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I was hacked,but I can do something about it

If only I was more careful,I wouldn’t have been in this situation. I was hacked. It’s like cyber security attacks are more rampant than ever before. Billions of dollars are being spent on these cyber crimes and they keep escalating. I still can’t believe I was hacked and these attacks are becoming more destructive for everybody including politicians like Hillary Clinton when her private emails were hacked.


Donald Trump signed an executive order to improve the cyber security in the United States. Yes I was hacked, but I can do something about it.


Rubica is a personal cyber security that have experts keep me safe from cyber criminals getting my personal information. All of my data will be secure through their private network and when new threats are detected,their software improves the network for me as well as everybody else.


I trust Rubica to protect my information from hackers.

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Roberto Santiago, The Entrepreneur Behind The Famous Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is famed for his venture in mall business. Santiago is known for establishing and owning the biggest mall in Paraiba State. He is the most prominent businessman in Brazil. His mall is ranked among the biggest malls in his country. Roberto is at the age of 58 years now. He studied at the Pio X-Marist College. He later joined University Center of Joao Pessoa and pursued Business Administration. Immediately after his studies, he started a Cartonnage Industry which he believes paved the way for the establishment of the mall business. Read more on

Roberto Santiago was also an article and blog writer. With the comprehensive information, he had about his country he would write popular blogs and articles which made him gain reputation. Besides writing, Roberto had excellent skills in directing and production. He also possessed the spirit of an entrepreneur. Roberto Santiago established his first mall business which he named Mangebeira Shopping Mall. It didn’t take time for him to build the Manaira Shopping Center where his success lies to date.

Roberto Manaira Shopping Mall was founded and established in 1989. After seeing a growing opportunity in the mall business. The mall is based in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. Manaira mall is at the heart of Joao Pessoa making it accessible to people in the city. The mall provides many products under one roof. The products are ranging from food, clothes, entertainment, general shopping, social gathering halls, and art. The main aim being offering its clients fun, leisure, and comfort.

Many urban dwellers in Paraiba and visitors from all corner of the world enjoys shopping and getting entertainment from Manaira shopping mall. Encompassing bowling alleys, food courts, beautiful gardens, movie theaters, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. The mall also provides other tertiary services such as banking through banks, and education through education centers such as colleges which are located in the same building.

Many people are fond of Manaira shopping mall because of the entertainment hub. It is fitted with eleven technologically advanced movie theater. People enjoys watching their favorite films and movies in 3D.

The Roberto Santiago shopping mall has Domus Hall which accommodates over 8,000 people. It is used for cultural festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs and live concerts. To learn more about the Brazilians culture, you should consider visiting Domus Hall in Manaira Shopping Mall.

Learn more:,mangabeira-shopping-a-arquitetura-moderna-do-empresario-roberto-santiago,10000096117

Roberto Santiago has earned reputation in Brazil as one of the few successful entrepreneurs. Santiago is fully committed to ensuring Brazil has a better place to shop. Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping offers all clients with exactly what they want. His success can be attributed to hard work, commitment, and passion. He always encourages youths and young entrepreneurs in the whole world to start actualizing their business ideas.

Eva Moskowitz Provides a Great Vision for Education

Eva Moskowitz and her chain of Success Academy charter schools have displayed a successful educational model. Their model for education has been validated with their high scores in state testing. The worst-performing Success Academy school still achieved a 90% rate of students testing at or above grade level in math. They have also realized an enviable rate of success in their English Language Arts (ELA) program. Their lowest scoring school still realized a 75% success rate. This, in fact, is better than most affluent suburban schools.
The students at Success Academy schools are by and large from underprivileged areas and are mostly low-income. Despite these handicaps, Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy has developed an innovative curriculum which serves its students very well. An opportunity to learn with Success Academy is highly coveted and is decided by a lottery system. They provide an atmosphere in which students want to come to school and they are the most successful charter school system in the country.
Their reading program has been singled out as noteworthy. It is an extensive layer of material and much is expected of students. It has been described as rich in content with a great depth of material which gives students a great picture of the outside world and moves beyond the limitations of their neighborhood. It provides a tremendous overview of the literary world and lays a solid foundation for the later years.

