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Benefits of Joining Oxford Club

Oxford Club is an independent, Global network of entrepreneurs and investors with their headquarters in Baltimore Maryland. It provides its members with international opportunities for marketing and also the strategies of acquiring and preserving wealth. Oxford Club is currently in about 130 countries, and it has more than 157,000 associates. The club has been successful in all the market conditions for more than two decades.

It has trading recommendations, investment research services, and monthly newsletters. The clubs recommendations cover options, funds, bonds, equities, currencies, precious metals and real estate. Its mission is to help its members to create long-lasting, extraordinary wealth and also enjoy the luxurious life that is beyond money.

Every year, the club hosts overseas investment tours, symposiums, and financial seminars. The Oxford Club has a management team that is led by Chief Executive Officer Julia Guth who works with an administrative team talented in research, editing, publishing, operating, and customer service and sales and marketing.

The club hires experts who are experienced in different asset classes, private equity, stocks, income investing in dividends and bonds, buying cryptocurrencies and all the trading options.

Brief History

The Oxford Club was started officially in 1989 as a passport club. Originally, it began as a small networking group by William Bonner who is the founder of the Agora Firms together with other founders. Their goals were to build a private financial group composed of stakeholders who are interested in discovering and sharing exceptional business opportunities in the United States and internationally. The founder thought that the best investment opportunities and businesses are found initially through personal connections and research and not through the ordinary press and street agents.

Membership levels

Premier membership: This is the introductory membership level. In this level, members subscribe to paid publications and enjoy many benefits from the club. Membership is renewed yearly.

Director’s Circle membership: In this level members are more established and committed, and they have access to the entire newsletter. The members can bestow their membership to any family member who can also enjoy all membership benefits for this level.

Chairman’s Circle membership: members at this stage are more privileged since it is the highest level. They have lifetime access to special features, clubs website and all the clubs publications.

Bigotry In America

American history is rife with pro-white, pro-Christian bigotry. If you read history books, you will be shocked to learn about the kinds of things that newspapers, politicians and labor unions said about religious and ethnic minorities.

The kinds of things that they said so outwardly could never be said nowadays, at least not without somebody ruining his/her career and/or receiving social backlash.

Throughout history, important figures have expressed the idea that America is supposed to be a white country, and that minorities should be kept down so that the interests of whites are not compromised. The flaw with this attitude is the fact that there are people in America who are not “white” who have families that have been here as long as white families.

There are many reasons for why non-white people in America are considered “non-white.” One reason is because of the fact that many times there are very prominent cultural distinctions between non-white groups of Americans and white Americans. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Another reason is the fact that, because of being perceived as “too different” and unable to visually fit in with whites, they have been excluded from the mainstream society that is dominated by whites. As a result of being excluded and discriminated against, they have been forced to form their own cultures, communities and identities that are separate from white society and culture on various levels.

This unfortunate dynamic in American society is ingrained in the minds of large numbers of whites who are careless and unenlightened. Many younger Americans are taking notice of this unfortunate dynamic as they educate themselves about the experiences of minorities and take an interest in the plights of minorities.

There are also some older white folk, such as Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the founders of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, who also take an intense interest in protecting the rights of minorities.

Unfortunately, racism is rampant among the older generations of whites, and Sheriff Arpaio is the incarnation of that fact. The ex-sheriff is about 85 or 86 years old, and has two grown children and a wife. Hopefully, his children aren’t as bigoted and closed-minded as he is.

The Sheriff’s Pardon

After years of harassing Latino motorists and going against the wishes of courts, federal judges were about to lay serious ramifications upon Joe Arpaio. Like an ignorant hawk, the leader of our great country swooped in to grab Arpaio and save him from the justice that was going to be served.

The acquittal of Sheriff Arpaio was big news. This wasn’t surprising because the media hates Trump, and is bent on reporting things relating to social justice. Some of the news outlets criticized Trump for not consulting with the Justice Department before making the decision—something that other presidents have done prior to making pardons.

However, the law states that it is totally legal for presidents to make pardons without consulting their administrations. The President actually has a lot of power and leeway when it comes to pardoning people.

Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Fagali Advocacy: Advocates for Fairness

     One of the main companies involved in Election Law, Public Law, anti-corruption law, and parliamentary law, is Fagali Advocacy group. This group has ran off of the mindset that they would like “to combine the deep knowledge of its team on the areas in which the office acts with the utmost dedication to its clients.” This may sound vague, but the company has become an outspoken source for issues such as corruption, election accountability, and more. As elections, and democracy as a whole, have faced issues, groups such as this can stand out, and provide a voice for those that believe in freedom of thought and limited corruption in politics. The group has become a key advocate towards fighting corruption, watching that elections are fair and simple, and that policy compliance is of the utmost importance.

Bruno Fagali, the founding member of Fagali Advocacy, is a specialized attorney in compliance, advertising, election, and anti corruption law. Along with being an advocate for representing the interests of people that need advice in the prior mentioned fields, Fagali is involved in a numerous field of expertise. He is involved in the Brazilian Council of Health Executives. He also is an acting member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Involvement in these groups has helped him defend the interests of groups, but it has also allowed him to get an expertise in groups with active involvement of issues he is centered around.

Bruno Fagali gained his Masters in State Law at USP. Along with this he has studied electoral law, following the changes in political action. He has also had a say in ICONS, a project in which he works with secondary education students. It is safe to say that Fagali Advocacy reflects Bruno’s intricate interest in pushing for government transparency, filtering fake news outlets, and promoting policies that are not good for finance but good for the populace. Ethics is sometimes a forgotten practice in law, and an advocacy group such as Fagali, can help to promote worthwhile safety nets in a country that may need them.

Jed McCaleb Predicts the Future of Stellar and other Blockchain Companies

Jed McCaleb’s first big contribution to the programming world was eDonkey’s downloading protocol. Version’s of Jed McCaleb’s original system is still used in peer to peer downloading to this day. Next came Mt. Gox, a trading platform for gamers that evolved into the first worldwide bitcoin exchange system. He has leaped further into the blockchain world with Stellar, his newest creation.


Stellar is a blockchain company that has already made deals all over Asia and Europe. They are even partnered with one of the biggest computer manufacturers in history, IBM. Companies and institutions that are partnered with Stellar enjoy a variety of benefits. They can conduct international payments much cheaper and faster than any other method available in today. Clients are also happy to know that the system is completely secure due to the methods employed by blockchain. Records are held on thousands of devices instead of a single device like other banking systems.


Jed McCaleb is involved in Stellar because he believes blockchain is the future of banking. A sentiment he shared with the public in an interview with CNBC. “In the future,” he began. “I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network that will operate.”


This should come as no surprise when you consider how hard Stellar has been working on their global expansions. Stellar lists 45 clients and partners from all over the world on its official website. The clientele of Stellar consists of names like Telindus, Anglo African, Poseidon, Hijro, and Factury. These are the companies that Stellar is working with to supply banking needs all over the world.


Jed McCaleb also expressed his belief that even stocks will one day be traded on a blockchain network. One company, Securrency, is already making moves in that direction. Securrency allows investors to pay for stocks via bitcoin. Continue reading here for more details about Jed McCaleb and his endeavors.

The Passion of One Pediatric Surgeon Results in Saving Lives

Dr. Saad Saad, one of the most successful pediatric surgeons in history took the time to work on developing life saving procedures for his young patients. Although he is now retired, he dedicated himself fully to his career over the last 47 years. What set Dr. Saad apart from other pediatric surgeons?


Dr. Saad was determined to find ways to improve existing procedures. He was focused on finding ways to make his young patients more comfortable while solving the problem. He knew that if he could make procedures minimally invasive, pain would also be reduced as well. These two areas of focus were the key for Dr. Saad finding a pathway to quicker recovery for his patients. In his mind, kids were meant to be up and about, playing and not laying in a hospital bed. Improving procedures to make them less invasive and painful would make this happen.


Another way in which Dr. Saad made a difference, was by finding a better way to locate a medical catheter once inside the patient’s body. Oftentimes, catheters would be placed in a certain location to aid in the delivery of medicines to the patient, or to drain certain types of fluids. Prior to a surgery, the doctors would need to locate the exact position and point of the catheter. Traditionally, these are round with X-ray guidance or with the help of MRI machines. These two methods can expose patients to radiation, and they can also be costly. Learn more:


Dr. Saad set out on a mission to make this process easier for both the patient and doctor, while making it less expensive. Through his continued effort and dedication he was able to develop a device that would aid in locating the catheter in the patient’s body. Additionally, when doctors need to place a catheter into the patient’s body, they need to be able to track the exact location. With his device, it was now easier for doctors to track the exact location of the catheter, making it easier to place it into the proper position for procedures.


