A Comprehensive Biography of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a respected name in the world of healthcare, and philanthropy. He has founded and managed successful healthcare companies, and he is an active supporter of community-based charity organizations.


An Overview of Ara Chackerian’s career

Ara commenced his career in 1991, after graduating from the Florida State University. Despite being a trained marketing officer, Chackerian opted to pursue entrepreneurship in San Francisco’s healthcare industry.

In 2001, he launched BMS Diagnostics, a healthcare company that offered X-Ray imaging, radiography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and other medical imaging services. He managed the company for six years and later sold it.


After selling BMC Diagnostics, Mr. Chackerian founded PipelineRx, a countrywide telepharmacy. The company specialized in remote pharmaceutical care services like drug prescriptions and patient counseling. PipelineRx was the major telepharmacy in San Francisco.

In 2015, Mr. Ara Chackerian and other like-minded businesspersons partnered to start TMS Health Solutions. According to Mr. Chackerian, they opted to start TMS Health Solutions to care for depressed patients who required more specialized and intensive care.

Unlike the primary healthcare organizations that used antidepressants, TMS Healthcare employed the highly effective Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to manage the detrimental disorder.

In addition to TMS, they used medication and talk therapy to maximize patient outcomes. Today, TMS Health Solutions has expanded to seven locations and diversified their services to include pain management and telepsychiatry. You can visit their website arachackerian.com



Ara Chackerian Philanthropy

Ara Chackerian is an active philanthropist who volunteers his time and resources to help the destitute. In an interview, the entrepreneur said that giving was of ultimate significance to him. “It is a centerpiece to my existence,” he added.

As a philanthropist, Mr. Chackerian supports Limonapa Teak, an environmental conservancy farm headquartered in Nicaragua. Limonapa prevents deforestation, and it promotes the use of environmentally friendly farming practices. In addition to conservation, the firm provides hundreds of employment opportunities. Check out arachackerian.com


Besides Limonapa, Ara Chackerian is an active board member of JUMA ventures, a poverty alleviation charity that focuses on the youth. The charity offers job training skills, financial consultancy, financial aid help, and college application services. Mr. Chackerian has served the charity for seven years.



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