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Luiz Carlos Trabuco

The Bradesco Bank in Brazil is the second largest bank. The Bradesco Bank is changing as they prepare to install a new individual. The current president of the Bradesco Bank is Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has worked at the bank since he was 17 years old. He was born in Marilia, Sao Paulo on October 6, 1951. After he finished his lower level education, he went on to pursue a university-level education at local colleges. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Sao Paulo. He later went to further his education and got his master’s degree in Socio-Psychology from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked at the Bradesco Bank for 15 years when he received a promotion to Marketing Director. In 1992 he was selected as the Chief Executive Officer of a private pension company. He remains in that position until 1998. In 1998 Luiz Carlos Trabuco was selected to be the Managing Director at the Bradesco Bank. A short time after becoming the Managing director at the Bradesco Bank he was chosen to be the Executive Vice President of the bank. In 2003 he became the President of the Bradesco Bank. His time as President of the Bradesco Bank will come to an end on March 12 when they have the next board meeting.

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The Succession and Appointment Committee of the Bradesco Bank has selected Octavio de Lazari Junior to take place as the new President of the Bradesco Bank. Octavio’s selection as the new president of the bank came as a surprise to many people. He was not amongst the committee’s favorites. He was able to work his way to the top because of his resume. He has worked at the Bradesco Bank since 1978. He is currently working at the bank as the Executive Vice President of the bank and the Chief Executive Officer of the Bradesco group which is a part of the Bradesco Bank. In addition to the positions that Lazari holds at the Bradesco Bank, he is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings Entities and the Vice President of Febraban’s Credit Operations Portability Governance Committee.

The Succession and Appointment Committee of the Bradesco Bank was originally interested in selecting Mauricio Minas who is over the technology sector of the Bradesco Bank for the President position according to No one was able to compare to Octavio de Lazari Junior. He has an Economic Sciences degree from the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of Osasco. He got his start working in credit when he was put in charge of the Department of Loans and Financing at the Bradesco Bank in 2010. He was placed on the Board of Executive Officers two years later. In 2017 Octavio de Lazari Junior became the Chief Executive Officer of the Bradesco group which is a part of the Bradesco Bank. He works for excellence continuously.

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Why Kids Need Rocketship Education

If your children are currently going to a public school, they are probably not receiving the education that they need to get a head start in life. The reason for this is due to the fact that it can be difficult and time-consuming for them to find a good option locally that is great for their needs. Most public schools simply do not have the right options for your child, and this is why a lot of parents are beginning to find benefit in sending their kids to a charter school. Charter schools are totally different than a public school, but they are also completely free. So, your child is able to get a more personalized education, but they are also not going to be paying for any of it.

Rocketship Education is a great choice for kids who want to go to a charter school since it is one of the most popular in the country. If this is something you feel your child can benefit from, it is time for them to get signed up for the programs that are available to them and then make the decision to send them there for your own advantage. Not only are they going to be well-educated thanks to the folks at Rocketship Education, but parents are also in charge of their children’s education when they want to be. This puts you in the front of their education and in the know of what they are learning and what is available to them.

Now that you know a bit about Rocketship Education and how it can benefit your child, it is time for you to think about getting them signed up for this particular program. Once you do this, you are going to want to consider getting them put into a program that is right for their needs and seeing just how beneficial a charter school like Rocketship Education can be for their education and future. You will love that Rocketship Education is totally free and is not going to cost you a lot of money because of the fact that it’s funded by the public.

There are many theories that explain why Sheriff Arpaio picked on Latinos.

One good theory to know is Black Feminist Intersectional Theory. When you hear the name of the theory, you might not think that it relates to Hispanic people. However, it does. Black Feminist Intersectional theory explains the dynamics of how black people are seen by white people, as well as by our Euro-centric society.

Hispanic people are regarded along the same lines as Black people, so even when we are talking about Hispanics who are not African, it’s a good theory to know.

