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Customers rave about Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment System

Each year in the United States, thousands of violent crimes are carried out by gang leaders issuing orders from within the nation’s prison. Many people do not realize how prevalent this problem is. They may ask how gang leaders are allowed to issue orders to soldiers on the outside of prison from within the place where they are meant to be incarcerated. The entire point of prison, after all, is to protect the public from some of the most dangerous criminals in the country.


But the problem that the nation’s prisons have faced over the last few decades has been the introduction of cheap and readily available cellular technology. These devices are often able to be easily smuggled into prisons, creating a hot internal market for the unauthorized phones. This ensures that people will always be willing to take the risk to smuggle them into the nation’s prisons. Once inside, powerful gangs are able to use their money and power to acquire these instruments of communications. This is an incredibly difficult tactical problem for the staff of most of the nation’s prisons, as highly disciplined criminal gangs are able to use unauthorized devices to their fullest potential, issuing orders to outside gang members and enabling the gang to more easily communicate within the prison itself.


The problem has gotten so bad over the last few years that many gangs have become emboldened to commit violent crimes at unprecedented levels. In some unfortunate cases, gang leaders have even ordered the assassination of prison guards in other law enforcement officials.


Now, Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s premier providers of inmate communication services, has developed a system that it refers to as the Wireless Containment System. This technology is able to successfully interdict 100 percent of unauthorized calls made from within the nation’s carceral institutions, eliminating the ability of prison gangs to communicate with the outside world.


Roberto Santiago, A Legendary Entrepreneur

Roberto Santiago is a renowned Brazilian businessman. He became famous for the establishment of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. This business center became Paraiba’s best entertainment hub. The architectural wonder that brought Roberto into the limelight is equipped with sophisticated and first-class amenities. It has also transformed Brazil into an excellent shopping location.


Born at Joao Pessoa in July 1958, Roberto Santiago graduated from Pio X-Marist College. Later, he studied Business Administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. After his studies, Roberto worked at a manufacturing company, Café Santa Rosa in Brazil. He later resigned from his job to quit his dreams.


The famous entrepreneur started Cartonnage, a company that sells cartons made of cardboard. Though he began small, Roberto journey to success shows his determination, dedication, entrepreneurial skills, and hard work. Following its growth, the company started producing decorative products. Cartonnage became the foundation of Roberto business career.


The ace businessman invested in real estate with the profits made by his company. This decision brought a change in his career. He bought land in his hometown Joao Pessoa, where he built the Manaira Shopping Mall. The magnificent edifice opened in 1989 and continued to grow to meet up with the modern trends. Currently, it can boast of 3D cinemas which are among the few in that region of Brazil.


The architectural design of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is a beauty to behold. Regarded as the most significant shopping center in the vicinity, it has arcades and bowling alleys. In addition to its many retail stores, it has movie theaters, concert halls, gym, and gaming area. It also has restaurants, a college, and financial institution. The shopping center provides comfort, leisure, and fun to visitors. Trained security personnel secure the mall to maintain a peaceful environment.


The facilities available at the mall made it a favorite location in Brazil. The Domus Theater at the rooftop provides an impressive venue for concerts and other events. This sound-proof space can accommodate about 10,000 people. The cultural festivals held at the hall are an excellent opportunity to learn the Brazilian culture. Besides, the enhanced 3D cinemas offer a thrilling experience to fun-seekers. Aside entertainment, top-rated electronic and fashion brands opened outlets in the mall. This development brought an international presence to Joao Pessoa.


In 2013, the famous businessman built another mall, Madeira, in a different part of the same town. The two shopping centers have significantly increased the economic activity in the city. This impact resulted in the relocation of corporations to that area and the increase in estate prices. The malls provided employment opportunities to natives, improving the city’s economy.


The malls overcome the economic crisis of 2015 and attracted many investors to Joao Pessoa and its environs. Despite his success, Roberto Santiago still improves the shopping centers to provide the best services to visitors.


Father Omar is a Wonderful Man

As the world seems to seethe and boil against the 1%, I begin to fear that we may see an uprising that will make the French revolution look like a puppy walk. The 1% often have the reputation of being greedy, self-serving tyrants who are only looking out for themselves. Chief executive officers and corporate leaders are generally the ones receiving the most ridicule. However, anyone who knows the man Omar Boraie knows that not everybody in the 1% can be labeled as such an awful person.

Omar Boraie has done more for his city that most people do for their families. I would like to list for you a few things that this amazing man has done so you can see Omar Boraie as the wonderful father figure that he is to New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The New Jersey Stage recently wrote a wonderful article that spoke of how Omar Boraie took a fourfold plan to make New Brunswick great again. The first phase of the plan was to make it the kind of area that families wanted to raise their children. The second phase of the plan was to keep jobs in the area. The third phase of the plan was to create a coalition of superpowers. The fourth phase was to attract young professionals.

Omar Boraie reached his hand out to the State Theater in order to provide an outreach to families. This outreach was in the form of seven free movies which he paid for. The State Theater provided space and Omar Boraie provided admission and concessions. Over 7500 families were able to attend throughout this event. This statistic does not count those who came more than once.

Omar Boraie hatched the second phase of his plan by working with the medical corporation Johnson and Johnson to remain in the area. By giving them tax breaks and additional real estate, he was able to keep New Brunswick’s largest employer in town. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie was able to enact the third phase of his plan by approaching the Mayor, the CEO of Johnson & Johnson, and the President of Rutgers University and asking them to look throughout their network for a dream team.

Omar Boraie enacted the last phase of his plan by giving New Brunswick, State Theatre New Jersey a generous donation. He donated $150 million of commercial and residential real estate to attract the young professional families.


Helping the Railroads with Gregory J. Aziz

Few businessmen are as successful at bringing companies back from the dead as Gregory James Aziz. Born and raised in Ontario in an industrial part of the country, Greg Aziz had always had an interest in manufacturing and how things worked. He had also had an interest in the vast railroad lines that crisscrossed across the continent and made businesses work for so long. Little did he know, Gregory J. Aziz would soon be attempting to revive one of the most important suppliers of this failing industry.


Railroads had always been complicated, and they get even more complicated when you start to look at the companies supplying this industry. Not only do they have to worry about the demand of companies looking to move their goods, but they also need to rely on the health of the railroads themselves. In the 1970s, when trucking companies started to spring up and take railroad traffic, the major railroads started to struggle, and so did their suppliers. One of these suppliers was National Steel Car. Go To This Page for additional information.


National Steel Car was started in 1912 and had a very long history of success within the province of Ontario, Canada. The company is a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. Nearly everyone in the railroad industry knew about the railcars they produced, and thousands of their railcars traveled across the country every day. However, when the railroads started to struggle, the owners of NSC stopped putting money into the company and started to focus on cutting costs instead of making products that customers wanted. NSC fell apart, but luckily Greg Aziz decided to buy the company in 1994 and revive it.


The first order of business was to cut out the fat. The previous owners had several overlapping strategies that just did not make sense together, and their focus on low-cost cars was no longer what the market wanted. Aziz knew this and implemented a new strategy to focus on engineering and making the best and safest cars in the market. Little by little, demand for NSC’s railcars started to come back. To deal with the extra demand, Gregory Aziz sunk more capital into the company and was able to increase production capacity by over 300 percent. This increase in capacity meant more workers were needed, of which Aziz hired nearly 2,000. After about a decade, National Steel Car was back on top.


Greg Aziz has made a name for himself by bringing back businesses like NSC from the dead. He came up with innovative solutions and focused on what the customers wanted instead of what seemed rational for a failing business at the time. Thanks to him, the railroads will live on a little bit longer.

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