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Class Dojo Is Bolstering Communication For Students And Parents

For near a decade now, Class Dojo has been helping students build stronger communication with their teachers as well as their parents to improve the quality of their learning and their educational experience as a whole. Class Dojo has specifically focused on communication building for students and their application is entirely focused on sharing and connection. Sam and Liam, the founders of Class Dojo, decided to build an entirely new learning application from the ground up to improve communication because of their own experiences in the educational community as well as the thoughts of various teachers around the country.

There are a great many educational platforms out there today, all of which try to make learning easier and more practical for kids of all ages, but there are none like Class Dojo that specifically focuses on building the community and increasing communication between parents, teachers, and students. These days, students from around the world in different classrooms are able to connect and share thanks to Class Dojo’s system. This not only teaches students about the world, but it opens them up to new ideas and cultures that have different traditions.

Since first developing their app, Class Dojo has come a long way, influencing students all over the world. That majority of schools in the United States have taken on Class Dojo, with thousands of students using the platform every day. Perhaps one of the most unique things about Class Dojo is not that it focuses on communication, but that it was released for free and remains free to this day. With a focus on truly building a better community for students all over the world and enhancing communication, Class Dojo will never put a price tag on their product. Signing up and becoming part of this groundbreaking new system is as simple as asking for an invite from any students homeroom teacher.

Jeff Herman’s Work To Save Sexual Assault Victims

Jeff Herman is attorney and advocate for people who have suffered from sexual violence. He works to make sure that he is able to help his clients get justice after they have suffered their experience. Herman did not initially plan to become an attorney for sexual abuse victims he stumbled upon it in a way. He was introduced to a mother who was furious about the acts that had been done to her 4-year-old son at his school. Her 4-year-old autistic son was sexually abused by one of the employees at the school he was attending.


Jeff Herman began investigating and found that the child was abused by an employee that was a convicted pedophile. The man was able to escape his record by moving from one to state to another, but he was exposed while working at the school. Jeff Herman found out that the man had sexually abused over 20 children at the school while he was working there. He was able to get a job at the school because they did not complete a thorough or even a necessary background check. After the case, he found out that sexual violence was more common than what he believed. Refer to This Article for more information.


In short time after the case with the 4-year-old boy, he opened Herman Law and began speaking up for people all over the country. Jeff Herman has created a career for himself and also a lifestyle by supporting people who have been sexually abused. It has been found that children are commonly abused because the predator knows that they do not understand what sexual abuse is. Jeff Herman encourages people to teach their children about sex crimes. Children are abused continually because they don’t know what is happening to them, but they know that they trust the person to take care of them.


If children were aware of what sexual abuse and predators are they wouldn’t allow the sexual abuse to continue. More people would be mindful of what their child has suffered if they teach them what sexual harassment is what to do it they are abused. Read this Useful Tips on How to Protect Your Children from Sexual Abuse.






The Word No And Other Tips According To Paul Herdsman


When an entrepreneur is moving forward to his goals, one common thing that is going to happen is that he is going to attract people and certain situations. The only issue is that they have very little to do with his work. As a matter of fact, it can take him away from what he is doing and move him a little bit back from his goals. For an entrepreneur, time is precious. Therefore, he has to set boundaries. Another thing he has to do is make sure that he is not going to lose a lot of time and money.


In the article, “Lessons from Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman”, Herdsman gives six lessons: create culture, invest in the players, reward employees for performing well, understand everyone’s position, find the best people, solve a problem for clients.


One thing that Paul Herdsman says is that sometimes it is okay and even important to say no. Sometimes, it does no good to explain oneself, because all that is going to happen is that the person with the offer is going to try to manipulate a yes out. This type of occurrence can be a very frustrating occurrence for the entrepreneur. However, it is a very common occurrence, and there seems to be no way of avoiding this. This is one of the reasons that Paul Herdsman advises people to be assertive and firm in their decision.


