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Gustavo Martinez, Marketing and Advertising Consultant

Gustavo Martinez is an experienced marketing and advertising consultant with over three decades worth of industry experience. Martinez before venturing into private consultancy worked for several leading marketing firms at the top executive levels.

Martinez once served as the CEO of the J. Walter Thompson Worldwide marketing firm. Besides, Martinez has previously served as the president of both the McCann Worldgroup and Ogilvy including Mather marketing company. Other leading marketing and advertising firm that Martinez has served in include Henkel and Price Waterhouse among others.

Gustavo Martinez in an interview said he decided to venture into private consultancy because it is the cornerstone of marketing and advertising. According to Martinez consultancy is the past and also the future of the industry. The consultancy field has been tried and tested for close to 100 years now and has been found to work.

According to Martinez the marketing and advertising industry are one of the most dynamic sectors that keep on changing day in day out. To be successful in the industry Martinez says that one must be ahead of his game and maintain creativity. The industry solely depends on creativity, unlike other industry where they have routinely processes that are already refined and perfectly designed.

Martinez equates the marketing and advertising industry to applied artistry that purely depends on raw creativity and talent. Finding the right people to employ on a full-time basis as marketers is quite tricky. It is so because the most talented creative guys prefer working independently in a non-structured work environment. This is the reason that has made the consultancy model to work. Marketing firms prefer hiring independent contractors or consultants who are given assignments to work on independently provided that they deliver.

Gustavo Martinez is also focusing on business acceleration. Business acceleration is a type of marketing that helps sell early-stage growth companies to clients. According to Martinez, about 90 percent of new businesses fail within three years of establishment.

The reason for such failure is due to low to no investment in marketing and advertising strategies. Martinez adds that a firm’s product is as good as its advertising and marketing and vice versa. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

In business acceleration, Martinez is helping startups to streamline their operations in things like technology, user experience, and functionality right from the first day.

Most startups are not investing in marketing and advertising and develop their businesses through trial and error. Martinez is trying to change this mode of thinking and is hoping that through business acceleration he will be able to turn the business success rate from ten percent to around 90 percent.

One strategy that has helped Gustavo Martinez grow his business and become a successful entrepreneur is by employing the most talented people in his firm. Martinez compares the hiring of top talent as professional sports and says that he is willing to pay top dollar and throw in the kitchen sink provided that he gets the very best.

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