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I was hacked,but I can do something about it

If only I was more careful,I wouldn’t have been in this situation. I was hacked. It’s like cyber security attacks are more rampant than ever before. Billions of dollars are being spent on these cyber crimes and they keep escalating. I still can’t believe I was hacked and these attacks are becoming more destructive for everybody including politicians like Hillary Clinton when her private emails were hacked.


Donald Trump signed an executive order to improve the cyber security in the United States. Yes I was hacked, but I can do something about it.


Rubica is a personal cyber security that have experts keep me safe from cyber criminals getting my personal information. All of my data will be secure through their private network and when new threats are detected,their software improves the network for me as well as everybody else.


I trust Rubica to protect my information from hackers.

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Sword Art Online – The Best Sci Fi Anime Around?!


Right now the anime world is raging over ‘Attack on Titan’ and for good reason but let us not forget what really got our summer going just a year or two ago: ‘Sword Art Online’. This anime aspired to be everything to everyone. It was a science fiction anime that blended virtual reality with fantasy gaming, successfully porting players into the game. A riff off of ‘.hack’, ‘Sword Art Online’ quickly stole the hearts of kids at home everywhere. Blending video games with science fiction and fantasy was the perfect recipe for success. Now we have to ask ourselves: is this the greatest sci fi anime around?


You can definitely make a case for ‘Sword Art Online‘ as being an elite option for futuristic anime fans. The blend of VR and advanced MMORPG gaming was enough to hook just about any guy in the world and the nonstop action was just a bonus. Making the anime dark was a great choice because it allowed the writers to use the prior technology to the most advantage. Do you remember where you were when the first character died ‘in game’ and in real life? Heavy stuff.


Some people will say that ‘SAO’ tailed off with the second season but we aren’t sure about that, the departure from the sword anime formula was definitely bold. We weren’t a huge fan of the fairy MMO but the writers picked things back up with the shooter storyline. With limitless potential in the future, ‘Sword Art Online’ could be growing into a true anime dynasty and, perhaps, the best science fiction anime of all time.

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