Other pieces of advice that Paul Herdsman gives is to be persistent, go above and beyond and take the time to know the customers. One of the reasons that these three tips are very important is that this is the way many entrepreneurs have succeeded. No entrepreneur has succeeded by giving up on the first sign of an obstacle. Entrepreneurs that go beyond the requirements are going to make sure that they succeed and please their customers. Also, knowing the customer makes it easier for the entrepreneur to satisfy his customers which will keep them coming back for more products and services. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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Waiakea Water Produces Volcanic Water While Protecting the Environment

Waiakea Hawaiian is a bottled water company that is redefining how bottled water is produced and consumed. The company was founded with the principal of providing customers with the clean Hawaiian water in an environmentally friendly manner.

Waiakea is unique in that it uses volcanic Hawaiian water. This is water that has filtered through the volcanic rock and soil of Hawaii’s volcanoes. This has the benefit of providing clean water from rain that has been purified by filtering through natural rock. Volcanic Hawaiian water has a higher PH than traditional bottled water. Waiakea water PH means that it has a different taste. In addition, it means that the water is slightly less acidic and so it can help to reduce certain kinds of heartburn. In addition, water that is less acidic can help to reduce damage to teeth unlike other acidic drinks such as soda or juices.

There are several additional volcanic water benefits. When water filters through volcanic rock it picks up a number of minerals. This means that the water has a more natural taste. In addition, it contains minerals such as natural salts, ions, magnesium, and calcium. These minerals are natural electrolytes that can help motor function, reduce cramps, and help a person feel hydrated after vigorous exercise.

Waiakea is dedicated to providing healthy and clean water while protecting the environment. The company uses renewable energy to produce its water, and it captures water in an area that already has a surplus of water. In addition, the company promotes protecting the volcanic hillsides of Hawaii from pollution. Waiakea Water bottles their water in bottles that are completely recyclable and made from recycled products. This means that it reduces waste and cuts down on energy usage. In addition, the company uses about eighty-five percent electricity to produce its water bottles than traditional water bottlers.

PSI-Pay defies the banking beliefs and rules

Contactless payments and general banking is the new trend in the banking industry. It is exciting that people can now be able to access their banking accounts without having to give their signatures or even swipe their ATM cards. Its convenient for both the banks and the customers as they can carry out more transactions. PSI-Pay is one company which has appreciated this trend and is championing its implementation.

The company recently teamed up with their affiliate Kerv Wearables. The two are planning on teaming up to ensure that they make it convenient for people to make contactless payments. This is a decision they arrived at after there was the release of findings that payments using cards have overtaken the use of notes and coins in the UK.

PSI-Pay recently made an innovation in the field of contactless payments. They called them the proprietary rings. This is an actual ring that has been designed to suit the needs and taste of the customers. they have been made with unique features such as being able to withstand water. These rings are using the Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technology to aid them when making payments. These rings just need to be tapped onto a point of sale machine for the seller, and the payment will be made consequently.

The most significant features of the contactless ring that are coming up are the features that enable their use internationally. The contactless paying can be used across international boundaries. Currently, there are about 38 million locations which are accredited. The users of these cards can be able to make payments in all these locations.

PSI-Pay makes it possible for the users of these rings to make top-ups using means such as the PayPal. This means that this company makes it possible for the forex rates to be avoided when the rings are being used in any of these accredited locations.

The trend of there being in-app purchases is also constantly growing. The technology being provided by the company makes it possible for the users of their services to make payments using virtual cards which have been given to them. At this rate, this company in conjunction with other companies dealing with technology will be very capable of revolutionizing the way money circulates across international boundaries.

Dr. Jim Toner’s Pursuit To Greatness

Infertility is an issue that millions of people have dealt over the years no matter the sex of the individual. Yes, both men and women can posses issues with reproduction. Fortunately, there are a number of high-quality reproductive specialists in the country. Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine is one of the best facilities in the United States that specifically deals with this issue. This extraordinary facility has a team of board-certified clinicians, including Dr. Jim Toner. This man has worked with some of today’s top infertility institutes such as the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine. At this particular location, Toner worked as the Director of the Fellowship Program.

