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What Wikipedia Editors Can Do for You

Life in a digital age has simplified the speed of information. At the click of a mouse, anyone from a 5th grade geography student to a prospective manufacturing firm can learn everything they need to know about Lichtenstein’s robust trade economy. It begs the question: what became of the Funk and Wagnall’s writers, that dedicated breed of Wikipedia editors and creators? They are probably now writing, editing, and managing content for Wikipedia, often the first go-to source of information on the Internet.

The brilliance of Wikipedia is in the fact that anyone can voluntarily make a Wikipedia page and anyone with knowledge can voluntarily edit it. Two previous students of the London School of Economics recently did a study on the effects of an open production process on human productivity. Their results showed that open source information such as the online encyclopedia had a tremendous effect on potential productivity through the use of continual, often minor, Wikipedia revisions.

The question isn’t do you need to create a Wikipedia page to promote yourself or your business? Of course you do! Why would you not want to take full advantage of virtually free information that the Internet-savvy crowd is already using? Perhaps you are hesitant because writing isn’t your skillset or time constraints prevent you from monitoring Wiki edits. If that’s your concern then Get Your Wiki can help you.

Not taking full advantage of every tool at your disposal to stay ahead of your competitors can make or break your future success. Creating a Wikipedia page is a great way to offer a competitive advantage and keep your clients informed about you and your business.

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