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Gustavo Martinez, Marketing and Advertising Consultant

Gustavo Martinez is an experienced marketing and advertising consultant with over three decades worth of industry experience. Martinez before venturing into private consultancy worked for several leading marketing firms at the top executive levels.

Martinez once served as the CEO of the J. Walter Thompson Worldwide marketing firm. Besides, Martinez has previously served as the president of both the McCann Worldgroup and Ogilvy including Mather marketing company. Other leading marketing and advertising firm that Martinez has served in include Henkel and Price Waterhouse among others.

Gustavo Martinez in an interview said he decided to venture into private consultancy because it is the cornerstone of marketing and advertising. According to Martinez consultancy is the past and also the future of the industry. The consultancy field has been tried and tested for close to 100 years now and has been found to work.

According to Martinez the marketing and advertising industry are one of the most dynamic sectors that keep on changing day in day out. To be successful in the industry Martinez says that one must be ahead of his game and maintain creativity. The industry solely depends on creativity, unlike other industry where they have routinely processes that are already refined and perfectly designed.

Martinez equates the marketing and advertising industry to applied artistry that purely depends on raw creativity and talent. Finding the right people to employ on a full-time basis as marketers is quite tricky. It is so because the most talented creative guys prefer working independently in a non-structured work environment. This is the reason that has made the consultancy model to work. Marketing firms prefer hiring independent contractors or consultants who are given assignments to work on independently provided that they deliver.

Gustavo Martinez is also focusing on business acceleration. Business acceleration is a type of marketing that helps sell early-stage growth companies to clients. According to Martinez, about 90 percent of new businesses fail within three years of establishment.

The reason for such failure is due to low to no investment in marketing and advertising strategies. Martinez adds that a firm’s product is as good as its advertising and marketing and vice versa. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

In business acceleration, Martinez is helping startups to streamline their operations in things like technology, user experience, and functionality right from the first day.

Most startups are not investing in marketing and advertising and develop their businesses through trial and error. Martinez is trying to change this mode of thinking and is hoping that through business acceleration he will be able to turn the business success rate from ten percent to around 90 percent.

One strategy that has helped Gustavo Martinez grow his business and become a successful entrepreneur is by employing the most talented people in his firm. Martinez compares the hiring of top talent as professional sports and says that he is willing to pay top dollar and throw in the kitchen sink provided that he gets the very best.

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Energy Abound: Heather Parry’s Explosion into the Film Scene

Heather Parry’s quiet entrance in 2015 into the live-entertainment scene as president of Live Nation Productions quickly took off. Parry’s passion and hard work, along with her inability to give up on a project that she believes has great potential has led her to produce films and television series with big-name musicians such as Sean Combs, Lady Gaga, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, and others. Parry is known for her ambitious work ethic and desire to tell the true story of musicians. Many of Parry’s films and documentaries focus on the lives and struggles of well-known musicians, some of whom have record labels with Live Nations and others who do not. Parry finds a story with a powerful message and pours her heart into working with the artists and creating their vision on the screen.

A perfect example of how Parry goes all-in on a project she feels passionate for is her involvement in “A Star Is Born”. After learning Bradley Cooper was directing the film, Parry knew she had to be involved and began working to promote the film. Parry used the numerous music festivals to promote “A Star Is Born”, showing the trailer for the film between shows and hanging posters. Additionally, she did research with Ticketmaster to determine listening trends of fans of Lady Gaga to broaden their targeted marketing audience.

When Parry gets wind of a project that she sees potential, she dives in letting nothing get in her way. Heather Parry pours her heart and soul into each project, determined to bring the essence of the story to life on screen. Parry’s ability to work with high profile musicians to create film and documentaries depicting powerful aspects of their lives makes her a trailblazer in the entertainment world.

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Matthew Fleeger spearheads the growth of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger success in managing enterprises has helped him become one of the respected business experts in the United States of America. His interpersonal skills have enabled him to interact with people from various fields and amass a lot of knowledge. Matthew possesses a solid background in Finance and Business and has served in different management positions since graduating.

Matthew has been successful in honing his leadership skills since he kickstarted his professional career. Matthew acknowledges that his father inspired him to work hard and thus he wanted to emulate him. Matthew’s father was a passionate entrepreneur who focused his energy on solving clients’ problems. His father established Gold Coast Western Company in 1970. The company specialized in creating a partnership with investors to explore the opportunities for the oil and gas in the Gulf Coast region.

Matthew’s journey into Entrepreneurship

Matthew Fleeger is also a passionate entrepreneur. He was instrumental in the formation of MedSolutions company. The company objective was the collection, transportation, and disposal of medical wastes from the healthcare institutions. Matthew served as the chief executive officer of the company. He helped in the development of the company from the humble beginnings to become established institutions in the region. Matthew later sold the company earning huge profits.

His work at Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger joined the Gulf Coast Western in 2007 to spearhead the growth of his family’s business. He brought his experience as a business founder and manager to the company. He was appointed as the chief executive officer of the company.

He has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the Gulf Coast Western. He has created an essential partnership with organizations in the oil and gas industry. His company has invested heavily on research to discover potential reserves for the oil and gas in the Gulf Coast region. His has succeeded in guiding the company which has enabled it to earn an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

PSI Pay Aims to Resolve the Disconnect Between American and European Digital Wallets

Digital wallets and contactless payments are touted as the future of financial transactions. But that future has two very different paths when it comes to the U.S. and Europe. There’s a big difference between how the U.S. and European countries approach digital wallets, which is something that companies such as PSI Pay aim to resolve with their services. While the U.S. still has to adopt contactless payments on a larger scale by installing the required POS terminals across major retailers, European countries such as the Netherlands have already embraced the payment method.  In Netherlands alone, contactless POS terminals have been adopted by around 80 percent of physical locations. But the differences between these two regions are not limited by the unavailability of the equipment.

How American Digital Wallets Work

According to geeksnews, American digital wallets allow users to store their credit card or debit card information within them. This information can then be used on online merchants to pay for transactions. But since American merchant locations don’t usually have pertinent POS terminals available at their retail locations, the transactions may not be conducted in in a physical manner. In addition to that, while the digital wallet provider such as Google Pay shields the financial information, it goes through the back-end processors of banks or other financial institutions.

How European Digital Wallets Work

European digital wallets act a bit differently. They do not only use credit and debit card information, but they can also act as custodians to liquid funds. This means that European wallets have the ability to not only act as contactless payment providers, but they do not have to rely on back-end payment processors. The funds available in these wallets can be used easily at both online and offline merchants easily. This is largely due to the POS equipment that is installed at these locations, which allows contactless payments to be possible just as easily at physical locations as they are in online settings.

How Payment Services Such as PSI Pay Aim to Change the Game

PSI Pay is a payment processor and digital wallet provider that is regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority. With its range of services that include but are not limited to prepaid credit cards, wearable devices, and online payment processing, the payment processor aims to demonstrate how different payment solutions can work under the same environment. By leading with example, PSI Pay aims to show the world how mobile and contactless payments have the potential to provide something new, but in a very safe and effective manner.

And through this demonstration, the company hopes that its services would not only appeal to people in the U.K. and Europe, but also to those who are in countries such as the U.S., so they could bring about demands to their financial institutions in order to make similar solutions available for them.  The objective for PSI Pay is to make mobile and contactless payments truly the future of financial transactions. It just remains to be seen when would it be met by the rest of the world. To know more about SI Pay visit


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