Dr. Saad was born in Palestine, and spend some of his life in Kuwait prior to coming to the United States to study medicine. Dr. Saad is known for his inventions created for use in pediatric surgery, as well as his work in medical missions, helping children get medical care that would not be able to afford it otherwise.

Jose Hawilla: How To Achieve Success In Your Business

Are you planning to start your own business or invest in lucrative opportunities? Do you know what it takes to become successful in the business world? If you are serious about attaining success as an entrepreneur it’s extremely important to read about Jose Hawilla Jose Hawilla and how he was able to overcome obstacles and reach his goal.


Jose Hawilla is a reliable and reputable businessman and he is well known in Brazil and around the world. Entrepreneurs and professionals turn to Jose Hawilla for top quality advice on a wide variety of issues, including business and entrepreneurship. Jose Hawilla is passionate about helping beginners and seasoned professionals and business people to grow their business and change their financial future.


Jose Hawilla is a confident person and has strong belief in his ability to create valuable products and services for people to enjoy. Jose Hawilla surrounds himself with some of the best professionals and positive people. Jose emphasizes on the need to steer clear of negative people and create an environment where you can be productive and successful.


The potential rewards of starting your own business are substantial – the promise of creating your own successful business rather than being an employee of another company, the joy of seeing your business grow and potentially earning high incomes. But it takes hard work and persistence to achieve success as an entrepreneur. Check out



Becoming an entrepreneur takes courage, foresight, and determination. Successful entrepreneurs do not fear obstacles or temporary failure. They accept the situation and look for better ways to address the project they’re working on. Jose Hawilla keeps focused on his goal and never allows naysayers or pessimists to dissuade him or derail his plans.




If you truly want to achieve great things in life, including business success, it is extremely important that you have a positive mental attitude and keep negative influences out of your environment. Check out



Jose Hawilla understands that failure is not the end, it’s a learning process. Keep taking action and moving toward your goal and you will eventually get there.



See more:

The Importance of Lacey and Larkin

In the late 60s, Michael Lacey moved to Arizona to attend school. Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, he had a different outlook on the world that he didn’t realize until he moved to Arizona. Arizona has a very conservative outlook on everything. He noticed that when the local media covered antiwar protests.

To combat that viewpoint, he founded a small newspaper called Phoenix New Times. The paper cultivated a small following, but things really heated up when Jim Larkin joined the team. By this time, both Lacey and Larkin dropped out, but they had enough experience to build one of the most respected papers in Arizona. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Eventually, they branched out and started buying other like-minded newspapers. Before long, they’d built the most respected media conglomerate in the nation, Village Voice Media. They ran VVM for the next few decades, before selling it to some other VVM executives in 2012.

Their careers are highlighted by numerous awards and honors. Underneath the surface, they’re still a little rattled by the battle with a corrupt sheriff. It’s not so much the harassment and abuse they faced. It’s more about how openly Joe Arpaio tormented them without facing any consequence. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In the end, Arpaio lost his job and faced going to prison. Even so, he still got away with doing a lot of horrible things. If wasn’t for Phoenix New Times, Arpaio would have continued his reign of terror. Mostly, he abused women and Latinos, but he’d mistreatment anyone that challenged him as well.

In fact, most of the times he used his authority, it was to silence his critics or destroy his rivals. Phoenix New Times was the first news source that didn’t back down. No matter how hard Arpaio came at them, they continued exposing his misdeeds.

To shut them up, Arpaio had them arrested in the middle of the night. No one knew what actually happened until it was all over. Arpaio used fake subpoenas and warrants to give himself the opportunity to personally interrogate Lacey and Larkin on his terms. Part of his terms included separating them and going after them one at a time.

He failed and lost his badge. Before being sentenced, President Trump pardoned him. Trump and Arpaio worked together to try to prove that Obama’s birth certificate wasn’t real. Arpaio even launched a full investigation into Obama before Trump announced his candidacy for President.

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