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See Why Robert Ivy Is A Leader Of Numerous Great Accomplishments

Whenever someone does something great or makes phenomenal achievements, it’s always good to recognize that and reward them. This is what the American Institute of Architects did to one of its leaders. Carl Elefante, the AIA leader, broke the news indicating that Robert Ivy was to be awarded for his phenomenal achievements. MIAL (Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters) is a non-profit organization that has acknowledged what Ivy has been doing.

Ivy is an executive leader who serves as the CEO and Vice President of AIA. The accomplishments associated with him in the architecture field are impressive. He is a man who doesn’t settle for anything less than what is great and of significant help to the people he serves.

According to AIA President, Robert Ivy is industrious in the architecture realm, something that has made him a successful man. Anyone looking forward to being a professional architect would look at Ivy and emulate him. He knows that it’s one thing to be in a particular profession, and it’s another thing to be a professional in that field. He qualifies to get the special honor or award since he has been an embodiment of professionalism in the field of architecture. Ivy is the first architect to receive the Polk Award. No other architect has received this award before.

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Customary, the Polk Award has always been given to art patrons and performers who uniquely create, perform, and support artwork. Ivy happens to be one of them. The personnel who heard about the award that Ivy was about to receive gave him accolades and great acknowledgment of his undivided devotion in the artwork. According to Elefante, Robert Ivy was the best ambassador and symbol of the architecture profession. The President also recognized Ivy as an exceptional Mississippian architect with unmatched ambition.

Ivy is not just a global architecture commentator, but also a successful author and writer in Mississippi. He graduated with a degree in English from the South University. He later went to Tulane University where he graduated with a master’s degree in architecture. Robert Ivy was a Navy officer in the United States before he went to the university. The Arkansas University through the faculty of Architecture honored Ivy with the Dean’s Medal in 2017. The national architectural group had named Ivy a “Master Architect” in 2010. The Architectural Record also gave Ivy the National Magazine Award for his exemplary work as the chief editor. Through his selfless leadership, AIA has received great success since Ivy joined it in 2011.


An In Depth Look At The American Institute Of Architects

Also known as AIA, the American Institute of Architects is a profession organizations meant for architects and is based in the United States. The main offices of the organization are situated in Washington DC. AIA provides government advocacy, education, community redevelopment as well as public outreach so as to offer support to the profession of architect and enhance its public image.

The organization also collaborates with other members of the construction and design team to assist in coordinating the building industry. Robert Ivy is currently the head of the organization where he holds the position of CEO/EVP. The position of president is held by Thomas V. Vonier.

Established in New York City in the year 1857, The American Institute of Architects was started by a group of thirteen architects with the aim of promoting the practical and scientific perfection of all its members. They also aimed at elevating the standards of the profession. The initial members of the group were Edward Gardiner, Fred A. Peterson, John Welch, Joseph C. Wells, Charles Babcock, Leopold Eidlitz, Jacob Wrey Mould, Henry W. Cleaveland, Richard M. Upjohn, Henry Dudley and Richard Morris Hunt. Before AIA was established, it was possible for anyone to claim that they were architects since there were no architectural licensing laws as well as architecture schools in the United States at the time.

Initially, the organization was registered under the name of New York Society of Architects. After a short time, many architects from different parts of country started joining the organization and it soon became big. AIA currently has over 90,000 licensed architects as well as associated professionals. The organization has five levels of membership, namely; Architect members, associate members, Emeritus members, International associate members and Allied members. The FAIA designation is the most prestigious honor of AIA’s members as a fellow to the American Institute of Architects. It is normally given to members who have managed to make significant national contributions to the architect profession. The American Institute of Architects is governed by a complete Board of Directors and has employed a staff of more than 200 employees who work full time. The organization monitors regulatory and legislative actions and then uses the collective strength of its membership to take part in decision making by the state, federal as well as local policy makers. AIA runs honors program for all its members which include Architecture Firm Award, AIA Gold Medal and AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education.

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Robert Ivy Achievements

Robert Ivy, an Architect, was born in Columbus, Mississippi. He attended the Sewanee University where he first degree and later joined Tulane University where he acquired master’s degree in architecture. In 1996, Robert Ivy was appointed as the chief editor of architectural record.

Under his leadership, he helped the journal to become the world most read journal in architecture. His success did not end here; he was again appointed as the editorial director and vice president of Mcgraw-Hill construction journal. Robert Ivy severed as a juror in the panel that was mandated with selecting architect Frank Gehry as the sole designer of the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Since 1981 to 1996, Robert Ivy was the principal at Dale, Dean, IVY & Dean and an editor for several national publications.

During Robert Ivy editorial role at Architectural Record, the journal earned several honors in publishing industry such as the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award, and premier magazine journalism award. In addition, Architectural Record was awarded the 7 Ozzies, 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards and 2008 MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year.

In 2009, Robert Ivy was awarded the Crain Award which is the highest American Business Media recognition an individual can achieve. Before receiving this award, he had received several honor awards for his good work in the architecture field.

Lately, the council of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the authorized organization that represents licensed professionals and architects in the construction and design industry since 1957, named and appointed Robert Ivy as their new executive Chief Executive Officer/ Executive Vice President effective as from February 1st, 2011.

Robert has been a supporter for the calling on a large number of the most critical social, political, and ecological issues influencing the construction industry. He is a committed individual from the AIA having served on the AIA Board of Directors in the 1990s.

In his new position at the AIA, Robert will deal with the national office in Washington, DC with a $56 million yearly spending plan and 206 workers. He will coordinate authoritative concentrate on plan and practice issues inside the Institute; upgrade the voice of the AIA to show the estimation of outline and the general population’s comprehension of designers and engineering, and work cooperatively with more than 300 sections across the nation and abroad to help AIA individuals.

AIA 2010 President George H. Mill operator, FAIA, said “We are eager to have Robert join the AIA as EVP/CEO. He has the mix of prepared industry experience, and corporate administration aptitudes looked for by the Board, and we invite him to the Institute.

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