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Flavio Maluf’s Story about the Origin of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a successful entrepreneur who was born and brought by an influential and wealthy family. His father is a veteran politician and a big businessman who commands a lot of respect both inside and outside Brazil. Despite being born in one of the Brazilian royal families, Flavio Maluf was determined to work hard so as to earn his personal success and build an empire of his own. He has a degree in mechanical engineering he has never used since he joined business immediately he graduated. Flavio has been the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex, a family company, since 1997. Flavio Maluf joined the list of the youngest leaders of big companies when he took over the leadership of Eucatex. Visit their website to learn more.

Flavio Maluf’s Story

Apart from being an ambitious and visionary young leader, Flavio also has several skills that have assisted him and other investors around him. Some of the skills that Flavio Maluf has included sales and marketing, business analyst and strategist and public speaking among other important skills. Flavio likes addressing some of the common myths that have hindered several people from being successful in the business world. He also likes giving advice to young entrepreneurs who enter into the business world with great expectations only to find disappointments.

One of the greatest advises that Flavio gives to young entrepreneurs is to cease turning their backs on the idea of creative ideas. According to Flavio Maluf, building a business is about working smart and not working hard. He also adds that investors must be willing to look for unique opportunities that will help grow and raise the dynamics of the business.

Flavio Maluf was recently asked in one of his interviews about where the idea of Eucatex and responded that the idea came from his great-grandparent known as Salim who owned one of the biggest Sawmills in Latin America. He revealed that the mill was first started in 1940 and in 1960 his uncle and father started a wood fiber lining industry using sawmill forests. Flavio Maluf also revealed that the name Eucatex originated from Eucalyptus.




Infrastructure Projects Expert Felipe Montoro Jens Reports On Paralyzed Works In Brazil

Financial industry specialist Felipe Montoro Jens recently reported on the type of jobs and projects that have been stalled due to Brazil’s low investment in the infrastructure sector, concluding that 2,796 works are currently paralyzed in the country, 517 of which are those that are related to infrastructure, such as jobs in sanitation, which he feels are the most affected. The problem also extends to the interruption of 447 enterprises during their implementation phase, according to him. Included in the report are 30 highways, 16 airports, 5 railways, 5 waterways, 6 ports and 8 urban mobility jobs. Visit their website to learn more.

Felipe Montoro Jens stated that Brazil has only invested 2% of its Gross Domestic Product in infrastructure, and he feels that this is most likely the reason why there is a failure in the way projects are executed. In the study, he cited that technical problems, abandonment of works by companies, financial difficulties and land ownership issues and expropriations are some of the main reasons why there was an interruption in the system. And although they are considered to be cheaper and not as complex, the slow down of day care centers, pre-schools and sports facilities within educational units were also a part of the study by the National Confederation of Industry, or CNI.

In order to avoid paralysis and delays in the future, CNI recommended that Brazil improve microplanning, evaluate the most appropriate execution modality, carry out efficient macroplanning, obtain better equipped teams, come up with more balanced contracts and strengthen internal control. Felipe Montoro Jens, who has years of experience as a financial strategist, is a graduate of Getullo Vargas Foundation, where he received a degree in Business. He also attended the Thunderbird School of Global Management, which is a part of Arizona State University. CNI is headquartered in Brasilia, and has another office in Sao Paulo.

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What Has Made Southridge Capital LLC Successful?

Southridge Capital is an exciting company that provides thousands of people with financial solutions or advice. The company is dedicated to providing a full package of financial solutions so as to meet the needs of various groups of clients. The structure of the company has been redefined in order to improve the delivery of services and products to its clients. In addition, the company has re-energized its brand to show all the capabilities it offers.


Steven Hick is the founder and CEO of Southridge Capital. He is responsible for setting the strategic direction and overall management of the company. He has more than 30 years of experience in the investment industry. He has wide experience in derivatives, financial structuring, investment banking, and risk arbitrage. He has a team of highly skilled individuals who bring together a considerable breadth of knowledge and experience for successful expansion and development.


On our recent interview with Steven Hick, we discussed Southridge Capital and his strategy that has made the company successful. For more details visit Bloomberg.


When we asked him about how he came up with the idea of Southridge Capital, he claimed that it was as a result of circumstance and luck. He lost his job at a Hedge fund that was located in New York after the business owner decided to move to Australia. This made him start Southridge Capital, and with his experience in the investment industry, the company started to grow.


What makes Steven Hick successful?


For one to succeed as an entrepreneur, he or she needs to have the necessary skills to compete. The most important thing that one should possess is organization and focus. You should have a list of tasks that should be performed daily and ensure that the tasks are accomplished. You need to do fewer deals and at the same time shift your focus from returns to cash.


Mr. Hick relies on many data and information sources to obtain market information, thus making his investments successful. If you want to start investing, ensure you have enough information about the market in order to succeed.



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