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Ganoderma Genius Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is a businessman from the Philippines. As a young child, he had wanted to become a doctor and had shown that he had a passion for helping people live healthy lives. His grandparents nurtured this trait by teaching him about the healing properties of the Ganoderma, an herb that has been used in Asia for many centuries due to its health benefits. Although Mr. Chua never became a doctor, he would always put caring for people first. His extensive knowledge of the Ganoderma herb and his desire for people to live a healthy lifestyle would prompt him to establish his own company. In 2008 he founded Organo Gold, a company that specializes in teas and coffees that have the Ganoderma herb blended in.

Bernardo Chua got his first working experience in his family’s garment plant. The knowledge given to him from his grandparents was the reason he was later recruited to work for Gano Excel, a firm that specialized in Ganoderma infused consumables. His good nature and his enthusiasm for the company’s products made him an ideal candidate. His job was to advertise the company’s products all over Asia. He was extremely successful at increasing market share for the company. Read more about Bernardo Chua on Caja Mediterraneo

Bernardo Chua was so successful for Gano excel that he believed he had the ability to start his own successful company. He founded Organo Gold and currently serves as the CEO. To guarantee that his company provides the best products, he hires farmers who have a thorough understanding of the Ganoderma herb. He has spent a lot of time and money telling the world about the health benefits that can be achieved with his company’s products. Mr. Chua has been featured on Direct Selling News and his products have been advertised through various media outlets.

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Cancer Treatments’ Progresive New Approach

Cancer treatment Centers of America has done it again. This exceptional organization has partnered with WebMD to deliver beneficial information to cancer patients and to the public. This is one of the most amazing new interactive platforms on the market today, and it is extremely easy to use. Patients will get copious amounts of informative-material with just the click of a button. If you want to learn more about cancer-related options, then you are now in the right place. WebMD has been a great platform for medical-related material that spans across a wide spectrum. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is at the pinnacle of the cancer research field and when you combine the two, the public will have access to unsurpassed amounts of information.

This partnership is very progressive in its actions. The platform will host a wide array of cancer treatments, supportive therapies and general information. This includes extensive information on pain management, side effects, survivorship, diagnosis and caregiver support. With just a few click of your mouse, you’ll be bombarded with update information that can be used to inform and comfort your needs. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is definitely leading by example. This organization has stepped-up its game for the 21st century. Every person on earth is different to some degree and all cancer treatments aren’t the same. This is where personalized-cancer therapies come into the picture and no other organization does it better than Cancer treatment Centers of America, and follow their Twitter.

The organization is rather huge, and it covers a wide variety of cancer-related topics such as supportive therapies, comprehensive services, personalized-patient care, genomic tumor assessments and many more. Whether an individual is suffering from lung cancer, prostate cancer or skin cancer, Cancer Treatment Centers of America has you covered with some of the very best personalized care, and

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