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Flavio Maluf’s Story about the Origin of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a successful entrepreneur who was born and brought by an influential and wealthy family. His father is a veteran politician and a big businessman who commands a lot of respect both inside and outside Brazil. Despite being born in one of the Brazilian royal families, Flavio Maluf was determined to work hard so as to earn his personal success and build an empire of his own. He has a degree in mechanical engineering he has never used since he joined business immediately he graduated. Flavio has been the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex, a family company, since 1997. Flavio Maluf joined the list of the youngest leaders of big companies when he took over the leadership of Eucatex. Visit their website to learn more.

Flavio Maluf’s Story

Apart from being an ambitious and visionary young leader, Flavio also has several skills that have assisted him and other investors around him. Some of the skills that Flavio Maluf has included sales and marketing, business analyst and strategist and public speaking among other important skills. Flavio likes addressing some of the common myths that have hindered several people from being successful in the business world. He also likes giving advice to young entrepreneurs who enter into the business world with great expectations only to find disappointments.

One of the greatest advises that Flavio gives to young entrepreneurs is to cease turning their backs on the idea of creative ideas. According to Flavio Maluf, building a business is about working smart and not working hard. He also adds that investors must be willing to look for unique opportunities that will help grow and raise the dynamics of the business.

Flavio Maluf was recently asked in one of his interviews about where the idea of Eucatex and responded that the idea came from his great-grandparent known as Salim who owned one of the biggest Sawmills in Latin America. He revealed that the mill was first started in 1940 and in 1960 his uncle and father started a wood fiber lining industry using sawmill forests. Flavio Maluf also revealed that the name Eucatex originated from Eucalyptus.




A Comprehensive Biography of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a respected name in the world of healthcare, and philanthropy. He has founded and managed successful healthcare companies, and he is an active supporter of community-based charity organizations.


An Overview of Ara Chackerian’s career

Ara commenced his career in 1991, after graduating from the Florida State University. Despite being a trained marketing officer, Chackerian opted to pursue entrepreneurship in San Francisco’s healthcare industry.

In 2001, he launched BMS Diagnostics, a healthcare company that offered X-Ray imaging, radiography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and other medical imaging services. He managed the company for six years and later sold it.


After selling BMC Diagnostics, Mr. Chackerian founded PipelineRx, a countrywide telepharmacy. The company specialized in remote pharmaceutical care services like drug prescriptions and patient counseling. PipelineRx was the major telepharmacy in San Francisco.

In 2015, Mr. Ara Chackerian and other like-minded businesspersons partnered to start TMS Health Solutions. According to Mr. Chackerian, they opted to start TMS Health Solutions to care for depressed patients who required more specialized and intensive care.

Unlike the primary healthcare organizations that used antidepressants, TMS Healthcare employed the highly effective Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to manage the detrimental disorder.

In addition to TMS, they used medication and talk therapy to maximize patient outcomes. Today, TMS Health Solutions has expanded to seven locations and diversified their services to include pain management and telepsychiatry. You can visit their website



Ara Chackerian Philanthropy

Ara Chackerian is an active philanthropist who volunteers his time and resources to help the destitute. In an interview, the entrepreneur said that giving was of ultimate significance to him. “It is a centerpiece to my existence,” he added.

As a philanthropist, Mr. Chackerian supports Limonapa Teak, an environmental conservancy farm headquartered in Nicaragua. Limonapa prevents deforestation, and it promotes the use of environmentally friendly farming practices. In addition to conservation, the firm provides hundreds of employment opportunities. Check out


Besides Limonapa, Ara Chackerian is an active board member of JUMA ventures, a poverty alleviation charity that focuses on the youth. The charity offers job training skills, financial consultancy, financial aid help, and college application services. Mr. Chackerian has served the charity for seven years.



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Victoria Doramus Builds A Career In Media And Advertising

Victoria Doramus is a marketing expert who lives and works in London, United Kingdom. She works in both digital and print media. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in 2006 in journalism and mass communication. Victoria Doramus also took part in a one semester learning experience at Sotheby’s Institute of Art which taught the history of art in the Western world from the time of the ancient Greeks forward.

She joined Creative Artists Agency in 2007 in Los Angeles. She was a group coordinate as well as a personal assistant to the president and founder of this organization. Her role included managing both his professional and personal schedule including things such as booking travel and getting meetings coordinated. Victoria Doramus spent three years in this position and learned a great deal about marketing and the entertainment industry.