According to Black Feminist Intersectional Theory, white women are thought to be the weakest yet the most civilized and spiritual. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, black men and women are regarded as being equally the least spiritual, the least civilized and the strongest (to a bad extent). Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

When it comes to strength and weakness, white men fall somewhere between blacks and white women, and they are the most civilized. Society basically looks at Hispanics in a very similar way as black people, which makes them vulnerable to harassment and prejudicial judgments.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have a good sense of the realities that Black Feminist Intersectional Theory exposes for blacks and other minorities in American society.

These prejudicial judgments have taken many shapes over the years, including that of Sheriff Arpaio’s actions. The Sheriff instructed officers to sit in their vehicles, keep an eye out for Hispanics, and pursue them as probable “illegal aliens.”

Of course, the old bat got into trouble for his intolerant actions. Judge Snow, a U.S. District Court judge, gave him a grave warning that it was time to stop the ridiculousness. The ridiculousness did not stop for the next two years, so Susan Bolten angrily held Arpaio in criminal contempt.

There was a time when more people used to act like Sheriff Arpaio. Nowadays, it is considered to be less acceptable to act like that. In fact, the political climate has completely swung the other way to a point where you can’t even search out and expose criminals if those criminals tend to be a specific ethnic group or religion.

In 2017, a huge event happen that blew Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey away. Sheriff Arpaio was about to get his just deserts for being such a jerk all of those years when, from out of left field, Trump let the guy off the hook.  Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

It was the worst thing to have happened to Jim and Michael in years—ever since they had been scarily detained by the ruthless sheriff.

So, as ex-sheriff of Maricopa county, Arpaio is now thinking of running for the state senate. If there is anything amazing about Arpaio, it’s the fact that he is so old and still getting involved in politics. He is in pretty good shape for an 85 year old man.

It makes one wonder whether he’ll still be on his two feet and in politics when he’s 95, or 100!

Chris Linkas & Investment Strategies


Millennials don’t like to invest their money in stocks. And the people who are in the Generation Z category are not crazy about investing either. There are several reasons for their aversion to investing. The obvious reason is the enormous amount of student debt they carry and will carry for years to come. But Chris Linkas, the investment entrepreneur who has a successful track record as an investor as well as an investment entrepreneur, thinks there’s no time like the present to invest. Linkas has years of experience in the financial sector of the U.S. economy as well as the European Union’s economy (CheyneCapital). Mr. Linkas is not afraid to tell it like it is when it comes to giving young investors advice. He knows only 25 percent of the people under thirty invest in the stock market. Young people lived through the 2008 financial crisis and the dot-com crash as well as the housing bust, so they don’t trust the stock market or other investment vehicles.



But Chris Linkas likes to give his young clients a brief history of the stock market, so they realize investing in stocks is a long-term game. Chris thinks trying to find the next Amazon or trying to invest in a new tech startup is not the best way to save for retirement. Staying the course, as Chris Linkas likes to say, is the key factor in successful investing. But understanding and incorporating risk tolerance when investing doesn’t come naturally for some young investors. Old investors know stocks rise and fall like the ocean tide, so they have plenty of risk tolerance. A 60-year-old investor may have a portfolio that is 80 percent stocks and 40 percent bonds. But that investment distribution may not work for Generation Z investors, according to Mr. Linkas. Since most young investors have a low-risk tolerance, Chris Linkas gives them investment options that don’t carry as much risk.



When Chris is working with a group of young investors, the first thing he always tells them is time is on their side. They may invest in assets that fall apart early in their investment career, but they have time to recover from early losses. Linkas is also a proponent of ignoring what is going on in other investors lives. Some young investors want to take risks because they see their parents or grandparents taking big investment risks. Parents and grandparents have a strong pension fund, and they have assets they can convert to cash when they need it. Older investors are not the best financial advisors for young investors, according to Chris Linkas. Mr. Linkas also reminds young investors that people who have a long history of investing don’t look at the world the way young investors look at the world. The trials and challenges in the 21st century differ from the issues those investors faced when they were in their twenties and thirties. So it’s not always prudent to listen to the so-called experts.



But in order for young investors to invest successfully, they have to stay active and engaged in the art of investing. Chris calls investing an art because people create wealth by investing. And in a capitalistic economy wealth means power. Young people must follow the ups and downs that companies experience when they own stock. They also should follow the economic trends that constantly change due to global influence and political decisions. A good example of how quickly things change is the recent decision by the Trump administration to put tariffs on steel and aluminum. Stockholders who own stock in those industries know the risk factor increases when trade wars develop.



