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Lime Crime Looks At Developing Beauty Trends

Are you ever too old or too young to wear makeup? Are you ever too old or too young to jump on the latest beauty trends? Certainly, the answer to the questions is a big “NO.” At one time, makeup was produced in bland and very neutral colors. Lime Crime is a makeup line that changed the game and makeup rules. Dramatic lips, thick lashes, and bold eye liner were just a few of the looks that they developed in bold and trending colors for their makeup line. Today, other makeup lines are following this bold and dramatic look. This is definitely the season to give it a try.

Long Lashes

The fact is that a lot of girls are born with thin lashes that detract from their total appearance. Perhaps, you’ve noticed that the fashion and beauty models are rocking the long and sexy eyelashes that flutter like butterfly wings. Now, is your chance to jump on-board this hot new trend. Certainly, achieving long lashes is easier than you might think. Of course, you could purchase false lashes, apply lash extensions, or simply apply Lime Crime’s Velvetines Black Mascara to lengthen your lashes.

Well Defined Brows

Dramatic Brows define your features and add multitudes of interest to your face. A growing number of women invest the majority of their looks in well defined brows that make a bold and dramatic statement. Certainly, others notice your brows. Brows that are unkempt and sparse produce a very negative impression. Make a bold statement with well trimmed and shaped brows. Lime Crime fans have an interesting take on the bold brow look. It is featured on the Lime Crime site and their social media pages.

The fact is that you do not have to follow each and every seasonal trend. Instead, select one trend and wear it all through the season.

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