In 2010 Victoria Doramus became the west coast director for Trendera. Her job was to acquire new business for The Trendara Files and engage in sales efforts. She used social media to build awareness of the Trendera brand and also created schedules and report production budgets for her team.

It was in 2011 that she moved to London. Victoria Doramus became a research assistant and writer during this time for two years. Among the publications she wrote for were Jane Buckingham, The Huffington Post, and the Modern Girls Guide to Sticky Situations. She moved back to New York City in January 2014 and became Peter Berg’s personal assistant. He is a film director and producer and she organized his life for him.

Victoria Doramus is effective at advertising, communications, and branding. She has an extensive background in media and has helped to build ad campaigns for companies such as Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, and others. Follow her on Twitter: @iamvictorialynn

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Jim Toner Explains Why There is No Shortage of Money

Jim Toner is a real estate investor, a motivational speaker, a radio show host, and a philanthropist. In an interview for IdeaMensch, he discussed his investing style, entrepreneurial spirit, and his beliefs about money being a tool, not the “be all and end all” that determines a person’s self-worth.

Jim started with almost nothing and built up an amazing career as a real estate investor by following his strategy that he calls, “12 Little Houses.” He starting teaching his strategy by counseling private clients and became a motivational speaker teaching his real estate investment programs to the public in seminars across the country. Students paid $2,000 up to $15,000 to attend. However, it has not always been easy for Jim. In fact, at one point in his life, he went from being a successful business person to being dead broke.

The financial disaster occurred while Jim was living with his family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was making over $1 million per year, driving a luxury car, living in a gigantic house, and lacked for nothing. Then, his business went “kaput,” which caused a bankruptcy. Jim left Pittsburgh and moved his family to Scottsdale, Arizona taking only their clothes and some furniture.

In Scottsdale, he had an epiphany. He thought about how initially he became successful, which was from the methods that he taught to thousands about how to make money in real estate. He encouraged his students to start investing in real estate without needing any money or credit of their own. Now that he was financially busted, he was in the same condition of many of his previous students who were just starting out. Jim realized that if he did this once before, he could do it again.

In a short time, he was back on his feet, making six figures, while working out of a coffee shop and using a rental car. The lesson he learned was that a financial wipeout does not permanently knock a person down unless they allow it to do so. A person might lose all their money; however, they do not lose their experience, intellect, and knowledge. Jim got a chance to prove that what he taught over the years to beginning real estate investors, works, even when starting from “zero.”

One powerful secret of Jim’s success is that every business he starts, he has in the business plan a giving portion as part of it. For every dollar he makes in profit, he puts 10% in a giving fund. He uses this money to help others. He says it is important to give away this money with no expectation of any return. However, the good efforts come back in surprising ways from this giving. Jim says, “I don’t know why it works or how it works, it just works… Many of your ideas will fail, but some will hit… No matter what you are going through, you can make it.” Know more about Send In The Wolves here.


One Of The Greatest Innovators Around, Jim Toner!

When people from all over globe pay $2000 to $15,000 to hear what you have to say, you must be sharing valuable information to change lives. Some of the most successful people don’t have the tenacity or drive as others and may not be as open to do what Mr. Jim Toner has done. He has experienced this for almost 30 years as a radio host, real estate investor, author, speaker and consultant. He is a humble giant who recognize the need to give people what they are very thirsty for which is knowledge.

Like most successful entrepreneurs, Jim starts his day very early by meditating to simply clear his head and gather his thoughts. This is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. He also preserves his body by participating in daily exercise while listening to books or podcasts. Mr. Toner does not has a to-do list that he goes by everyday. He simply goes with the flow on priorities that must be handled and manages his time wisely throughout the rest of the day. He feels that using wisdom in this way compared to working 24 hours wouldn’t render the same results for those who live that lifestyle.

According to, Jim has a unique high level of knowledge in real estate like no other but he is very huge on giving back. With only clothes and furniture, his family took a huge leap of faith by relocating from Pittsburgh, PA to Scottsdale, AZ with no money. They started their lives over with no contacts and in the midst of bankruptcy. A small voice told him to do exactly what he had taught thousands of people to do for years about investment in real estate. Overcoming failure at your highest peak is a testament to anyone wanting to start a business.

The advice he gives about reading and giving is amazing. It is helpful to learn about others who have been in your shoes and have a way to get out of it but be more successful. It also gives you an outlet to slip away from reality and focus on the goals you have set for yourself. When it comes to giving, Jim is very generous and knows that this universal law will work for all of us. By giving at least 10% into an account or a charity will increase your finances like you wouldn’t believe when you’re consistent with it.