Jim Toner, Ph.D., M.D., is well-accomplished within this demanding field of work. This phenomenal man has distinguished himself from the competitors in a number of ways. Dr. Toner is well-educated to tackle the tasks at hand, and his work is a direct representation to his success. According to, the guy has simply written over 80 infertility-related articles as well as published up to 100 abstracts. He is at the forefront of the industry thanks to his progressive approach. Dr. Toner has put in a copious amount of due diligence in researching the role of progesterone in luteal support, and he has been honored with winning the Ciba-Geigy Award.

Emotional stress can come along with the territory. The good thing about this situation is that Dr. Toner is certified in psychology. Providing support for the patients is another one of fine attributes. On a scale between one-to-five, Dr. Toner has been rated at a 4.8. That statistic is just about a perfect score in which many doctors have never even come close to attaining. Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine offers a wide variety of services, including genetics screening, in vitro fertilization, egg donor program, egg freezing and many more. All in all, Dr. Jim Toner has made a huge impact and there seems to be no slowing down in the future.

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Professor Kamil Idris and his time at the World Property Intellectual Organization

Professor Kamil Idris was the general director of World Property Intellectual Organization situated in Geneva. Idris explained that the necessary information saying that Property Intellectual is a significant development tool, especially in the context of economics in which information, ideas, knowledge, and information are the most important parts of the growth of the economy is relevant mainly to all nations. As far as how it is translated and applied into practical advantages, it is decided by various elements involving a country’s national objective policy.


Professor Kamil Idris elaborated that the pitfalls of Intellectual Property results because of globalization which can be recognized as counterfeiting, increased backlogs and privacy in patent applications processing. The other difficulty that emanates because globalization is a need to concentrate colossal attention and resources on the training of Intellectual Property, its capacity development and human resource development.


The revolution of communication has on a higher level brought about many difficulties. It has encouraged an acceleration in privacy copyright as works which are created at the moment can be dispersed, without or with the approval of the holder right, over the world instantly. Similarly, enhanced communication has encouraged an enormous development in the distribution and manufacture of goods which are counterfeit.


The social, economic and human counterfeiting and privacy costs are significant and coordinated endeavors by all partners are essential to handle this multi-faceted issue genuinely. World Property Intellectual Company assumes a critical part in managing these issues at different levels.


According to Kamil Idris, World Property Intellectual Day is developing quickly in popularity from the time it was established eight years back. There has been continuously incrementing in the number of organizations and governments joining the annual celebrations of World Property Intellectual Company. On the Day of Property Intellectual, the company celebrates both the rights of Property Intellectual and substantial human activity power.


Professor Kamil Idris is the General Secretary of International Union of Plants Protection. Professor Idris got his Master’s degree in International Affairs and International law from Ohio University. From Khartoum University, he obtained a bachelor in law, and in Cairo University in Egypt, he got an Arts bachelors in Political Philosophy, Economic and Science Theories. Professor Kamil Idris also has Doctor degree in International Law from Geneva University in Switzerland.

Anil Chaturvedi Famous Banker with Extensive Experience in Corporate Banking

Anil Chaturvedi has over four decades of experience in private and investment banking sector and has worked with some of the reputed banking and financial corporations. Anil Chaturvedi believes that it is important for the banks to ensure that the clients’ investment portfolio is not only managed but also monitored to help them achieve their financial goals with ease. At Merrill Lynch, Anil Chaturvedi worked as the Head of US Operations for over seventeen years during which he worked with many ultra high net worth individuals. During this time, Anil Chaturvedi not only learned a lot about investment banking, but also managed to be inducted in the Circle of Champions at Merrill Lynch due to his immense experience, and the results he delivered to the clients.

Anil Chaturvedi has done MBA from the Delhi University and completed graduation from the Delhi University in 1973 in Economic honors. Anil Chaturvedi worked at some of the Indian banks for several years before moving to the United States and joining the New York office of State Bank of India. At State Bank of India, Anil Chaturvedi was responsible for devising as well as implementing marketing strategies that would help get the bank an edge over its competition. In just a few years as the marketing manager at State Bank of India, Anil Chaturvedi helped the bank to get the business of more than $500 million for the bank. His experience has helped many of his clients grow consistently, and it is the reason why he is so respected.