Rumors can destroy a young investors portfolio. Listening to rumors about big mergers and acquisitions isn’t prudent, according to Linkas. Mergers happen all the time. But there are more rumors than fact floating around the investment industry for several reasons. Some of those rumors are intentional acts that some companies use to increase or decrease their stock value. Other rumors are just hearsay, but there is enough energy behind them to make young investors as well as seasoned investors nervous.



There isn’t one investor manual for young investors that gives them the information they need to assess the risk of buying stocks or other assets. But Chris Linkas thinks young investors who invest slowly even when money is tight is the best way to prepare for the future life as a retiree ( Reaching the golden years may seem like it’s a long journey, but it’s not. The Baby Boomers who thought investing was crazy when they were younger regret those thoughts now. Retirement can be a difficult experience if the only investment people make is paying into the social security system every month. In order to enjoy retirement, young investors have to tolerate investment risks, do investment research, and take a chance even when taking a chance means not buying that new car or a home.


The Midwest Society Comes Together to Recognize the Success of Jeff Aronin

Part of the 2017 Midwest Gala Dinner was dedicated to honoring the contributions of Jeff Aronin. The gala is a function which is hosted yearly by the Weizmann Institute of Science for the region of the Midwest. This specific year was dedicated to Aronin for his two decades of successful involvement in the development of biotech and healthcare innovation industries around the globe.


Jeff Aronin is a businessman, innovator, and mentor with comprehensive expertise in drug development and the study of rare diseases and complex sciences. He has served as the chairperson and chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences since 2010. Paragon a chain of companies which perform research in the biopharmaceutical sector.


Before joining Paragon Biosciences, Jeff Aronin was the president and CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals between 2000 and 2009. Other than Paragon and Ovation, Aronin has also served as the chief executive officer to several companies in different parts of the globe that deal with the biopharmaceutical industry (


Jeff Aronin is known for his excellent leadership skills, skills in brand marketing, finance handling, business development and his strategic way of carrying out his activities (WorldBusinessChicago). His vast experience also plays a helping role in all the companies he works for and all the projects in which he partakes. Jeff also has a passion for sharing his knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs to whom he acts as a mentor. He is fond of bringing together great and talented groups of scientists and leaders to work jointly to research new therapies and drug treatments.


It may come as a surprise to many that this successful man also carries in his sleeves vast experience in the field of mergers and acquisition. This just goes to show that there is nothing that Aronin cannot tackle if he sets his mind to it. This makes him worthy recipient of the honors given to him at the 2017 Midwest Gala Dinner.


Conor Lamb Scores Big Endorsement From End Citizens United

     The 2016 Presidential Election served as a wake-up call to just about every registered voter in the United States. The rise of Donald Trump and the corresponding mess that the United States government devolved into would make every pair of eyes turn to the 2018 Midterm Elections. Considered the most important elections in recent memory, politicians around the country are gearing up to make a difference. Democrats are looking to places that they would never have had a regular chance in order to make up ground in the Senate. One of those places is Pennsylvania where a surging progressive named Conor Lamb has a chance to upset a prominent Republican named Rick Saccone. In fact, Lamb’s chances just increased tenfold thanks to an endorsement from End Citizens United, a prominent political action committee and grassroots network of progressive voters.

On March 13th, voters will take to the polls in a pivotal special election in order to see who will take the seat of disgraced former Republican senator Tim Murphy. Murphy, a prominent anti-abortion Republican, was forced to step down after it came to light that he had an extramarital affair whereupon he forced his partner to have an abortion. Murphy had run unopposed in his last two elections, meaning that this will be the first time that a progressive will be fielding a real opportunity in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.

Conor Lamb has risen in the polls thanks to his ability to appeal as a moderate progressive with outreach to traditional red voters. Lamb, who scored an endorsement from End Citizens United thanks to his stance on campaign finance reform, has pulled in support from labor unions and rural townships which is showing his mass appeal. Saccone, a former military intelligence officer, recently scored an endorsement from President Trump himself and he’ll have to hope that it is enough to get some momentum back on his side — but we wouldn’t hold our breath. As Trump continues to set historic records in unpopularity, his endorsement is becoming as much of a risk as it is a positive.