Jim Toner (@TheJimToner) has really made an impact in the lives of entrepreneurs who learned what he taught and applied it their circumstances. With no credit or money, he made it happen, made it big and we can all do the same!

Learn about Toner’s stand regarding financial freedom:

The Word No And Other Tips According To Paul Herdsman


When an entrepreneur is moving forward to his goals, one common thing that is going to happen is that he is going to attract people and certain situations. The only issue is that they have very little to do with his work. As a matter of fact, it can take him away from what he is doing and move him a little bit back from his goals. For an entrepreneur, time is precious. Therefore, he has to set boundaries. Another thing he has to do is make sure that he is not going to lose a lot of time and money.


In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives six lessons: create culture, invest in the players, reward employees for performing well, understand everyone’s position, find the best people, solve a problem for clients.


One thing that Paul Herdsman says is that sometimes it is okay and even important to say no. Sometimes, it does no good to explain oneself, because all that is going to happen is that the person with the offer is going to try to manipulate a yes out. This type of occurrence can be a very frustrating occurrence for the entrepreneur. However, it is a very common occurrence, and there seems to be no way of avoiding this. This is one of the reasons that Paul Herdsman advises people to be assertive and firm in their decision.


Other pieces of advice that Paul Herdsman gives is to be persistent, go above and beyond and take the time to know the customers. One of the reasons that these three tips are very important is that this is the way many entrepreneurs have succeeded. No entrepreneur has succeeded by giving up on the first sign of an obstacle. Entrepreneurs that go beyond the requirements are going to make sure that they succeed and please their customers. Also, knowing the customer makes it easier for the entrepreneur to satisfy his customers which will keep them coming back for more products and services. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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Hussain Sajwani the Great

In hindsight, many people have regrets on how they lived their life. They feel there changes that they would make to make a difference. Well, meet Hussain Sajwani, the man who has no regrets. He has nothing that he feels he could have loved to do in another way in his career. He is contented with the path he took. He explains that everything he has become is as a result of a combination of both the good and bad decisions that he has made in life. He has learned and become a better investor. Well, this is the kind of the positivity that every investor needs.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, started this business in 2002. This was after the inflation in the 1990s that led him to build hotels. He was among the first people to invest in real estate in Dubai. Despite having started long ago and a lot of changes in the industry happening, he has been able to keep up with the competition and maintain his position. He hires the nationally awarded architectures in his firm to ensure that his customers get the best there is to offer.

We all source our inspirations from different places. For Hussain Sajwani, his motivation comes from visualizing how Dubai will look like twenty years to come. He also says that although he evaluates his risks, when he realizes that an idea has potential, he does everything in his means to see that he actualizes it.

In an article, Hussain says that he ensures that he learns something new every once in a while. He also sets higher goals to challenge himself and help him expand. His advice to the young investors in the developing cities is not to give up. He adds that although there might be some ups and downs, it is rewarding in the long-run. He tells them not to wait on for real estate because what may be affordable today may be unaffordable tomorrow.

Hussain says that he travels a lot to learn what’s new. He also reads historical books because there are a lot of valuable lessons that can be derived from them.

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Jim Toner ; A Revered Role Model in the Real Estate Industry

If you want to excel in real estate, having a huge and dedicated social media following comes in handy. Moreover, it is one of the leading marketing platforms in a business where you can get reliable clients. Other than that, one way you can ensure you are pacing on the right path as you grow your online social media presence is finding a good role model. Luckily, there are multiple successful professionals in the industry of real estate. For that reason, you should consider picking an experienced individual with vast, exceptional experience. In this case, Jim Toner fits the role.

Background Information

Entrepreneur Toner has served in various areas and over the years, he has invested in the real estate business. Other than that, he is highly revered not only as a successful consultant but also a speaker and author. Moreover, Toner has traveled across different countries and offered speeches regarding various investment dockets in real estate. For that reason, many have described him as a humble yet successful individual who thrives in helping others. Because he is a writer as well, the media has overly been friendly with him. For instance, he has been interviewed by CNN and CBS. Besides, he has also been interviewed by magazine houses across the United States of America.

Mentorship Programs

Besides, Toner has earned a particular spot in the hearts of real estate investors. For that reason, he is considered an authoritative figure in the industry. Moreover, to disseminate critical information regarding real estate and succeeding in the business, Toner shares platforms with the likes of Frank McKinney and other high-profile real estate investors who have put in tremendous work in establishing strong portfolios in the same business.

