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InnovaCare Health Enters Into New Round Of Hiring Meant To Boost Performance

As a leading provider of managed healthcare services, InnovaCare Health has come up with new measures that will see the company penetrate further into the national market. Established to serve Puerto Rico, InnovaCare Health has been effective in the dissemination of healthcare services within the region. To make the execution process easy and effective, the company has hired new professionals and upgraded their technology to make processes easy.

InnovaCare Health has adopted new technological features that include the integration of the company into a network that allows easy monitoring of activities. The execution process of different areas has improved and this has seen the company receive up to 200,000 members of Medicare Advantage on One of the areas that have stood out to the advantage of InnovaCare Health is the service delivery the company has been offering to customers. They have trained staff who are issued with regular courses to enhance their skills on various areas.

In a bid to improve the execution of major roles, InnovaCare Health has invested in hiring new executives to several positions on One of the professionals who has joined the company and come with the assurance of positive performance is Jonathan Meyers, an experienced actuary whose career has been propelled by leading companies. Jonathan brings an experience record spanning over 20 years and he is confident his position at InnovaCare Health will bring about growth and the attainment of stability.

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Before taking up the chief actuary role at InnovaCare Health, Jonathan served at BCBS while overseeing the Medicaid and Medicare programs championed by the government. Therefore, his past experience offers relevant skills that will see InnovaCare Health grow into an international company.

Also among those who joined InnovaCare Health is Mike Sortino, who enters into the company as an accountant with over 20 years in the industry. Mike was appointed the chief accountant and his role will be relevant in the implementation of key projects by the company.

The leadership of InnovaCare Health, under the stewardship of Dr. Rick shinto, the CEO, has remained focused on elevating the status of the company to match international standards. Dr. Richard Shinto is an experienced expert when it comes to managed healthcare and clinical science and his wide experience allows him to come up with key decisions. With support from the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides, the company has emerged stronger and is performing well in the competitive market.

The Manse On Marsh Facility Welcomes New CEO Bernhardt To The Family


Farron Bernhardt is taking over the CEO position for the Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo California. This coastal facility is one of the top facilities in the United States. It just recently received the second gold star award and the best in facility award. This beautiful facility is home to many older adults that just need to have a little bit of care. One person may need a hand to step into the shower and someone to help her wash her back. Another may need someone to make sure he takes all of his medications on time. Assisted living facilities are the place for this type of care. Farron Bernhardt hopes to keep the high standards that the Manse presently has. He hopes to continue to improve the quality of care by improving each and every department in the facility. The facility is up there with the best and he intends on keeping it there.


Other facilities like to plan out activities that anyone can participate in as a group. Examples of these activities would be wine making. As a group, the residents will pick the grapes, wash them, prepare the trash can with the yeast and sugar.

They will pour in the water and grapes. Afterwards, the group will take turns monitoring the wine until it is fermented and ready to pour in bottles. This activity may be illegal in some states so this activity will be for a few facilities. Other facilities like to take their residents fishing. The group goes fishing on the pier and has a fish fry with the catch that evening. Group activities are a great way for people to meet other people.


The Manse on Marsh offers the resident’s transportation and freedom to come and go as they please. The difference in Assisted Living and Nursing care is the independence the people have. Each assisted living individual can come and go as they please but they need to make sure someone at the Manse knows they are leaving.

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