Another customer said that records from a monitored call allowed him to get information about one of the inmate’s drug business and alcohol use in the prison.

Securus Technologies Sets the Pace in Delivering Innovative Technology Solutions to Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a privately held technology company that provides communication solutions, inmate monitoring and data management solutions to correctional facilities. We are based in Dallas, Texas. We serve more than three thousand facilities and over a million inmates. Our portfolio includes public safety solutions, incident management and emergency response, investigation, biometric analysis, monitoring products, and information management solutions among others.


Securus Technologies was created out of a merger of two leading prison technology providers, T-Netix and Evercom, in 2004. We enable inmates to connect with their families and associates. The technology solutions we enable facilities to manage their inmate populations while maintaining public safety efficiently. We were the first company to offer video visitation solutions saving families and facilities logistical expenses and enabling better communications.


We have rapidly grown to become the biggest provider of prison services through investments in technology and strategic acquisitions. Between 2012 and 2015, we made more than nine acquisitions of technology and complimentary service providers such as Syscon Justice Systems, CellBlox, Guarded Exchange, Telerus, and Primonics among others. In a bid to demonstrate our commitment to public safety, we recently published customer comments on how the technology solutions we provide are helping them prevent and solve crimes in correctional facilities.


Additionally, we recently received an A+ rating and formal accreditation by the Better Business Bureau for advances in enabling transparency and trust in our communications. We have a strong focus on human capital and technology investments. We pride ourselves in having experienced personnel including engineers, designers, and technology specialists who implement and manage our comprehensive technology systems.


We operate a dedicated call center and a responsive customer care department. We have continuously diversified our product portfolio to meet the changing demands of correctional facilities and inmates. Continuing our pioneering culture, we have over two hundred technology patents with numerous others waiting for approval.



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