Since Trump won the election and took office, Democrats have been on an absolute roll and End Citizens United has played a part in generating energy toward their efforts. Democrats have won 34 state seats, a governor’s seat and a Senate seat all while Republicans have only managed to flip four legislative seats.

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Doe Deere: Unicorn Queen of the Internet

If you’ve ever been shopping for make-up, you know how hard it is to find cruelty-free make-up, especially in innovative and fun colors! Doe Deere must have known that struggle all too well. In 2008, she founded Lime Crime, a make-up brand that manages to be on-trend, vegan and successful.

Deere started out as a clothing designer, but found that she couldn’t find make-up in bold colors to compliment her designs. Taking inspiration from her love of fairytales, magic and creativity, she came up with Lime Crime. Her embrace of fantasy and subculture themes, combined with the vegan spin, turned out to be a recipe for success with the Generation-Z crowd.

Deere was one of the innovators of digital-media marketing and the creation of a real lifestyle brand. Social media has been a huge part of what makes Lime Crime the success it has become. Deere developed an audience through her content marketing- she started her own make-up blog to showcase her products and cultivated an active social media presence through interactive contests and audience engagement. Her social media following is 3 million strong at this point, and as a brand, Lime Crime has used social media to evolve along with its audience.

Fantasy and whimsy may inspire her, but her success is very down-to-earth. So where did this female entrepreneur come from? Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York City. She went to school at the Fashion Institute of Technology, before leaving school to found Lime Crime. Her eclectic and international influences are evident in the bright colors of Lime Crime’s cosmetics and the funny, punny names that make the brand pop.

Doe Deere is also an example of how success isn’t just about dollars, cents and social media followers. A philanthropist, she uses her success to support her favorite charities. For a founder of a vegan cosmetics company, it’s no surprise that she has a specific soft-spot for animal rescues.

And Lime Crime as a brand is also about inspiration- seizing inspiration from the world around us and inspiring consumers to find a little magic in their everyday life. Doe Deere is an example of where that inspiration can take you. Can’t find the make-up colors you want? Create your own company! Can’t find your dream job? Invent it! Learn more:

Gregory Aziz’s Leadership at National Steel Car

National Steel Car is one of the top companies located in North America. Gregory Aziz drives all the operations as the CEO of the company. He has put into implementation great ideas that have ensured the firm dominates the market in the area. National Steel Car primarily has attained its trust in the market in the production of railroad materials and delivery of the freight services. Gregory J Aziz has long time experience that has pin the company at the excellent position in terms of quality and standards of its products in the market. Gregory Aziz is working closely with the experts specializing in various area. The idea has led to innovation for the benefits of the company in the dynamic world.


The incorporation of the current measures in the field of technology has enabled the firm to create its uniqueness in the market. Gregory J Aziz has registered many achievements in the company since the time the firm was founded 15 years ago. The main factor that has enabled him to create a better chance for the company to compete well in the market against its immediate rivals in the deep research in terms of marketing and reading the trends.


Gregory James Aziz has put in place the directors in charge of recruiting the required and qualified staffs in the company. All the new members who are believed to offer the required services are subjected to the rights test by the team to check their level qualification. Many of the top leaders in the company have experience. Greg Aziz has extended the wings of serving its customers in the market by forming the best platform that has made the company become closely with clients. The distributors of the National Steel Car are located in various offices set by the management of the firm through the efforts of the Gregory J Aziz. The company adheres to all the regulation provided by the policy as it is registered by ISO. Currently, it stands as the only freight company that has to meet the ISO requirement in North America.a


Gregory James Aziz acquired its studies in the arena of economics from University of Western Ontario. The skills he obtained in the field has projected him to the best position of handling financial issues of the National Steel Car. Furthermore, he gained experience in the world of business management while operating duties of assistance at the family food business.


Gregory James Aziz is one of the committed leaders who has demonstrated their abilities in the areas of business leadership. Refer to This Article for related information.