Coaching Teams

Over and above, Jim Toner provides vast expertise to small teams of private customers alongside coaching groups aligned with his line of service. Other than that, he has mastered the art of assisting private clients with their desire to convey their message across different marketing platforms.

His Published Works

In his book titled The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate, Toner provides investors with insight on the right investment strategies to exploit for them to obtain financial freedom. Moreover, he offers comprehensive studies on how to follow a successful road-map to successful real estate ventures.


Over and above, Toner is an active philanthropist nationally recognized for working with veterans alongside the homeless. Besides, he is an adviser at the Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Foundation in conjunction with serving at the Advisory Board Chair of Salvation Army Branch.

The Parting Shot

Toner (@thejimtoner) advises real estate investors to clarify their ideas by finding out what lies beneath the foundation and follow it by investing in a viable business.

Here’s a helpful book from Jim Toner’s:

Development and Real Estate Guru- Hussain Sajwani

He was born in Dubai to an entrepreneur family that he had to gain his business experience while still a young boy. Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai businessman who has been rising since he began his engagement in business. Sajwani was born to a father who was selling watches, and he accompanied his father to his shop. After his High School graduation, Hussain Sajwani went to the United States of America to further his studies at Washington University. At Washington University he learned and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in economics and industrial engineering in 1981.

Sajwani is a hard worker, and he loves his home. After his University graduation, he went back to Dubai where he started his career serving at GASCO which is an affiliate of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). Hussain is the eldest son in a family of five children; he did not stay in the employment sector for long he began his business focusing on the catering industry. His cat erring company had a humble beginning, and it grew at a very high rate with it expanding to other regions and nations including the Middle East, CIS, and Africa. The business has been recording high profits with it delivering its services and products to its clients who are registered to be more than 150000 daily and handling more than 200 projects daily. Hussain and his catering business have been serving various clients including educational institutions, war camps, construction camps, and 5-star hotels who have been operating both onshore and off-shore.

Being a go-getter, Hussain Sajwani saw a gap, and he decided to fill it by establishing a real estate and development company; DAMAC. DAMAC Properties was created in 2002 and has been experiencing a tremendous growth since then. Hussain took advantage of the announcement of the Dubai government which allowed foreigners to own properties in the country. DAMAC Properties came in to buy and renovate properties which it later sold to foreigners. DAMAC has been a leader in the development and real estate sector not only in the United Emirates country but also in the world. In 2013 DAMAC joined hands with Donald Trump Development Company to construct a golf estate which is described as one of the largest in the world. DAMAC Properties continuous to make its developments in the world being led by its Chairman Hussain Sajwani.

Hussain Sajwani The DAMAC Owner and The Tenth Richest Arab

Hussain Sajwani the owner of DAMAC, a Dubai-based property development company, recently spoke upon his life, legacy, and company. Starting off by going to help at his father’s shop to growing one of the largest Arab companies Hussain has a lot to share.

At a young age, Hussain would go to his father’s shop and act as an observer. Gaining crucial insight from his father from the work he did. Hussain Sajawani learned how to properly adapt to the market from his father’s work practices of knowing when and why to raise or lower prices.

After studying in Baghdad Hussain later moved over to Seattle to further pursue his studies in economics and engineering. Having been in a completely new environment Hussain saw just how different everything was at the time in comparison to Dubai. Later moving back to Dubai and having multiple business ventures Hussain Sajwani didn’t begin his property-based venture until 1996 when he opened up his first hotels in Deira, Dubai. By 2002 foreigners could now buy property, in and around the same time Hussain Sajwani started DAMAC.

As DAMAC grew the amount of streams of income the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani saw increased too. From his investments in stocks to his catering company, money was coming to the DAMAC owner with no issues. Later in time around 2008 financial issues became a real problem for the company as a whole. With projects stopping all progression, cuts to the workforce having to be made, and much more. Once 2013 came along though things turned back around for DAMAC.

As the return of DAMAC came it was seen with a boom in the market. Being the first Middle Eastern real estate company on the London Stock Exchange it created great conversation. The stock itself generated over $300 million which allowed for Hussain Sajwani to grow again and show that he truly knows how to adapt to any market.

Adaptation to the market is what makes Hussain and DAMAC so successful even through the hard times. The little things learned as a child allowed for grand growth in the future.

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