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The Story of Doe Deere: Music, Makeup and Colorful Hair

Doe Deere is a young entrepreneur who started a makeup company that aims to change the makeup industry game. Before bursting on to the makeup scene, Deere did a lot of other things that showcase her work ethic in creativity. In a Guest of a Guest interview, she noted that her entrepreneurial spirit first kicked into gear when she started selling temporary tattoos to her classmates when she was thirteen years old and living in Russia.

Her business experience did not stop there, however. She got even more branding and marketing experience during her time as a member of a band in New York City. Doe Deere spent fourteen years in the city, some of which were also spent attending FIT where she majored in fashion design. All of this has helped her on her journey to makeup industry stardom with her “makeup for unicorns”.

Know more:

Deere’s company goes by the name Lime Crime, and the title of the company’s mission statement nicely sums up what the company stands for ‘Rebellion in Color”. In the same interview mentioned earlier, Deere explained that she began making her own makeup, creating her own colors, because there were not enough “bright and unusual” colors on the market. The Lime Crime mission statement places a lot of emphasis on helping customers create looks that are as unique as they are. In fact, the last line reads “Always rebelling, never boring, Lime Crime’s here to shake things up”.

Shaking things up is exactly what the company is doing. There are several great things about the company aside from its love for bold colors. First and foremost, all of its products are vegan and cruelty free. This is something that makeup fanatics are looking for more and more in order to feel good about their purchases. Second, Lime Crime came to life via the internet and social media. If you are looking for a glimpse as to what the company is all about you cannot hope to do so by watching a commercial on TV, you must explore the website or the many social media posts that customers have put up with the tag #limecrime. Lastly, the company, like Doe Deere, is encouraging its customers to be themselves and live boldly.

Look out world, because Doe Deere and her fellow unicorns have arrived and they are here to stay.

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Eva Moskowitz Challenges Traditional Education With Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz is a person that has been passionate about the privatization of schools. She has put forth a lot of effort to create better charter schools by creating the Success Academy. She originally started the Harlem Success Academy, and she has continued to work and make improvements in Harlem school systems. Armed with a PhD in history, Eva Moskowitz has been the champion of better school leadership in the New York City area.


Eva Moskowitz has realized that there is a level of inadequacy in the education system. She has a passion for charter schools because she knows that it is just not fair for people that live in certain neighborhoods to still not have access to better education. She knows that with the issue of zoning children that really want to learn that they can still be in a position where they do not have the ability to get a better education. What she wanted to do with the Success Academy is create a place where kids in Harlem could still receive a quality education regardless of whether they were in a lavish neighborhood or not.


What Eva really wanted to do is change the course of education in America. Eva Moskowitz believes that students in other countries that are just in the way of performing modestly in the school system are still doing better than what is considered high performance for students in America. She believes that there is a crisis on an international level, and she believes that people that are in poverty are getting the worst possible education. She is a graduate of Stuyvesant High School, and Eva Moskowitz has said that she has not really received a high school education of any real value. She wanted to give students a chance to have access to more of a diverse learning environment. She believes that this cannot be something that is possible in most public schools because the education system, as far as she’s concerned, is broken. She wanted to create a new type of education system with her Success Academy school.


EOS marketing strategies when starting out

EOS lip balm emerged as a leader in the lip balm industry quickly despite the presence of long established industry giants which had the resources to fight o or acquire smaller competitors like EOS. In the process, EOS was able to retain control of their business and did not accept outside investments from institutional investors allowing the cofounders of the company with the ability to run their business the way they wanted to, and reap the benefits from its success as well.

Early on, EOS focused on developing their product line and concentrated on developing all-natural and organic lip balms that customers had been pursing for quite some time. Developing a superior product is, of course, only part of the story of EOS’ success, but it is by no means to be all and end of all of it.

In order to establish themselves in the lip balm industry EOS also had to develop innovative marketing techniques to compete with companies that had much larger budgets than they did. To counter this EOS developed new strategies too completely and effectively. Part of this was designing their brand image. EOS created orb applicator cases that were brightly colored in pastel shades and the uniqueness of their applicator allowed them to stand out on shelves and to have a product that was closely associated with their brand.

EOS then marketed the product online on eBay and Amazon, through social media, which was then at a youthful stage, and by developing relationships with bloggers and celebrities who would endorse their product and influence customers to try it. This combination of quality marketing and a superior product line allowed EOS to emerge as one of the winners in the lip balm industry and to go head to head with the larger competitors in the market, eventually allowing them to brand out to new products.

Sword Art Online – The Best Sci Fi Anime Around?!


Right now the anime world is raging over ‘Attack on Titan’ and for good reason but let us not forget what really got our summer going just a year or two ago: ‘Sword Art Online’. This anime aspired to be everything to everyone. It was a science fiction anime that blended virtual reality with fantasy gaming, successfully porting players into the game. A riff off of ‘.hack’, ‘Sword Art Online’ quickly stole the hearts of kids at home everywhere. Blending video games with science fiction and fantasy was the perfect recipe for success. Now we have to ask ourselves: is this the greatest sci fi anime around?


You can definitely make a case for ‘Sword Art Online‘ as being an elite option for futuristic anime fans. The blend of VR and advanced MMORPG gaming was enough to hook just about any guy in the world and the nonstop action was just a bonus. Making the anime dark was a great choice because it allowed the writers to use the prior technology to the most advantage. Do you remember where you were when the first character died ‘in game’ and in real life? Heavy stuff.


Some people will say that ‘SAO’ tailed off with the second season but we aren’t sure about that, the departure from the sword anime formula was definitely bold. We weren’t a huge fan of the fairy MMO but the writers picked things back up with the shooter storyline. With limitless potential in the future, ‘Sword Art Online’ could be growing into a true anime dynasty and, perhaps, the best science fiction anime of all time.

Get A Quality Shampoo With Wen By Chaz With No Harsh Chemicals

Thousands of women around the world are raving about a no-poo shampoo that doesn’t have any harsh chemicals and doesn’t lather. This amazing hair care product is known as a cleansing conditioner that is all-natural and cruelty-free to remove excess dirt and protect the natural oil contained in your hair.

You can also experience the benefits of unique vitamin extracts like vitamin C and E. Chaz Dean, the creator and CEO, of Wen by Chaz, provides a very popular brand that is chosen over other leading competitor hair care products. Their no-poo shampoo has no laureth sulfate known for stripping the hair of its natural luster.

Get essential ingredients that promote healthier longer hair with Wen by Chaz. They guarantee products that will protect your hair from extreme weather conditions along with protection against UV rays. More importantly, you get superior protection against perms, dyes, and the heat of temperature controlled styling products. Get the celebrity admired locks that you deserve with an affordable hair care solution. There products are reasonably priced at under $40 a bottle and have the proper use for your hair type listed on the outside of each of their hair care products.

Wen by Chaz also protects your roots, scalp, and hair follicles. Their products guarantee that beautiful hair doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You experience the benefits of rich aromatherapy scents like Italian, coconut, and almond fig. Their cleansing conditioner provides a unique blend of organic ingredients that are not available with their competitors. In fact, Wen by Chaz removes the excess dirt that can prohibit your hair from growing. They encourage you to visit their website for more first time promotional and purchasing offers for your hair care needs. Get the industry locks you admire from your favorite celebrity.


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