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How Evolution of Smooth is Changing The Lip Balm Industry

When it comes to lip balms, there are numerous products on the market today and there have been for quite some time. Having such a high amount of products is a bit over-kill, but this action has allowed the industry to grow by leaps and bounds. For nearly a century, Chapstick has dominated the market as Well as Burt’s Bees. The two high profile names really produces some of the best products, but below the surface are hidden dangers. Coming mostly from a synthetic source, these brands are full of chemical additives and these additives can defeat the purpose for using the product in the first place. Dry, sore, and chapped lips are a result of the chemicals that comes from consistent use, but there is a new brand that is changing the game from it’s progressive therapy products.

Evolution of Smooth,, is the topic of choice and it delivers some of the best results with or without consistent use. This isn’t by chance as EOS is loaded with nutritional ingredients that naturally moisturize the mouth and lips. These ingredients include jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamins, and antioxidants. EOS is 95% organic. easy to apply, and is longer lasting than most of the competitive brands. Flavors, flavors, and more flavors is the name of the game. These orb shaped lip balms comes in strawberry sorbet, medicated tangerine, blackberry nectar, summer fruit, blueberry acai, passion fruit, and others. Each EOS orb costs only about $3, and is sold at various retailers such as Costco, Wal-Mart and online on Amazon.

Many of today’s hottest celebrities use the products religiously in a sense. Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato have all been seen applying the flavorful balms in the public’s eye.


Renovating With Kim Dao

Kim Dao enjoys a lot of DIY projects, so when it came to remodeling her apartment, she decided to do a lot of the work on her own. One of the first spaces that Kim Dao tackled was the kitchen. The before look featured stainless steel appliances and a small space for preparing meals and washing dishes. There was white tile in the kitchen along with small cabinets.


One of the first things that Kim Dao did in the kitchen was to cover the tile and add a bit of wallpaper so that the walls look like they are made with stones. She also covered the fronts of the cabinets as well. Kim Dao did a bit of shopping for decorations for the kitchen. She purchased flowers to add brightness to the room along with new handles to place on the cabinets and drawers.


There are a few other things that Kim Dao did in the apartment. She changed the sheets in her room to give it a cheerful look, and she also found a few hangars when she was shopping to hang purses and larger items on instead of sitting them on a chair or counter. She purchased vases of all sizes and shapes for all sizes. Another item that she found for the kitchen was a coffee container so that the coffee wouldn’t be sitting on a shelf in a bag. Other items Kim Dao found for her renovation include lamps and mesh containers for beads and marbles to use as decorations.

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Beauty In The Act of Business

EuGenia Shea is a mother-daughter run company that has been in business since 2014. They offer a variety of moisturizers at reasonable prices. In case you are wondering, shea butter has been known to assist in the thinning of stretch marks and scars and thought to help as an anti-inflammatory cream. Shea butter has often been mistaken for cocoa butter, shea butter is slightly different than cocoa butter.

Shea butter is made from an ivory-colored fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree whereas cocoa butter is a vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans. EuGenia Shea’s variety of dermatological creams are useful for more than just ailments. The also moisturize your skin and give you a nice, healthy glow. EuGenia Shea also gives you the option to add fragrance to your cream of choice or to leave it unscented.

Their moisturizers come in cute tins and can fit in any pocket or purse. If you don’t use moisturizer often, EuGenia Shea gives you the option to order small 1.6oz tins and if you love your moisturizer, like I do, then you can opt for the 12oz tin.

One feature on EuGenia Sheas website allows you to buy a variety pack if you are unsure of what you like or if you would prefer, one can give them out as gifts. Because the moisturizers are come is the 1.6oz size, one can but them as great stocking stuffers or for a birthday gift.

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