The expectations are clearly high under Eva Moskowitz’s leadership at Success Academies.
In recent news, Success Academy has preserved their autonomy with their victory over the New York City school system. A state appeals court ruled that the city had overstepped their bounds in trying to impose their pre-kindergarten program on Success Academy. They also received the Broad Prize which honors a charter school operator that demonstrates “outstanding academic outcomes among low-income students and students of color.”

Eva Moskowitz demonstrates great empathy for those lacking in resources and opportunity. Success Academy is offering unique insights into their methodologies. Eva Moskowitz and their top leaders are making available elements of their winning formula so other school systems can implement their innovation.

Jim Tananbaum Supports Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health, a reputable company that focuses on diagnosing and treating neuropsychiatric disorders using smartphones, has announced that it has successfully managed to raise over fourteen million dollars in funding. Most of the funds were received from investors such as Foresite Capital, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund and several others.

The president of Mindstrong Health, Paul Dagun said that most of the modern medicine is designed based on its objective measurement. However, experts in the health industry had not been able to track mental health perfectly in the clinical environment. Dagun now says that the only way to improve the outcome for the patients living with mental disorders is to get objective measures just like those used to treat some of the chronic diseases such as heart conditions and diabetes. Under his leadership, Mindstrong has been focusing on delivering objective measures that are continuous. Some of the insights discovered by the company have never been experienced before.

Jim Tananbaum, the founder and current president of Foresite Capital, says that people who have mental conditions deserve to get the right treatment, and this is why he has invested in Mindstrong. His company, Foresite Capital, is a reputable private equity firm that only focuses on investments in the healthcare world. Visit Insider Monkey for more info.

Since it was established by Jim Tananbaum several years ago, the private company specialises in giving its clients the capital they need, the networks to help them grow and also increase their revenues and the market information they require. Jim has been in the healthcare world for almost three decades, and he has a lot of experience as an investment expert and entrepreneur. The businessman has also witnessed how the companies in the healthcare industry experience several challenges and this is why he chose to help them. The merchant uses public resources to make primary investments in valuable areas within the healthcare department. Check out Patient Daily for the details.

In an article on Drewaltizer, after waking up, Jim loves going for simple workouts to make his body healthy and get the energy needed for the day. On a normal day, the businessman enjoys spending time with his team of colleagues so that can transform their ideas into a reality.


Podcast: The Future of Advertising

Innovation is happening all around us, at a fast rate. New technologies and devices are being introduced every month, with the aim of improving our lives in the 21st century. With the introduction of these new devices, the world of broadcasting was forever changed.

Podcast, a portmanteau of iPod and broadcast, has been around for years now, and it is an instant hit especially with teenagers and young adults. One of the leading radio networks in the United States, Podcast One, is changing the way advertisement is being delivered. Norman Pattiz, the executive chairman of Podcast One, decided to conduct a research study in partnership with Edison Research.

The two companies revealed the result of their study just recently. The study was conducted by the end of 2016, and they are proud to announce that this is the first research of its kind. The central focus of the research is to point out how podcasting affects the performance of a brand being advertised. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

Tom Webster, the vice president of strategy for Edison Research, have stated how the research was conducted. According to him, the research went on for four to six weeks, and it is divided into five series of advertising tests.

Five major products have decided to join the study, either for brand recall or just to introduce a new product. What happens is that during a podcast, their advertisement will be played back. Listeners would be given an online survey at the beginning of the advertisement, and they are the ones who would choose the advertisement’s rating. The results of the study are the following:

  • During the post study period, it was found out that 60% of consumers are able to recall the product brand after it has been aired in a podcast, a huge leap compared to only 7% during the pre-study period.
  • The percentage of awareness for unaided products climbed up from the pre-study period compared to the post-study period by at least 24% for lawn and gardening products, 37% for automobile products, and 47% for financial products and services.
  • Greater than one third of those who managed to hear an automobile advertisement that is being podcasted have expressed their favorable opinion on the product, and at least 22% of the listeners have expressed their openness on trying out the lawn and gardening products aired during the podcast.
  • Product campaign message awareness went up to at least 76% for restaurants and 60% for automobile products.

