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Class Dojo Is Bolstering Communication For Students And Parents

For near a decade now, Class Dojo has been helping students build stronger communication with their teachers as well as their parents to improve the quality of their learning and their educational experience as a whole. Class Dojo has specifically focused on communication building for students and their application is entirely focused on sharing and connection. Sam and Liam, the founders of Class Dojo, decided to build an entirely new learning application from the ground up to improve communication because of their own experiences in the educational community as well as the thoughts of various teachers around the country.

There are a great many educational platforms out there today, all of which try to make learning easier and more practical for kids of all ages, but there are none like Class Dojo that specifically focuses on building the community and increasing communication between parents, teachers, and students. These days, students from around the world in different classrooms are able to connect and share thanks to Class Dojo’s system. This not only teaches students about the world, but it opens them up to new ideas and cultures that have different traditions.

Since first developing their app, Class Dojo has come a long way, influencing students all over the world. That majority of schools in the United States have taken on Class Dojo, with thousands of students using the platform every day. Perhaps one of the most unique things about Class Dojo is not that it focuses on communication, but that it was released for free and remains free to this day. With a focus on truly building a better community for students all over the world and enhancing communication, Class Dojo will never put a price tag on their product. Signing up and becoming part of this groundbreaking new system is as simple as asking for an invite from any students homeroom teacher.

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