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Rick Smith of Securus Technologies drives innovation while keeping customer prices low

Over the course of the last decade, the innovations in VoIP-based communications technology have allowed a revolution to take place in the way that prisoners are able to communicate with family members on the outside. Prior to the advent of cheap and effective internet telephony, inmates were often forced to pay exorbitant rates just to talk with their loved ones for a few minutes per month. Now, companies such as Securus Technologies, one of the leading communications providers for inmates in the United States today, are empowering prisoners across the nation to stay in nearly constant touch with their loved ones on the outside. This not only helps form strong, pro-social relationships between the prisoners and those on the outside, it also enables the many millions of children with incarcerated fathers to maintain meaningful relationships with them.

As the head of Securus, Rick Smith has been one of the key figures in the incredible volume of innovation that has taken place in the prison communication space over the last decade. After taking the helm in 2008, Smith made it his mission to invest heavily in the innovation of new technologies, particularly proprietary innovations, such as VoIP-based communications technology. Read more articles at

This eventually led to the development of the cutting edge Secure Call Platform, a calling platform that allows for high definition, face-to-face communication between family members and prisoners at some of the cheapest rates that the prison communications industry has ever seen. Across the country, inmates are able to stay in nearly constant touch with their loved ones, paying just $0.15 per minute, on average. At these rates, it is possible for even the most indigent prisoners to remain in consistent touch with their loved ones on the outside. This has demonstrated, positive effects, including the ability to socialize to outside, law-abiding norms.

Prior to the advent of cheap outside communications, prisoners were often forced to turn inward for their social needs, forcing them to become socialized to the criminal milieu that predominates in all of the nation’s prisons. This led to what criminologists refer to as institutionalization – the process of inmates becoming socialized to the prison environment to such an extent that they are no longer capable of functioning outside of prison walls. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

More than any other, Rick Smith has done much to remedy the threat that institutionalization poses to the nation’s millions of inmates serving long-term sentences of incarceration. With the ability to communicate on a regular basis with law-abiding citizens on the outside of prison, inmates who have access to technologies such as Securus’ Secure Call Platform have a far greater chance of being successfully resocialized to societal norms. Therefore, it is not only the prisoners in their family members who save money but also society at large, which does not have to pay the increased incarceration costs to house institutionalized inmates.


How Fabletics Is Able to Do Reverse Showroom Engineering

Fabletics has been taking on Amazon. Some people are wondering how in the world they are doing this. According to Forbes Magazine, there are three main things that Fabletics is doing differently in order to beat their competitors. These three things are the reasons why their customers just love Fabletics. It is why other physical businesses are floundering and not having success while Fabletics continues to have success both in their online stores and their offline stores.


The main thing that Fabletics does differently is their diverse showroom engineering technique. Many physical businesses are being hurt by the fact that sometimes customers walk into their store and try out a product. These customers do not always want to buy the product. Sometimes, they just want to try it on and purchase the product online for a cheaper price later. Sometimes, customers decide at the last minute to not buy a product because they think that they might be able to find a better price online. However, Fabletics has both online and offline stores. That is why they can do the reverse of what is happening. This means that when customers go to the store they are able to try on a product. If they do not want to buy the product, it is possible for them to just not buy it in the store, and Fabletics does not care about this because the product is automatically added to their online shopping cart. Fabletics cares about their customers and does not care whether they buy it in the store or whether they buy it online at a later time. Even those who are not subscribers become subscribers 25% of the time. Fabletics wants to build healthy relationships, and they want their customers to be happy. That is why they are successful.


This also lets Fabletics gain insight into their customers and what they want. By comparing what people are buying online and in physical stores, they can stock their stores with the clothing that their customers want.


Fabletics has Kate Hudson on their team. That is one reason why they are so successful. Kate Hudson has been endorsing them and helping them out in every way possible. Fabletics did have some hurdles in getting started. Their goal was to offer a very high-quality product that has half the price. This was not easy but they did it in the end.

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