At present, Anil Chaturvedi is associated with Hinduja Bank where he is positioned as the Managing Director. As an expert on international banking and cross-border transactions, Anil Chaturvedi has helped in the development of the business of Hinduja Bank. The marketing strategies that Anil Chaturvedi has helped implement have improved the marketing image and reputation of the bank considerably. In the last few years, Anil Chaturvedi has become a famous name in the world of banking due to the many milestones he has achieved in this sector. He is also associated with many different charities over the years.

Michael Hagele, the Lawyer with an Entrepreneur Mind

Michael Hagele is the outside general counsel  for large technology companies that deal with aerospace, defense, biotechnology, and defense. Michael also invests in early-stage technological companies. He is also an entrepreneur, investor, and founder of a number of firms in the Hospitality and restaurant industry. His approach to become an outside general counsel for technology companies came about while working directly for his company. Becoming an outside general counsel for technological companies enables him to offer them affordable and high-quality services. He works hard to draft, negotiate, and close several agreements for his clients. Visit to learn more.

Apart from that, he ensures that he handles every commercial agreement, cooperates transactions, and property rights issues for his clients. His career began after obtaining a law degree from the University of California in Berkeley. Before venturing becoming an outside general counsel, he was an in-house counsel for venture companies. Being an outside general counsel who works without any supervision comes with benefits. Some of the benefits include organizing his schedule to fit what he aims to achieve for the day. According to Michael Hagele, the best time for him to have a fresh outlook on hard cases is when riding his bike.

Michael Hagele gets the audacity to turn his dreams into reality from never giving up on them. He believes that the key to accomplishing any dream is persistence. For him, the most intriguing trend currently is artificial intelligence. The applications of artificial intelligence are limitless and they hold a variety of applications in the technology world. He prefers investing in such companies since they provide solutions to various problems in diverse sectors. Another trend that intrigues him is the machine learning trend. Machine learning enables analysists to discover the unknown or clarify the unclear concepts of a program’s impact.

One of the habits that help his businesses remain productive is that he puts his customers first. Putting himself in his customers’ shoes enables him to determine the best cause of action to meet his customers’ needs. The one habit he advises entrepreneurs to develop is physical activity. Physical activity recharges him and sharpens his mind making him ready to tackle the day.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco; Bradesco Expands its Portfolio of Services

     Banco Bradesco is one of Brazil’s leading financial services provider. Founded by Amador Aguiar, a famous banker, the organization offers its services to small landowners, government employees in addition to retailers. Over the years, clients demanded that the portfolio of the bank is expanded to accommodate more industries. As a good leader, Amador Aguiar listened to the plea of his clients and decided to expand Banco Bradesco’s portfolio of services. Since then, the bank has been catering to clients from different industries besides the first three. Behind the leadership of Banco Bradesco is a team of financial services expert that have mastered the art of providing top-notch services in different departments. One of these experts is Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Having worked at the bank for more than a decade, Trabuco is well acquainted with his way around the banking hall. Not only has he been serving as a senior executive but also a reliever for senior executives. Even with the impressive background, it is clear that he did not just land these roles by luck. In fact, it took him more than a decade to establish such an admirable career. Here is a look at how he started his career at Banco Bradesco;


Early Life

Trabuco was born in Brazil. As a boy, he did not know precisely what he wanted until when he was a teenager and joined the Sao Paulo University. While there, he focused on politics and economics and graduated with good grades that landed him at Banco Bradesco when he was seventeen years old. For his entry position, he worked as an office clerk where he oversaw the streamlining of the administration and finance department. Being visionary, he put in a lot of work in order to earn a promotion that included him working as a marketing director after fifteen years of serving as a clerk. In his tenure, Trabuco improved the bank’s communication system as it was modernized.


The Outline

Also, he earned a promotion as the bank’s marketing manager for about eight years. It was after serving in that capacity that he received a life-changing elevation as the CEO. Until now, he has been holding onto this position and using it to grow the bank’s shares in Brazil’s financial services industry. Trabuco is an admired professional who put in a lot of work to growing Banco Bradesco. Not only did he focus on his career but also his clients and employees. He is celebrated for those reasons.

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