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Professor Kamil Idris and his time at the World Property Intellectual Organization

Professor Kamil Idris was the general director of World Property Intellectual Organization situated in Geneva. Idris explained that the necessary information saying that Property Intellectual is a significant development tool, especially in the context of economics in which information, ideas, knowledge, and information are the most important parts of the growth of the economy is relevant mainly to all nations. As far as how it is translated and applied into practical advantages, it is decided by various elements involving a country’s national objective policy.


Professor Kamil Idris elaborated that the pitfalls of Intellectual Property results because of globalization which can be recognized as counterfeiting, increased backlogs and privacy in patent applications processing. The other difficulty that emanates because globalization is a need to concentrate colossal attention and resources on the training of Intellectual Property, its capacity development and human resource development.


The revolution of communication has on a higher level brought about many difficulties. It has encouraged an acceleration in privacy copyright as works which are created at the moment can be dispersed, without or with the approval of the holder right, over the world instantly. Similarly, enhanced communication has encouraged an enormous development in the distribution and manufacture of goods which are counterfeit.


The social, economic and human counterfeiting and privacy costs are significant and coordinated endeavors by all partners are essential to handle this multi-faceted issue genuinely. World Property Intellectual Company assumes a critical part in managing these issues at different levels.


According to Kamil Idris, World Property Intellectual Day is developing quickly in popularity from the time it was established eight years back. There has been continuously incrementing in the number of organizations and governments joining the annual celebrations of World Property Intellectual Company. On the Day of Property Intellectual, the company celebrates both the rights of Property Intellectual and substantial human activity power.


Professor Kamil Idris is the General Secretary of International Union of Plants Protection. Professor Idris got his Master’s degree in International Affairs and International law from Ohio University. From Khartoum University, he obtained a bachelor in law, and in Cairo University in Egypt, he got an Arts bachelors in Political Philosophy, Economic and Science Theories. Professor Kamil Idris also has Doctor degree in International Law from Geneva University in Switzerland.

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