Daniel Taub’s Career Before, During, and After being Ambassador

Daniel Taub, born 1962 in Britain, was the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from June 2011 up until he was succeeded by Mark Regev in September 2015.

Daniel Taub is also an international lawyer, an Israeli diplomat, and a published author, as well as a businessman and a philanthropist. He has dedicated his life to inspiring fruitful dialogue and establishing peace, tolerance, and understanding between diverting nations and individuals.

After he concluded his tenure in 2015, Daniel Taub started serving in Jerusalem as the Director of Strategy and Planning for the Rothschild Foundation also known in Israel as the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. During his tenure, however, Daniel Taub established a sizeable new step for the relations between the UK and Israel in terms of dialogue between the people, business and trade, and education. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

The Israeli community in the United Kingdom felt much safer with Daniel Taub in charge as he promoted and actively took part in the dialogue to bring about understanding and tolerance from both sides on campus grounds and in whole cities.

Even though the case with Bradford was in truth a case with a single individual with a long history of racism hatred towards Israel, that brought a strong sense of relief to know that the people of Bradford were not represented in George Galloway’s hateful speeches.

Before becoming the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom, the career of Daniel Taub started as a combat medic, serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. Later he became Principal Deputy Legal Advisor for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

His services were put to good use to represent Israel and to provide legal advisory for Israel’s missions in New York and Geneva regarding the United Nations.

Later, Daniel Taub worked in the negotiations between Israel and Palestine and then Israel and Syria. He represented his country on many occasions and worked with Israel’s Red Cross society to bring into the

Red Cross Movement globally, after it had been excluded for more than 70 years.

Daniel Taub has also established a career in media as a published author at a number of esteemed publications such as The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and more. Daniel Taub has authored a few books including his bestseller Parasha Diplomatit.

Daniel Taub worked on a tv series, the Israeli drama Hechatzer debuting a few years ago and becoming widely popular. Additionally, Daniel Taub is a public speaker and a speechwriter.

Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

American Institute of Architects – Giving Architecture a Global Presence

     Robert Ivy is a well-known name in the field of architecture. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Mr Ivy was recently made headlines as he was given the honor of being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer or Executive Vice President by the AIA. He took up this position in 2011 and has taken the organization from strength to strength since then. He has been a prominent member of other premiere architectural firms such as Dean and Ivy and Ivy Architects.

Mr Ivy received his Masters in Architecture from the University of Tulane. He graduated in Arts from the University of the South prior to this. Rober Ivy enjoys giving talks and has addressed architectural issues at several national and international forums such as the National Building Museum and the Library of Congress. He is a popular face representing architecture on television. Mr Ivy has participated in many television shows aired on The Discovery Channel, A and E, PBS Evening News and BBC World. He has also himself interviewed prominent personalities such as AIA award winners and His Highness the Aga Khan.

Robert Ivy has a keen interest in writing and in 1996 became the editor of the reputed publication, Architectural Record. He has also served as vice president of the McGraw-Hill publications, including SNAP, Architectural Record China, Engineering News Record and Constructor. Architectural Record became one of the most widely read architecture magazine under the editorial guidance of Ivy.

Robert Ivy has often been awarded for his expertise in architecture and design. He is the recipient of the prestigious Crane Award. This award was bestowed on him in 2009. It was presented by the American Business Media and is the topmost honor for an architect. He was also given the title of Master Architect by the Alpha Ro Chi, an organization of architects. This endowment has been given only to a selected number of individuals in the past such as John Willborn and Cass Gilbert. Robert Ivy is amongst the seven winners of this title, and that is indeed a rare distinction to achieve.

The American Institute of Architects was founded in 1857 by a small group of individuals to foster on design and architectural pursuits. The AIA is now a burgeoning organization with as many as 90,000 members nation-wide as well as internationally. The AIA has a global presence. It focuses on design, construction and environmental sustainability. The global goals of the AIA include facilitation of trade and ensuring that American architectural firms remain competitive in the global environment. The AIA is also a strong advocate for design to aid in reformation after natural disasters and application of design to health-related issues.


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