Because of the positive outcome of the research, Norman Pattiz is confident that advertising revenue for his company would rise tremendously, because the demand is also increasing.

Karl Heideck Expert with Pharmaceutical Litigation Offers Tips

     Karl Heideck has been a contract attorney since April 2015. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in law from Swarthmore College in 2003. After Swarthmore, Keideck went on to earn his JD degree James Beardsley School of Law at Temple University in 2009. At 35-years of age, Karl Heideck makes his home in Jenkintown PA. He is a member of many groups that include e-LEGAL, Law Jobs Network, Afro-IP, and Temple Rome Alumni.

Karl Heideck is presently employed at Grant & Eisenhofer after Pepper Hamilton LPP where he worked for more than a year. After Heideck got his JD degree, he was employed as a Certified Legal Intern for the Montgomery County District Attorney. It was as a Certified Legal Intern that Heideck helped prepare ADAs to get ready for pre-trials divisions, hearings, and preparations. Karl Heideck has plenty of experience. Recently, he helped a research team for a pending case of homicide. Heideck spends most of his time working with complex litigation that includes banking and subprime litigation. Mr. Heideck has helped with a major Pharmaceutical litigation. He has more of than four years of experience in Pharmaceutical litigation.

Heideck has branched out and decided to work for Conrad O’Brien PC. The company presently has 31 lawyers including Karl Heideck. Heideck believes that a good litigator is a lawyer who will take legal action against an individual on behalf of his client. A litigator is often the type of lawyer who stands before a judge, arguing his case. To become a litigator, one needs to earn a JD degree and pass many other exams in order to be able to represent a client. A competent litigator needs to know the rules of the legal doctrine by heart. He must be willing to thoroughly go over the case and understand it completely before defending his client.

Learn more about Karl at

Madison Street Capital—Your Premiere Partners in Corporate Finance

A global investment banking company whose emphasis is on excellence, leadership, honor and providing sound financial advice to both private and publicly held businesses, Madison Street Capitol knows the ins and outs of corporate finance extremely well. The firm has a good grasp on how prompt decision-making is vital in this industry, and therefore, is well versed in bold and quick responses when opportunities arise. Madison Street Capital’s aim is to bring satisfaction to both investors and business owners through transactions that serve to benefit both parties. Through years of experience, they have become experts at matching buyers with sellers, as well as finding the right capitalization and funding for every transaction of their clients.


Madison Street Capital has a team of dedicated professionals in the field of finance, each one with years of experience and expertise in different areas of corporate investment banking, which truly makes the firm one of the best middle market investment companies around the globe. They’ve served clients across a wide range of industries in the US and other countries.


Madison Street Capital reputation includes areas of expertise all over aspects of business financing, including valuation, market pricing with due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, the structuring of deals, financing for specialized transactions and designing and implementing various exit strategies when needful.


In its many years of operation, Madison Street Capital has assisted hundreds of satisfied firms attain their goals promptly. Because they understand the industry so well, they have become a leader in providing financial advice, valuations and mergers and acquisitions. And, with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, and branches in three continents—North America, Africa and Asia—Madison Street Capital has developed an international perspective that considers local businesses and networks to be equally valuable.


Businesses may avail of Madison Street Capital’s expertise in the following fields: Asset Management Industry Focus, Business Valuation, Corporate Advisory, Financial Options, Wealth Preservation and Tax Planning, as well as Valuation for Financial Reporting.


Since one of its aims is to make a difference in local communities as well as on a global scale, Madison Street Capital is also a strong supporter and generous donor of United Way, an organization dedicated to relief efforts all over the US. The company fully believes in building solid businesses all throughout the country, and is dedicated to making this a reality, and providing support whenever and wherever it’s needed.


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